Saturday, November 13, 2021

Rule of Greed

If you sir (or any other reader of these annals) have followed these posts, month after month, year after year., you will certainly have noticed a few prevailing thoughts. But the central theme here has always been the same. For many years now, the world has had a huge "money problem". And as predicted, it's now become unbearable. Our fiat based international monetary and financial system is based on the premise of "debt as wealth". And that my friends is a really BIG problem. For today, the rate that debt is changing from "asset" to "liability" is accelerating out of control. And that is no longer ignored.

The collapse of the global "debt as wealth" system is unstoppable, and it's creators are frantically trying to deal with it, by extending it to it's logical conclusion (tyranny or "subjugation of the masses" as wealth). We've talked about this many times here, but as events are escalating, it may help to articulate the current state of affairs - which is compacted, and can turn on a dime, at this current, turbulent stage.

The Roacheforques (despite my rebuke of their conjugal repression) traditionally held gold in the hope that calmer heads would prevail in the transition. A transition from the current debt based system to an equity based system. But of course they are equally well positioned to thrive in this darker, "stakeholder capitalism" system, which the Rockefeller, Gates, Global Espionage axis is currently pushing so hard for. This very visible attack upon "rule of law" has a purpose - to destroy the dollar system and bring in central bank digital currencies under administrative control of the underclasses, and of course SDR for trade settlement internationally.

This New Dark Age scenario is the only way forward under the old construct of "debt as wealth". If that system is to slog forward, "money" as we know it, will be no more, and a biometric surveillance and behavioral reward and punishment system will replace it. The working classes will be nothing more than genetically modified worker drones, like rats in a maze, doing as their masters command for the reward of privilege's and the avoidance of punishments. Sadly, this is the only way forward for the megalo-sociopaths who have clawed their way to the top of the debt pyramid  ... to feed their insatiable egos and obsessions.

They have created, with their debt based system, a powerful "rule of greed" construct, capturing each and every key counterbalance to their sociopathic behavior in the world of financialization and criminal wealth gathering activities. Through bribes and blackmail, elections are rigged, healthcare is distorted into mass euthanasia and subjugation, the judicial system has "no standing", the legislative is on the take, the executive is a career criminal installation and all key regulatory agencies are captured by the consortium - most visibly represented by the WEF and the Council for Inclusive (ESG) Capitalism. 

The US Dollar, once backed by rule of law (now backed by rule of greed) is issuing itself out of relevance, and the digital ball and chains are being fashioned from our data and injected into our arms.

Again, the future is never assured. But volatility and turbulence are the order of the day. In some scenarios, the future has promise. In others, the outlook is dark.

This worldwide transformation of humanity into a digitally indentured monoculture underclass, serving a few thousand self-anointed elites, is fraught with problems. Oddly enough, though the Western axis has adopted the sociological authoritarian model of the CCP for surveillance behaviorism and economic control, China itself may not go along. If the China, Russia and India central banks were to break free from Basel, and continue to develop their parallel (equity backed) system, they would have no need for the IMF (or its SDR). China might well continue forward with biometric IDs and social credit oppression. But perhaps they will have a purpose for their mountain of sovereign gold, both in public and private hands.

A wise man once said that for money to function in this world, it must be a "good value" to the end user. It must serve as a useful international "carrot". Since the 1970's, we have thought of "debt as wealth" in the financial plane and "oil as wealth" in the physical. When oil and gold were cheap in dollars, the world wanted dollars. And that was a workable petrodollar world, where capitalism flourished for a time. But this talk of a new Pharmadollar? The Roacheforques will not have it. It translates into "subjugation as wealth" in the financial plane, and "vaccines as wealth" in the physical. This is the only way to re-animate the corpse of "debt as wealth". 

Nations are beginning to rebuke the Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen injections. Setting these corporations up as the centerpiece of a new world dominion under global bioterror technocracy does not exactly sit well with Beijing or Moscow. Nor Iran or Syria. And if sovereign nations wish to remain sovereign, they had better reject the rule of greed behind this Western ascension. The only "wealth" it projects is the tyranny being rebuked by the American people (who it so desperately wants to make an example of). 

I do believe that the old order stands by with gold and oil to defend its primacy with a parallel real money system. Or does Basel think it can bribe the entire world with it's digital debt zombie rebirth? Its Great Reshit.

The Western axis has already started this world war with COVID. We could end up in (1) a world under rule of darkness, (2) a world divided, or (3) a world where the people are free, and money is a tangible equity. In this third world, gain of function bioterror research is punishable by death.

I do not think we will live so long to see (3), but as we endure and repel the continuing attacks of (1) we may continue to see the gradual formation of (2).

Time, as always, reveals all.


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  2. This was one of the best pieces I've read on the current and future possibilities of the world. Scary..but at the same time extremely interesting. Your light shines brightest in the dark. Big pharma is one and done and will not prosper. Its a weak paradigm and will not take root. It is already being rejected globally. What comes next? Who knows..but I'm sure it will be interesting.

  3. It seems as if China, Russia and Iran have already parted company from the US Dollar as a Reserve currency and probably their connection to BIS.
    China has founded the AIIB which deals only with Currencies other than the US dollar. China also has invested over a Trillion of its Belt Road Initiative all in Chines Yuan.
    Both Russia and China and to some degree India have been hording Gold as security of the inevitable.
    The point here is that it seem as if the world is already dividing. One part will be in darkness and the other outside.

    1. Exactly. And I think the (owners of the) BIS are in desperation mode over the collapse of their global monopoly. Their biometric "tyranny" system will not "reset" unless it is ubiquitous.

  4. It looks to me that collapse is right around the corner. Anytime the insane controls tighten their grip....the sand slips through the cracks small at first and then all of the sand particles as the grip fully tightens.
    Further, I don't see how complexity continues when much of the easy to get oil is gone and now the shales look to be in serious decline.
    I think there are serious problems in the energy sector that are not being discussed on top of the massive financial problems that have been masking these issues.
    I don't just think there is just gold/silver manipulations via the paper markets but also massive oil manipulations. Obviously we can see that with the SPR which is overt but I am talking through the paper markets also.
    I think the current "System" is doomed and ready to roll over.
    Do you think TPTB will take us to war?.....I don't think it will work out this time....perhaps a false flag?
    Anyways, these are interesting times.

  5. Thank you for your post, Sir.

    1. You are most welcome. Thank you for your consideration.