Saturday, July 25, 2020

Humanity: Where We Draw The Line

Strong are the few, but united. Weak are the many, but divided. Though the layers of deception and misdirection are varied and complex, certain simple truths can be validated through logic and deduction.

We understand that "racial harmony programming" is presented in it's crudest identifiable social justice form as (an organic response to) "racism". The strategy is no different than that of incentivized mass immigration. It's the ongoing "blending out" of a strong racial heritage and cultural pride that is the objective.

What historians and sociologists have understood for centuries is that our ancestors - who were (by and large) more bound to their place of birth than current populations - developed generational characteristics through selection and environment, common to food/agriculture, weather, and other characteristics of "the land". These characteristics became a source of cultural pride, and even eventual "class" establishment as generational wealth accrues. In essence, cultural heritage could be a source of pride and distinction. The mechanical aptitude of the German engineer. The artistic style of the Italian (Roman) classicist. The hard working Irishman. The diplomatic Brit?

And in some cases, such cultural stereotypes become derogatory, like the "dumb Polak" of Polak jokes, and the shiftless ... dare we say it? The people of today are seldom (if ever) even exposed to racial or cultural stereotyping. In the name of "racism" these ideas have been politically and socially abolished, and the memory of them is dying out close behind. But of course, so are the positive traits of racial, cultural and societal commonalities.

Today, people may not realize it, but while "bad stereotyping" has been driven out in the name of "racism", "good stereotyping" has gone with it - by design (and circumstance). That source of pride that makes a tribe so hard to manage as they seek to preserve their land, their heritage and their culture - yes, and their holdings - is now understood to be a source of shame. "White guilt" is the popular term for the most sensationalized form of it. Tribes have gone to war over these things, and have even grown powerful through these contests of 'survival of the fittest".

But we humans have progressed beyond these primitive cultural relics, as our ruling class is so fond of reminding us. Race pride is not only forbidden today, it is labeled as white supremacy, nationalism, populism, or simply deplorable-ism. Politically, it is referred to as Trumpism, though the U.S. and its president are given undo consideration in terms of their decreasing importance world wide. Tribalism is a term that has come into fashion, primarily due to the obvious and unfavorable innuendo of barbarism.

For all the delicate sensibilities our ruling class sycophants have been trained to kneel and bow to, their willingly sought race mixing "virtue" is really the most eloquent success. This is why Hollywood's depiction of "ideal couples" is interracial 90% of the time (and will remain so until 99% of blacks are breeding with 99% whites world wide) And after all, it is that "affluent middle class" which the ruling class most hates, with their unacceptable carbon footprint and "high meat" diets. They are grossly undeserving and should be bred into insect eating mongrels, as far as the members of Club Davos are concerned.

To write about racism in the time of Operation Covid is tiresome and tedious. But it's not about racism. It's about breeding. Its about control, subversion, confusion, despair and (mostly) division. For a 1% that is intrinsically united in its compulsive desire to rule over 8 billion who are confused, frustrated and fearful represents a literal army of containment and control over the much greater number of the formerly growing (but gradually being contained) masses. It's a brilliantly well hidden plan ... but a Roacheforque - even an excommunicated one - can easily pierce the veneer.

You see, of all the bizarre "animal rights activists" among our Save the Whale generation, you will never see a group formed to protest the outrage of "canine eugenics" or the horrors of "equine supremacy". No, our ruling class wouldn't have it. For them, it's perfectly natural to enjoy the pride and bearing of a "pure breed of dog" proven through competition in displays and championships of canine, equine or bovine gaming, showmanship, breeding and culinary distinction. Somehow, these competitions and displays of championship in the favored purview of the elites do not qualify as racism or cruelty to our lovable animal underclasses.

But when it comes to humans of the common stripe, no such point of view gains fashion. They are to see their progressive inter-breeding as the very epitome of their socially correct advancement toward the favoured world of collectivist progressivism. We even have our own sacrificial shining example. (Of course, Roacheforque must digress here - for it was his own very similar indiscretion in the mingling of the wrong blood which ironically was his undoing.)

Surely, those students of the Tavistock and similar institutions will recognize the problem of racial and cultural pride as a particularly difficult and unmanageable trait for social control and order, under the new technocratic, collectivist transhumanistic world order. It has taken time, but patience is a virtue of generational wealth which their continuation affords.

There will be no Arabian stallions among the lesser classes, if the Roacheforques of the world are to have any say in it. They are beautiful and strong, but also high strung and stubborn. We will have them in our stables, but not in our world plantation.

When it comes to humanity, this is where we draw the line.


  1. Excellent article! But recently I have been wondering whether the Kalergi plan is only working superficially. As we start to run up against the population limits of the Earth (at least at our current level of development) can they keep a lid on the forces of evolution? And if natural selection returns, the genetic cream will rise to the top again. Only, since not even the most hardcore White Nationalist would deny Blacks the presence of at least a few good genes, the members of this new race will likely be superior to their inputs in all respects.

    What do you think? Is it actually possible for the new transhumanist world order to devolve their serfs over the long term and achieve their permanent corporate utopia?

  2. To create a populace devoid of identity? I believe you are seeing the early stages of "awareness and resistance" to that plan, as manifest by the extreme polarity of "identity" politics and culture.
    Whether that stage wears down and withers or grows and overcomes is a key factor in the battle that rages today.

    It is hard to describe the opponents, because they represent corporatist power centers which transcend nation-state.

    Some would call it "capitalism" vs. "communism" but those two concepts do not capture the full sense of cultural and spiritual opposition.

    You will see a faction that favors the US Republican, conservative populist / nationalist / mostly Christian right gravitate toward Russia.

    And you will, not surprisingly perhaps, see the faction that favors the democratic, liberal progressive, open society globalist, mostly agnostic or even occult-centered gravitate toward China.

    You will see a symbolic gesture. When Biden asks for China's "help".

  3. So I am making a much more concrete point: I believe that some people are objectively more environmentally fit (let's not say better, because it does depend on the environment) than others, by virtue of being smarter, stronger, more determined, etc.

    So the question to me is not the cultural distractions but whether our overlords can successfully breed a perfect slave race that is, generally speaking, an evolutionary step backwards from the more competent people we already have. And since evolution usually proceeds forward in some sense, I wonder if this is really possible.

    1. I believe Catherine Austin Fitts has explored the legality of "human rights for transhumans" in her argument for why the transgender movement has been "activated" by said overlords.

      I do not wish to paraphrase or misquote, but I think you will find the direction of your answer there.