Saturday, June 27, 2020

Embracing "Collectivism" (Edited and Expanded Version)

So in the highly predictable and ridiculously hyped SECOND WAVE of COVID 19 ...
DOOM PORN headlines prevail ... and the logic of cold hard math fails, epically, in any appeal to reason.

Yes, in my home state of Florida, the headlines echo the April and May narrative of selfish young COVIDIOT Spring Breakers on our many beaches, shamelessly spreading the deadly virus in their mindless lust. In fact, the "surge" was as early as March 25 (Sorry we jumped the gun a bit there, give it another 90 days of testing please). Naturally, there MUST be a second wave to defend and affirm this narrative. It is "baked into" the piping hot agenda pie.

Here in the shabby chic antebellum state capital, a typical Facebook post from one of Leon County's fragile dilettantes goes (verbatim) like this: "I just heard there are 9000 new cases of COVID 19 in Florida". Yes there are, Miss Scarlette, and 53 of them were registered in our fair county of 294,000 ... where the number of deaths still remains at 8 ... which produces a whopping COVID 19 mortality rate of 0.00002721088%.

Still. this distresses our fair but aging (yet still influential) damsels, enough to convince the Leon County Commission to mandate the wearing of muzzles of obedience whenever entering a public building. Not to worry, it's a short drive to neighboring counties with much worse numbers, but much more reason, and much better places to spend one's money.

Despite the logic that more testing means more cases revealed, even as mortality rates and hospitalizations decline ... and even though the efficacy of face masks continues to be doubtful ... and even though Sweden has shown us that lock-downs make little difference ... the narrative must continue according to the script of the central planners and their monetary and societal "reset".

Your Facebook feed contains dozens of appeals to logic, from people you know of, who are URGING you to wear a mask. It's a sign of respecting others. It's an act of decency. It's the right thing to do. It's simply a matter of being considerate. Conversely, there are other points of view which seem to be (as I scan my feed) silenced, or censored ... or perhaps, not being expressed due to fears inherent in the ideology of the coming social scoring system, already being tested by VISA (and FICO).

This "incorrect thinking" includes a distrust of the mainstream media, of the ruling class, as defined by global corporatism, and a strong suspicion - guided by many red flags - that these powerful corporatist interests have ulterior motives to foment division, mistrust, anarchy, social correctness, political correctness and ultimately, a long term American culture normalization toward COLLECTIVISM (the China model) as the equitable and just way forward .. for all.

You will probably note that this incorrect thinking does not appear in your Facebook feed. If you express this incorrect thinking on Facebook, you will no doubt hear nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. Is this because not a single friend identifies with your expression? Or is it because they have not seen it? Perhaps they have, but are scared shitless to agree, as they will have to face the growing MOB. Likewise, your Google searches will tend to support "cultural correctness". We have talked about this many times - the betrayal of our technological virtue.

But you see now the greatest betrayal of all, A.I overtaking reality by pretending to be reality, by reshaping your reality, by convincing you that everyone you know ... thinks a certain way. Playing upon your innate drive to identify with a group - promoting the popularity of that group - the social correctness of that group ... soon, the social rewards of identifying with that group. The group tells you that your resistance to "mask up" when in the presence of other maskers cannot possibly serve as an expression of freedom. Because ... freedom is slavery. The truth is a lie. (I quote Orwell, as the shoe fits so remarkably well.)

And as we shook our heads at the cultural transformation of Europe, with the orchestrated migrations, and "progressivism" of the Euro Politburo, we now prepare for the main event, USA Color Revolution, featuring race riots, symbols of oppression and censorship (masks), anarchy (CHAZ) and unprecedented unemployment and financial stresses amidst the backdrop of ever more trillions in obscene systemic debt bailouts.

The point of view that the unnecessary wearing of masks, like kneeling to rioters, or virtue signaling about white guilt, is dangerously symbolic, cannot be freely expressed. That "conspiratorial" point of view contends that these activities represent submission to a form of psychological warfare, which includes a premeditated pandemic response effect, staged, racially charged police brutality videos, paid rioters with pallets of bricks provided - used to foment riots, fear and hate ... so that when the culture of tyranny, dehumanization, collectivism, behavioral control and surveillance is ready to be introduced in the USA ... you'll actually accept it as a better alternative.

That viewpoint expressed above surely exists in the comment sections of certain online information outlets - but not unadulterated (as there are surely many paid trolls). And that viewpoint is being banned by all the corporatist controlled media and their Silicon Valley allies. All in the name of global New Green collectivism.

This cannot be sold as Communism, or even Socialism, for those ideologies are not assimilable among the deplorable throngs of the world's populists and nationalists. But for the fine and delicate classe liberalle, those spineless kneelers with their fake racism and public shaming of the brutish "open-faced mouth breathers", collectivism is quite in vogue, along with stylish custom mask designs, and fragrant, au naturel sanitizing mists to come. These are the useful idiots and their growing converts.

Our decadent Southern progressives are well equipped to hand pick their Krewe Captains for the junior mask patrol and neighborhood watch groups. It is essential that they maintain the air of aristocracy (of which Roacheforgue is intimately familiar) so as to make clear to all that they have much more significant matters to attend to than paying bills and putting food on the table. Those are matters for the lesser classes to labor over, as they don their muzzles of attrition ... for after all ...

"We are all in this together".

The hypocrisy will have a bitter taste when the truly rich are eating their thousand euro prime ribs, as the lesser classes eat reconstituted soy burgers with value-added ground insect protein. The ruling class have moved their markers to the Chinese model for their new Utopia. A multi-polar world order on the surface, controlled top down by totalitarian wealth and influence, in the areas of global health and vaccination/digital identification, global commerce, a global politic and a global culture of social surveillance and behavior awarded credit points.

Cultural pride, meritocracy, and individualism in the form of accomplishments, liberties and freedoms must be seen as shameful, before they can be abolished. Lies are the truth, and slavery is freedom.

It will happen, if we let it.

So until then, embrace the symbolism wherever you find it. The irony is priceless.


  1. In all fairness, Facebook allowed my view to be shared throughout my network, AS LONG AS IT WAS COUCHED IN TERMS OF EMPATHY. In other words, "You might not know what that maskless man may be going through. He may have issues - don't judge". (kind of appeal).
    You will not see an "objection due to psychological experiment rejection" type of post.
    I still think Zuck has a nerd conscience. I can almost respect him. Google? Another story ...

  2. Hello Friends, I wanted to share a video of the President of Ghana breaking down the ensuing Phases of the Covid 19 Pl-ndem-c. According to him we have just about finished Phase 1 and are entering Phase 2! its only a 15 min video but my intuition tells me that it is on Point!

    Please Enjoy and write back what you thought!

    1. Yes these theories are well represented in comment links from earlier posts. In the end, though we may have pieces of the truth, the perpetration is intentionally complex to avoid detection of the perpetrators. So like 911 and the assassination of JFK, the truth will never really fully be exposed. But the intent is easier to understand, and your man seems to understand the intent, even if certain details will never be exposed.