Sunday, April 19, 2020

Off The Rails

On March 12th I asked readers, somewhat rhetorically, "which Covid 19" did they believe in? It was a way to introduce the idea that what we are experiencing could either be a complete hoax, or a bio-engineered plague that will decimate the planet. And of course it could be (and most likely is) something in between.

But the current situation has morphed into something much more dangerous. We may have entered new territory, where the misperception of COVID 19 is more dangerous than the virus itself.

It is fascinating to engage in online discourse at ZERO HEDGE for example, where there is an overwhelmingly singular sentiment - that COVID 19 is a little worse than a normal flu maybe, and that the mainstream media, and left wing academics, are blowing this thing way out of proportion to create panic and herd the little people into isolation camps where they will be tattooed with some digital tracking biometric implant, or some such shit as Bill Gates owns the patent on, etc...

The lathered frenzy is so manic, the commenters over there don't even recognize sarcasm (although the average comment can fairly be summed up simply as "bullshit!"). So at this point, I'm not at all unconvinced that either (1) there is an agenda over at the Hedge whereby a lot of unemployed people are "posting for money" from an anonymous text they received, or (2) a large portion of relatively normal and formerly like-minded rational thinkers have lost their ever-lovin', mother-fuckin' minds.

Now ... for those of us that can work an excel spreadsheet, let's make this simple and clear. What we have below is an image (so nobody has to click a column header) of the number of NEW deaths as of yesterday (4/17/20) attributable to COVID 19.

If this information is accurate, or even nearly accurate, it tells us that the United States of America OVERWHELMINGLY had the most new deaths at 1,867, with the UK in second place at 888. When we do a little sorting, we also find that OVERWHELMINGLY, the USA has the most total deaths, the most total cases and the most new cases, by a HUGE margin.

When we spend a little time reading other credible news reporting sources, we find that the USA high caseload, it's high death count, it's record setting new cases and its record breaking new deaths are the result of poor planning, lax standards and just generally not taking precautions seriously. I'm not going to link to all those articles, but Zero Hedge is full of them, as well as articles which call bullshit on all of those. In essence we have extreme polarity as usual. Yet, below every single one of those articles are rows and rows of commenters crying "BULLSHIT!" "It's a HOAX!""OPEN SHIT UP" "LET'S GET BACK TO WORK".

Christ, what a mess. These numbers, along with corroborating news that describes logistics, timelines, lag times, response times, hidden numbers, missing numbers, social reaction, political reaction and various misinformation all form a complex picture. But the numbers bear them all out. Moreover, it is simply impossible to have some coordinated global psy-op plot that captures all this information from so many disparate sources under one master plan to create global panic for some reason that cannot possibly benefit "the powers that be". In short, there is no single entity powerful enough or capable enough of masterminding such a coordinated plot as the growing throngs of tin foil hatters seem to be gloriously (for once) united upon.

With one possible exception (postscript).

Now, having said that, the column headed "Deaths 1/M pop" is an important one. Deaths per million is the metric that tells us how our medical response is coping, population wide, with the onset.

We will really fuck this number in the US of A over the next few weeks if we don't start taking this man-made bio-weapon experiment seriously. How can people read about the juxtaposition of HIV DNA in a SARS virus and believe it to be a naturally occurring phenomenon? Even when the top expert in this field has come out and said that's impossible.

How can we believe in the news that this dangerous experiment took place in the WUHAN Level 4 bio-lab, as US Government sources allege to create a pretext for China's payment of reparations worldwide (including maritime piracy suggested as a means to force place claims in lieu of contested legal compliance?). Still part of the hoax?

What makes quite a bit more sense to those who view the world through the lens of rational thought is that the US Government doesn't give a rats ass about its general class of citizen, and if the 90% or the 80% want to go back to work, let the governors "free" them and contagion be damned - they can all die as long as the 10% are cordoned off in their high quality virus free cocoons.

The war with China is about protecting the claims of the rich and powerful, just as the financial response has been. Trillions for the systemically connected and a couple billion swishing around in unconnected puddles for the little people to try and sop up amidst the usual bottlenecks and corruption. That is something you can believe in.

To believe that the narrators of the propaganda pulpit and it's mainstream media arms have contrived a "massive health crisis hoax" to instill panic and crash the fragile debt based economy? Just to put forward a vaccination and surveillance agenda? Just to crash the derivatives markets and create a global depression? To benefit who?

That's a conspiracy theory I wouldn't bet my life on.


  1. Good day,

    How can anyone trust the numbers being put out?

    The CDC has released guidelines that a Doctor can ASSUME a person to have COVID-19 and place that upon their Death Certificate. Therefore, any death statistic released will be false. Furthermore, the Federal Government is paying hospitals money to cite patients as COVID-19 positive and they give them more money for putting individuals on a ventilator. Again, the statistics will be altered here.
    On a more curious note, how is it that animals like the tigers in the Bronx zoo are testing positive for COVID-19? Doesn't that strike you as incredibly insane that tigers are getting tested and not humans?
    I could go on here but so many things do not add up and I thought the official story of 9/11 was bad.....

    1. We absolutely cannot trust the numbers. But how can we trust that every country is lying in the same way, or at all? When do all countries EVER agree to the same lie??

      To say that ANY death statistic released WILL be false is quite a stretch. Any statistic, COULD be false, or COULD be correct. Do all countries also agree to incentivise higher numbers? Many governments at nation / state or municipal level would rather spin a more positive story and get their tax drones back to work. Therefore, in a situation where facts are disputable, to err to the side of caution is prudent.

      Tigers my friend, are worth MUCH more than humans. There are many humans that can die today and no one would pay a dollar to change their fate. But a tiger? That's a valuable investment that must be protected. The cost of a test is well worth the expense.

    2. You know it is rather funny, at first when I heard of the virus and the happenings in China, I thought to myself wow this must be pretty bad but as soon as the Media came out and said Tom Hanks had COVID-19 I totally changed my opinion to where I actually question the entire legitimacy of what is happening......

      In response to your post; I agree that any stat could be false or could be correct. My statement would be more along the lines of the systems are in place so that statistics can be falsified whether they be higher or lower. For example, in China I could see where they would want to save face and release lower numbers, whereas in America, in our current system it looks as though individuals and hospitals want to profit from this crisis. Perhaps that makes more sense?
      Have you looked into any of the information involving Bill Gates and ID2020/vaccines/etc.?
      Furthermore, there was a simulation called Event 201 going on prior to this event that seems to be foreknowledge of a pandemic event and even the Rockefellers had released a paper called Lock Step on an event that would be similar to this event. I do not believe in coincidences, so color me skeptical on this.

      I laughed at your tiger remark.

    3. Yes, China has a really good reason to lie a certain way ;0)
      I hear where you are coming from and have read of Gates vaccine patents, Event 201 and Agenda 21, plus a whole lot more ... this is where I come out on the other side of all that info.

      it's definitely information overload, but I'll bet the tiger remark was first anyway.

      Don't overestimate this virus, and don't underestimate it. But especially don't underestimate it.


    4. Good day,

      Based on our conversation previously, I wanted to share a site with you that seems to be well reasoned with plenty of information that links many pieces together.

      The individual site even makes reasoned discussion to the future of the monetary system. Quite interesting if I may say.

      Anyways, fare well.

    5. A very good find. With a quick review of the material I can see that this author's sentiments are very similar to my own - especially his most recent post. Maybe some pearls there to dig further into THX!

  2. Allow me to assist

    "contrived a "massive health crisis hoax" to instill panic and crash the fragile debt based economy? AND TO OBSCURE BY Just PUTTING forward a vaccination and surveillance agenda? WHILE crashING the derivatives markets and creatING a global depression THAT WILL benefit who EVER HAS A MANDATE ON LIQUIDITY"...SEEMS VERY SATANIC

  3. Well, we are channeling Black Sabbath after all (or at least Ozzie).

  4. The plan in an eyeball

  5. More than a month later, Zero Hedge has corroborated it's own story from April 17th (which I referenced in this post)