Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Design or Circumstance (Updated 6/24/20)

So now we see how easily and quickly the world can change. And make no mistake, those who "shape" these changes see it too.Yes, the world NEEDS to change. But not in the way of today.

How will tomorrow unfold?

New money and generational wealth alike yearn to take advantage of how their "easily bought" influence and power literally turns the winds of circumstance toward the outcomes of their choosing. A little funding here, a few million for favors over there - all of sudden, what luck! God's will be done.

Indeed. And so here we are.

99% of us live in a world created by the 1%. And whether by design or circumstance, we empower this outcome by accepting the current "system". It is not just a fiat money system, but a world wide state of humanity system. Some would call it a form of slavery, on a global scale - to witness the vast rivers of money freely flowing to the favored few - basically to reward fraud. After all, the greater the leverage, the bigger the bailout, is it not? And as we all know, the behavior that gets rewarded gets done, over and over again. Many now see this as a form of increasing crony-socialism for the systemically-connected - accompanied by fewer and fewer crumbs for the increasingly many working poor.

We will never "know" that the worldwide pandemic of COVID 19 was a planned collapse of civilization, perpetrated by a certain few (of characteristically egregious wealth) as a means to their end of increasing their power and influence over the world.

But the time has come that the many are at least beginning to question the state of the world which has been thrust upon them. They are beginning to wonder why they have accepted the greed, the lust for power and influence, the pure evil, and indeed the heinous betrayal of the tiny, paper- powered ruling class.


Roacheforque had hoped that some visionary, not mired in the dogma of Keynes, would begin to understand and develop the role of completely original and viable equity based economic systems. He or she would have come to see the opportunity inherent in the organizational structure of the United States. The European Union also had this opportunity, but reversed it. And yet, sovereign nations the size of Spain or Italy are perhaps on an equal economic footing with Texas or California. All have the capacity for economic sovereignty, bi-lateral trade, and sovereign currencies issued by their own independent (and competing) central banks, as an alternative to a central banking empire.

But that prescription for the United States may never be filled, and therefore it will likely be "under" the NEW hand that gives.

My friends, it is the entire worldwide BIS/central banking structure, the FED and ALL their primary dealers - the entire global, dollar-dominant banking dominion that must go. And it's facilitators both realize this and agree. Not with a bang, but rather a whimper. The whimper of competing systems, powered by distributed ledger (and competing) technologies which serve as extremely reliable, viable and equitable platforms for the world's working classes and their potential for fairly competing markets and economies.

The little people are slowly "waking up" to the fact that a world of multi-polarity not only means freedom, but the robust action of free markets with competing sovereign currencies which all efficiently distribute value equitably, in free market, merit based systems - which compete with the current derivatives markets, the current derivative structure, the current worldwide system of corporatist governance and rule over the world's working classes.

The wake up call is upon us, but the promise could turn into a lie. We may have the perception of multi-polarity and sovereignty at the level of many identifiable factions. But in the end, there could still be a single system of class tyranny. The betrayal would be much better hid than any idea as in "1984". The greatest success in such endeavors is the ability to fool the masses. It certainly worked well in the present system until less than a generation ago. And that's about how long it takes for the "jig to be up" - a single lifetime.

Perhaps one day, in the distant future, the United States will tire of its dollar's limitations under the new "decentralized centralization". Perhaps then, the little people will rise up through the power of their states in a series of "soft" secessions. Not abrupt challenges to higher authority, but rather in the spirit of healthy competition, for the good of the people. There may still be a FED and its dollars, but it will not be essential - we could see Texas dollars, issued by the State of Texas Central bank, trading in new distributed ledger FX markets to allow for Texas to trade goods and services independently with Germany, or China, or California.

Yes, this would be a regression to an earlier time, before the country's money was centralized by a central bank. You have a form of this multi-polarity today with cryptocurrencies, but they have no public (productive human value source) backing, only private forms of speculative technology, backed by artificial virtue.

People wonder why Roacheforque cringes at the bizarre use of "money as a form of massively leveraged Wild West style speculation" which is the current domain of Bitcoin. It is a use of the technology steeped in the repulsive "money for nothing" mantra of the ruling class betrayal. It feeds the current system of casino economics - all connected to dollars. That "debt as wealth" mentality has to go. The real utility of distributed ledger (and its evolving offspring) is the efficient, reliable, instantaneous use and acceptance of these new currencies to automatically exchange with dollars, euro, yen, etc...real time, in any transaction, anywhere, anytime.

There is hope for the future in a new form of responsible governance, responsible banking and responsible commerce, powered by good, hard-working responsible people under their state charter. As long as there is a return to meritocracy, and social responsibility - indeed a return to morality - then this prescription will cure the dying patient.

You see the alternative today. Anarchy, chaos, nihilism. To accept these, is to let tomorrow die, and invite a new master above all, to enslave ourselves to


  1. States can issue credits to citizens who have lost their jobs or been impacted (but abandoned by the Federal "plan") on their own block-chain systems (should have been well developed by now) and these will be accepted by merchants or exchangeable for dollars. A state-wide currency like that will start a soft revolution among the states.

    1. There is a crypto project called Qoin which is connected to the Bartercard system. I have recently taken a look at it and think this could well be a good community based unit of exchange with the ability to store credit. The only thing that had my heckles stand up is they have chosen to use Quorum, which is a JP Morgan open source distributed ledger blockchain. With so many other good blockchain platforms to choose from they have chosen JP Morgan..

  2. A hurdle might be all the people that work for the government & retired public employees. If states go rogue then what to do with all the creditors owed USDs? There will also be no SS & medicare benefits. If we go to wildcat money then economy has to restructure within that wildcat zone. No more bullshit jobs. Everybody has to be productive. Supply chains will have to be localized. Not saying it won't happen, but the pain will have to be so great that there's no choice.

    1. I envision it as simply more new currencies. But maybe we shouldn't call them that, right? They are the state (public) bank's "digital credits" issued as an "emergency measure". North Dakota is ready, but it never caught on big.

      It's time for the states to "take advantage of a crisis" in the interests of the people - just like the FED takes advantage of crises it creates, in the interests of Wall Street (it's owner) time and time again.

      As long as these credits are exchangeable for dollars (just like Bitcoin is, but not as some wildly speculative casino market) I see no great initial disruption to the crumbling status quo.

      Eventually states will trade credits back in forth with each other, in efficient commercial intrastate trade (which really needs a boost under the current and perhaps lingering global supply chain disruption.

      All the problems you mention can be addressed in the legality of the credits, their structure, as in legal tender law, but different.

      The key here is that the states can neuter Wall Street in stealth as long as it is not perceived as a direct mounted threat to Federal overlordship.

      Trump might even like it ... moar MAGA?

      Thanks for your input Grumps, glad to hear from you.

    2. Similar developments are already occurring in the transition movement (local currencies). This can be expected to grow in response to the move away from globalised to localised supply chains, although with a concomitant reduction in material wealth which will be seen as a price worth paying (for survival).
      Pleased I found this blog. Interesting insights. Thank you.

    3. It will be interesting to watch. Welcome, and THX for your comment.

    4. It certainly will be interesting, but I suspect in the sense of that intended by the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”. To extend your excellent metaphor of ‘pure’ understanding used in the previous post, whereby derivatives are ‘pure debt’ and gold is ‘pure equity’, I’d posit that surplus energy is ‘pure value’, since without surplus energy no value can be added with labour or capital, and the greatest source of surplus energy is currently the suite of fossil fuels. Additionally, in a fiat system the issuance of money represents ‘pure control/power’, since it determines who gets access to surplus energy and its products. With aggregate global surplus energy in irreversible decline, no matter whether the new currencies issued are the result of newly emergent sovereign entities or are local currencies that are anchored to the prevailing fiat currency, it is probable that the future economic paradigm is going to be both localised and greatly diminished materially.
      Once limits are reached or in overshoot, economic growth becomes a zero-sum game and international or cross-border trade can be expected to be significantly reduced. The transition from the present debt-based, global-arbitrage financial system will likely be both costly (in lives) and painful. If we’re lucky this process will occur gradually over an extended period of time allowing populations to adapt. COVID19 and the responses of governments worldwide suggest a different approach is in play.

  3. https://newrepublic.com/article/150594/public-banks-suddenly-popular

  4. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/oct/03/california-governor-public-banking-law-ab857

  5. I spent the last 3 months of 2019 driving my wife and kids across the US to pursue a business concept that I believe will be transformative in manufacturing. The secret sauce is we use "robots"...But before you lose interest keep in mind that our "Robots" are DAO's Decentralized Automated Organizations. And these robots don't lift a finger. They OWN the business and their payment is in enough electricity to function.

  6. Jared Diamond explained in a similar way why the more diverse and competitive Europe was able to advance and overtake the monolithic Middle Kingdom...