Thursday, March 12, 2020

In Which C19 Do You Believe?

Yes my friends, the Coronavirus, COVID C19 is truly a REAL WORLD phenomenon. It CANNOT be controlled or contained by the tools of financialization. Yes, derivative wagers will be (have already been) made that indirectly involve COVID 19 causes and effects. But the derivative-asset-values-control-grid that shapes our erratic markets cannot CURE, or PREVENT, the REAL C19.

Again, as with so many outrageous historical events (Pearl Harbor, JFK, 911, etc...) we may never know the real truth about its origin, its purpose, its creators, its benefactors - but rest assured, C19 is the true wildcard catalyst, among lesser but seemingly unstoppable trends, which increasingly pit the real world against the derivative world.

Will the derivative C19 virus of Mike Pence overtake the real C19 virus of Alex Azar? By comparison, the derivative virus is nothing to worry about. The USA is in the best shape of any country to prevent and even cure it ... soon! And after all, it certainly isn't some sort of bioweapon - it's just another garden variety flu.

The real C19 virus is something a little bit different.

Can the inconsequential derivative C19 virus - you know, the one we shouldn't take "an alarmist" view of because "it will go away soon" - stop the spread of the disease, calm the markets and prevent the onset of a global pandemic (even defeating death)? Can we just wish the pandemic away in the same manner as we abide the TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS in systemic bailouts that attempt to reflate the illusion of our unstoppable bull market in equities?

It doesn't appear so. But that's the difference between our derivative world, and our real world.

In our derivative world, bullion banks and their enablers can still shank the asset value of real gold by selling 16 billion dollars worth of fake paper gold in a matter of moments.  But how much longer can that go on? Yes, we will support the fantasy of paper wealth when it makes our 401K statements look bigger. But when it comes to real world situations of life or death, we aren't so quick to dismiss reality. And when we dismiss the fantasy, the entire derivative structure begins to collapse.

Which virus you believe in could save your life, but it cannot save the markets. Smart money isn't buying the fantasy. And smart money decisions are how the truly entitled manage the international monetary and financial system to their advantage.

Time proves all.


  1. I have removed the video due to the seriousness of the topic, but may add a more relevant one if applicable. Until then, consider the following:
    Though challenging, this is still the best interpretation of what is going on. Sadly, it touches upon many of the truths which this blog solemnly alludes to. I have always felt that biological warfare would usher in the final chapter in the human equation, far more efficient than the nuclear solution. Absorb the truth at your own pace, and with the appropriate warning - the truth could be dangerous to your heath.

    1. 007

      Challenging, because it was so poorly written? Or because the pill is hard to swallow? Still, nice share.

    2. Challenging because it actually offers up too much information (overload) and therefore draws no real conclusion, just weaves together somewhat disparate theories and facts.

  2. +1 Sir

    I think you should put the vid back as I did not have a chance to watch. :)

    Interesting observation on A derivative. I believe I share your "wait, what" point concerning "& that happens now" observation. I think we will ALL look back at this ROCK of 3/12/2020 & smile that WE get through both scenarios.

    Be Well & look forward to whatever the "bastas" try to do😉

  3. Vitamin C could be important IMO

  4. As always, very insightful. Also recognising the development of FX swaps we talked about months ago. This "prediction" generally has been in effect for nearly a year (behind the curtain) or perhaps longer. What the public sees, in the fishbowl for the little people to observe, takes a bit of catching up:

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