Friday, October 25, 2019

We Are Only Human

If anything has been learned by the American people in the last 20 years, there is certainly little evidence of it.

In these annals, we have shown how a just Republic is gradually transformed, over time, into a corrupt empire. Many still deny the transformation, clinging to an artificial narrative which is conveniently provided to "cleanse" the conscience. But denial (as any psychoanalyst will confirm) is not conducive to a healthy state of mind.

In post after post, we have supported an argument (central to these annals) to identify the root cause of the empire's moral decay. But first, there is a well known adage, which this author accepts as irrefutable, due to the volume and consistency of historical evidence, as follows:
All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.
This quote, often paraphrased, has been borne out by so much incontrovertible historical evidence, that it is a given, in terms of our initial premise. If any reader can honestly refute this argument, then there is little hope that the following important findings within these annals can be accepted, or even properly considered. Conversely, any reader who accepts the above quote as being universally true, would certainly be interested to understand the nature of absolute power - how is it obtained, what is its constitution? To that end, we have Roacheforque's core argument.
The power to create wealth by decree is humanity's absolute power.
In our modern world, the power to "create wealth by decree" has been gradually honed as near to perfection as our global society - humanity - can hope to achieve. Effectively, humanity has empowered a "banking class" with the ability to issue a functional "money" in the form of fiat currency, with the click of a mouse. And the benefactors of that ultimate power system have defrauded the "lesser classes", and enslaved them through the concept of "debt as wealth". These are the logical conclusions to the bits and pieces of evidence all around us, which continually validates these arguments, and which creates our world of income opportunity disparity and "banking class world rule".

As we seek to understand how our technology has moved humanity further toward this condition of class disparity and social disequilibrium rather than further away from it, we need to understand human nature, and our simple desire to gain something from nothing, to "get rich quick", to have much wealth with little work, and so on. This is the lure of the system (and its benefactors). If humanity will accept the premise that we can only find "the easy life" (wealth without real value creation) by increasing the obligations of our "fellow man", then this system of "debt as wealth" works. And it has worked well for many generations of wealth accumulation for the ruling class, concomitant with the expected decline of wealth among the lessor classes. 

Will the cryptocurrencies somehow correct our "wealth by decree" or "debt as wealth" problems? Will gold? Will human beings ever evolve past their "debt as wealth" contract? A contract they never agreed to accept, yet willingly oblige? It will take some manner of wisdom beyond that of Roacheforque to answer these important questions about our social and moral evolution. But where we are today, and how we got here, must first be understood. 

As our "wealth by decree" fiat currencies (both paper and now digital) evolved as an artificial representation of a former, widely accepted and historically stable, element of universal wealth (gold and silver) it is important to understand the nature and impact of this artificiality. Our derivative "money" and related financial derivatives have such systemic importance to our "debt as wealth" foundation, that our ruling banking class will inflict as much pain upon the lesser classes as needed to preserve the value of this systemic derivative construct. The "debt as wealth" contract we abide by allows this, as long as the pain falls upon "our fellow man" and not us. It is no great mystery as to where this eventually leads.

As the banking class pumps more "wealth by decree" to its systemic banks to preserve the system, we note that the process merely increases the power which corrupts absolutely, infecting humanity's "value system" with moral hazard

Perhaps we can learn from this - that as long as people value "things" over one another, the "debt as wealth" contract is in force. But ... perhaps too ... we can come to appreciate that debt (and all its myriad artificial representations) is not the only form of wealth. Certainly, not the ultimate form of wealth. 

True value creation, with a positive social benefit was once thought to be a "virtuous" form of wealth - like a well built bridge, or an airplane which safely transports human beings from one continent to another. But sadly, today, value creation comes through dollar derivative profit - achieved by cutting corners - like at Boeing. Value creation is a rising stock price - like with record corporate buybacks to boost stock values artificially. Where does this end? 

Some countries (and groups within them) see the writing on the wall. And their accumulation of gold as a first step back toward the recognition of "real world" wealth is promising. But will they fully abandon the lure of the derivative world? Will technological virtue lure them into another layer of artificiality - a technologically evolving fantasy of "wealth by anonymous consensus"? 

Again Roacheforque cannot see past what will come of us many years beyond his lifetime. It is more than enough to plan for this generation, and the new generations springing up within a single lifetime. We are not given more than this single life on earth, and that is a great failing which helps to reinforce our nature. Together, we could defeat death once and for all. But instead, we'd rather defeat one another.

We are only human after all.


  1. Most of the folks who get it are older and don't really matter in the grand scheme of things - I'm one of these over 55.

    The younger ones just don't get it and I don't have the heart to tell them the truth since they need to believe in the system to be motivated to excel and climb the social ladder. I will sit them down and tell them the truth only if I know for sure the reset will happen within few years.

    The older ones who know all agree that the best thing to do is to ride the wave - We are only human after all. I now kind of understand how the good Germans in Nazi Germany must had felt.

  2. Very fine post Roach...

    +1 to the fella above.

    1. Thank you sir, and I agree with the +1. Having crossed the 60 yard line this year, I can appreciate the perspective.

  3. Immanuel Wallerstein ( died a month or two ago and his cautious (very cautious) optimism would have been brought down a notch by this posting. But Debt, the first 5000 years & Against the grain books create a narrative that perfectly fits what Roacheforque posits here.

    Emperor Leto II managed to live for thousands of years, but that was in a book. The mortal coil is a problem indeed, but one issue that is trying to perpetuate the problem is the constant infantilization we are subjected to. And the backlash that creates: See the attraction of Jordan Peterson's lectures, or the writings of Bronze Age Pervert. That can create a lot of Tyler Durdens and Fight Clubs...

    Being Constant Gardeners with ourselves and the world around us is the only thing that gives meaning...

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  5. Are you still alive, Roacheforque?

  6. In light of the events in China it would appear that the dollar faction is not ready to go quietly into that good night.

  7. The coronavirus is a cover for the collapse of the banking system and repo market, right?