Friday, November 2, 2018

The Nuclear Distraction

There have been rumblings for several years now, increasingly intense lately, of US aggression against China and Russia. Surely, most readers of alternative media content are aware that both China and Russia expect, and are preparing for, war with the US (and there are many more links to many more articles than just these two).

As the recent Saker article states, the central line of reasoning which keeps matters in a sort of holding pattern can be summed up as follows:
While clearly some Neocons are truly batshit crazy, most are not. Stupid, ignorant, arrogant, hateful and evil – yes. But not necessarily insane. And for that reason, I don’t think that the AngloZionist leaders will stumble into a war against Russia as a result of their insanity.
Today Roacheforque can tell you, in no uncertain terms, that this line of reasoning is dangerously off base. The corporatist Anglo-Atlantic empire is indeed truly and certifiably insane in a manner that should terrify any reasonable human being. And if you are prone to bouts of depression when reading the truth, either get your Zoloft ready, or close this page now ..................................................

Nuclear proliferation, both terrestrial and orbital is merely a convenient distraction. As Trump himself has said, "I don't wanna hurt jobs." (with regard to Saudi arms sales most recently). And Job Number One in the U.S. of A is the military industrial complex economy - the epitome of America's U.S. of A-ness. So the war machine keeps running, systemically, with a purpose to recycle debt (through employment labor) whether there is a need for war or not.

What goes less noticed is the U.S. agribusiness empires of Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, Dupont, etc... Like the U.S. Tobacco Industry these corporations exist to generate profit by any means - and addiction, health hazard and death by cancer is merely a cost of doing business. The Tobacco industry was crucified years ago - lessons learned. It will never happen again, certainly not to the Anglo American Industrial Agribusiness Complex.

As you read the work of William Engdahl for example, you will come to realize that today's poisoning of the planet earth is far more comprehensive, insidious and toxic than any combination of the Andromeda Strain meets Soylent Green imaginable. Our children are fed genetically altered carcinogenic grain products every morning and they will die of cancer in numbers that make "death by cigarette" look like a rounding error.

The profit motive of the corporatist Anglo-Atlantic Agri-business Industry and the suicidal pact it has with regulatory and scientific benefactors it pays off to look the other way is beyond clinically insane. It is pathologically psychotic on an Apocalyptic scale. The 15 to 20 years it takes for the slow and deadly poisoning of large mammals like cows and humans is beginning to show signs of coming to fruition. If you don't have cancer in some form yet, don't worry, you will. And like Roacheforque, you are probably amazed at the increasing number of deaths from unusual forms of stomach and organ cancer among your friends and relatives - which seems to increase each year.

Pay no attention to the "NON-GMO" badges stamped on your grocery purchases. They are as fake as everything else in America - a marketing ploy, nothing more. Almost everything you eat is carcinogenic, down to the seeds themselves. Perhaps some small percentage of elite seed bank stores are safe, but frankly it is too late for that. The damage is done. Though it is certainly the narcissistic dream of a few that only the 1% survive what is coming - to have the entire planet to themselves.

Take note. And this is where things get truly ugly. The final test of insanity is the potential to spread the carcinogenic contamination of the progressive neo-fascist degeneracy to the worlds last remaining breadbasket of uncontaminated agricultural output - by means of releasing biologically weaponized insects into Russian croplands.

If and when Russia finally recognizes the danger, and the intent, which the pathologically insane are capable of, they will not only discover a motive in their awakening, but will be held to a solemn duty, to unleash preventive countermeasures to the imminent threat of an unnatural disaster far more immediate and incalculably more insidious than any unfolding global warming threat, while much less MAD (in the mutually assured sense) than the nuclear option.

There are indeed a number of Malthusian elites who believe they can insulate themselves from biological Armageddon (as opposed to the nuclear endgame) and create a lasting paradise as their legacy, while the worlds undesirables are gradually and inconspicuously killed off. Do not underestimate their pathology. They are clinically insane, even though they are Baker-act-proof in their sphere of containment.

And now you know why Roacheforque has adopted such a brooding nature of late. His lands and estates, his progeny and his legacy are for naught. The book of Revelation is upon us. And the empire that holds dominion over our world is Satan's own.

It is time to raid the cellars for the best single malts - there is nothing left to save them for.

Cheers :)


  1. You either know something we don't, or you're definitely reading and believing the wrong stuff. Here I am scratching my head wondering how such an intelligent writer would dare breach this subject to such a degree at the expense of his credibility. I wish I knew you as a person so I can make a better judgement, but I suppose a part of your allure is your character.

    I would definitely need a Xanax if your humor didn't escape me, but I'll save it for another time.

    Write one on AI, you're a damn good writer and it would be interesting to get your perspective. And check out the G Manifesto on Twitter, something tells me you'd like him.

  2. If you truly believe that "insect allies" is a program to "protect our (GMO ridden) US crop system" from foreign attack by state and non-state actors ...?!?!? ... you will need something stronger than Xanax to preserve that fantasy my friend.

    It's the "right stuff" alright.

    1. You cannot legitimize ethically questionable intelligence research operations if you present them as they truly are. You well know that the the very technology that connects us worlds apart and allows us to exchange ideas originated from DARPA(net). You are questioning their motives as they are packaged, which is valid and I understand your concerns. The dangers of these developments are real, no doubt. Yet, it's a an evolutionary treadmill. If you are not developing the tech, your opponents are. If you do not understand the tech, how do you neutralize it when the enemies deploy it? Survival is a competitive sphere. All advanced civilizations that outlast their technological maturity will have the control over nature and the capacity to do this. Do you believe that Russia, with a military-industrial complex almost as advanced as that of the US, will pass up on a development such as this?

      You're a reasonable person. What I am asking you to reconsider instead is to what degree you are extrapolating from tangible pieces of reality into extreme dystopian predictions - which technically could hypothetically be plausible if all the stars align, but you present the outcome in this case as a fact not fiction. I am asking you to retrace the steps you took from "insect virus/genetic weapons" to a Malthusian bomb orchestrated by the illuminati.

      I get it. The world is not at it's best state right now. We're approaching a trough in the curve of this period of evolution. The world is approaching another major bifurcation point. We're inside of a pressure cooker. It affects us all, our perceptions, our decisions, and it is easy for us to panic and lend ourselves to catastrophic thinking and conclusions. You will drive yourself crazy if you are constantly immersed in this world. I can think of a million other likely ways the future unfolds in an optimistic direction. Keep doing your thing, you're really good at it, but have a little faith.

      Allow me to ask you, how much of what you are saying is a fact that you for sure 100 percent know that the 1% have a plan to wipe out all the betas, deltas, gammas, and epsilons? And how much of it is it you trying to glean into Delphi's eyes through a fractured prism?

  3. The facts are simple to understand. Do your research. Russia does NOT allow GMO into its agricultural system. Europe is embattled in this arena between the two cultures presently, as far as allowing genetic alteration into their food source staple. It is a well known source of contention between these two superpowers. One fucks with nature and one does not. Metaphorically, it goes much deeper than that. This is my final word on the topic.

  4. since when goyims have anything to say in what's about to happen to them and their crops?

    since the time of Egypt .....

  5. I come from the Syuz my friend, everything they do is on paper. You're idealizing to the n-th degree, but you're right about Europe.

    Everything that exists metaphysically is a part of the same fabric. To fuck with nature is a part of nature. I know the facts, but we can't go back to swinging on trees and eating nuts, how are we going to economically feed 10 billion without GMO? I dont want an answer, but just food for thought. Feel better.