Monday, August 20, 2018

Treading Dangerous Ground

I really must commend Paul Craig Roberts on treading through the deadly waters of truth, where our Deep State apparatus is concerned.

It is difficult to love a country that owes its "greatness" to the utter chaos it inflicts upon any contender that offers to its citizens liberty, freedom, true opportunity and true prosperity (as Libya once did for example). This is not to say that Libya, Iran or Iraq are (or were) uncontestable bastions of civility and grace, or that Russia and China together represent "the light of the world". But those epithets, once glowingly bestowed upon America by the world without hesitation, no longer apply to any country in a position of power.

In fact it can be said that the modern world, and its developed institutions, are a completely hopeless quagmire of self interested predation, war mongering and profiteering, the likes of which has never before been seen on such a scale. And this hot mess trickles down to state and local government levels, to a degree that nearly all organized "administration" is compromised.

As for PCR, he is dangerously close to becoming a Deep State target. He has far exceeded the extent to which Ron Paul has come forward with the truth, though Paul had been congressionally active for a longer and more recent period (having only recently been banned by the Silicon Valley arm of the Deep State's security and surveillance apparatus).

PCR is getting the truth out in a fairly credible manner. He is doggedly persistent, and makes a lot more sense than that "crazy old Uncle who lives in the attic" to which Ron Paul's persona has been often attributed.  It would be a shame if Mr. Roberts becomes the next victim of a Russian "novichok" incident. If so, I suspect he will not fare as well as the Skripals.

While the sun briefly shines on the truth about humanity, civilization and its wayward struggles to survive its true nature  (thanks to people like PCR), there is a deeper understanding that underscores the topical noise with timeless reason.

While many (and I do mean MANY) will ascribe the underlying problem to the overwhelming influence of JEWS (sigh) there is yet a deeper and more profound reason for the sickness of humanity that threatens to end its existence, and that is the corruption of our values.

The corruption of humanity's system of values is endemic to all civilized societies on planet earth, and this ascent into Hell is owing completely to the corruption of our money system. The fact that our money system is the de facto denominator of our cultural and societal system of values is part of this ... a concept covered extensively in these annals.

While some will say that identity politics has replaced religion in progressive cultures, I contend that MATERIALISM is in fact the new religion, and identity politics is merely a symptom of that new zealotry.

Gold stands in stark contrast to this phenomenon of modern man's corruption. It represents the virtue of labor to create value, whereas fiat represents the vice of "money from nothing". Both Jew and Gentile alike are victims of that great canard.

As you watch the value of gold plummet, do not consider the small impact upon your personal wealth holdings this represents. It is a selfish, meaningless thought. Think instead of the paper price of gold as a barometer of the power of evil overtaking the power of good, such that the virtue of working class labor is belittled by the vice of senior capital and its ability to make money from money (a.k.a making money from nothing, a.k.a. making nothing from nothing).

Our modern society has grown dependent upon a horrific trap which ensnares all civilized people of planet earth - that they must grant the ruling class the power to conjure wealth from nothing, in return for their favor and blessing. As Trump would say, it is a "horrible deal" for the 99% and a "terrific bargain" for the 1% - whose power is derived from our subservience to their fiat system.

Know this. In the end, as Good and Evil do battle, the vaults of generational wealth dynasties are filled with gold that was miraculously easy for them to acquire - owing to this Faustian arrangement - and these rulers care less if an ounce is "worth" fifty cents or fifty thousand dollars. This is because dollars and cents are the fleeting thoughts of value that simply move THROUGH real wealth.

Gold, land, castles yachts, jets, trophy wives, pet politicians, pet generals, true freedom and greedy slaves are the true wealth of the rich.

This is not a topic that the Pauls dig deeply into (Ron or Roberts). They are more consumed by the intensity of current events and the lies that surround them.

As Roacheforque is a nobody, with a following quite small, he can look into the root cause of the world's fatal infection of ubiquitous, parasitic greed without great fear of "erasure". One does not need to accept the sickness of mankind in order to drink in the sunshine that nurtures the flower of understanding - at least until the mushroom clouds forever blot its light and warmth.

The flower teaches the lesson of gold in man's history as far back as civilization's humble beginnings. As we consider our fake world, our genetically modified poisons, our rape of the planet and the complete collapse of traditional Western values, are we truly better off today in our derived paper world, where the truth is silenced by a drone strike?

I leave it for you to decide.


  1. Meanwhile what the hell is going on over at POM?

    Oh that poor lost childs. Somebody want to tell him cryptos are going to zero.

    1. Some people believe that cryptos are the answer to my charge that we willingly accept slavery to the ruling class when we accept fiat - but cryptos are merely a different flavor of fiat, denominated in fiat, connected to fiat and priced in fiat. Cryptos are not the answer, rather another symptom with a techno twist. Gold is the answer. Thank you Grumps.