Sunday, August 12, 2018

Back That A$$et Up ...

From the first sentence of Michael Sproul's There’s No Such Thing as Fiat Money (2007):
I make the claim that fiat money does not exist, and that the money that is commonly called fiat money is actually backed by the assets of its issuer. 
Who would argue against the premise that modern currencies are backed by the issuer's assets? The questions that remain are: How broad a definition of "assets" is being considered? And does "asset backing" justifiably negate the meaning of "fiat", or is this mere semantics?

In any event, I would counter argue that the meaning of "fiat" is possibly in need of clarification. And such clarification would then allow for the sensible conclusion that fiat money does indeed exist. Sproul's premise is a good launch pad for clarifying just what it is that backs the US Dollar.

Many have said that the US military "backs" the dollar. And indeed, the US Deep State and its Military Industrial Corporatist alliance represents a huge investment in strategic worldwide military deployment. That investment is an asset, and it does in part back the dollar. There are other factors, that are considered in the foreign exchange marketplace, and there are varying opinions as to which factors bear such weight upon the prime factor: relative changes in purchasing power.

As we have discussed before, usage is a considerable factor in determining a currency's relative purchasing power, which in turn supports further usage, in a circular fashion. In times past, there were set fundamentals that established relative fiat currency exchange value: the country's stability, its industrial base, trade practices and metrics, population demographics and economic condition, debt to GDP, and so on.

As our real world has progressed into a world of derivative statistic and valuation, through the rise of financialization, those fundamental factors have evolved to include other factors that are brought to bear upon a modern digital currency's backing.

Does the depth of a currency in global derivative positions act as a form of backing? This is a factor which did not exist prior to the existence of derivatives. Does that depth not guarantee further usage, and that further usage not create greater depth? Does the currency function successfully as a systemic weapon against other currency issuers? Again, relatively recent dollar era phenomena.

But there is an incredibly powerful, hugely overlooked factor which begins only around 2008, which backs the US dollar. I will tell you now that it is the US Government's control over its people which gives the US dollar the largest share of "asset backing" of any other factor under consideration - in the FX market and otherwise.

When the US Government publicly bailed out the global banking system and made the American people the guarantor of that bailout, an incredible precedent was set. It proved to the families that the issuer of the US Dollar could obligate its tax base to an unrepayable debt, and that tax base would neither understand, nor care enough about the consequences of that precedent ... to stand up and fight against the fraud and thievery that keeps the 99% in perpetual bondage, and the 1% in a risk free position to do as they please.

The issuer has proven to generational wealth that it can divert the attention of the tax base from the world's most egregious robbery, and do it again every so often, including to other middle classes who hold wealth, as it moves from country to country. And they will do so in equally powerful police states, combined with well developed welfare states, as the fiat wealth concept manages the debt slaves of any culture, keeping them pacified under the doctrine of "debt as wealth".

You will watch in amazement as China eventually "becomes" the USA in this regard. To the North, there is one proud people, who thrive on the adversity which shapes their strong cultural identity - who will be a thorn in the dollar's side - but they will be dealt with, as opportunity allows.

This modern state of affairs is an incredible asset which the global corporatist banking cartel (the BIS led global central banking system) has endowed upon the US Dollar - and it's rival issuers are part and parcel to that system. Until China, India and Russia's central banks (along with their strategic but smaller allied CBs) achieve a true Coup d'etat (either publicly - or more likely privately) and begin to act independently from BIS mandate, the world's middle classes will never have any enduring prosperity - only the fleeting type that comes with targeted booms, busts and the fraud and bailouts they enable.

Much more importantly ... that Coup will NEVER HAPPEN as long as the American people agree to the dollar contract they are so deeply sworn to. Americans have been taught to accept the double standard they now live by. They can default on debt and lose everything they own, but their lenders can never default - they will be bailed out by whatever wealth remains. There is no other society on earth who have been so culturally conditioned to accept slavery and socialism as the generation of Americans whose OBEDIENCE backs the dollar today. That compliance, coupled with contempt for the wealth of their fellow man, and the social justice herd mentality, makes the families smile with exceeding confidence ... that this dollar empire can milk much more middle class wealth across the globe as it spreads its "debt as wealth" religion even further into systemic entrenchment.

And this Trump fellow. He and Wilbur are doing well to earn the trust of generational wealth.

An unexpected wildcard can always be drawn, including an international war. But the Roacheforque's will profit from war as well - nonetheless, and just the same. Generational wealth always profits from the spread of global corporatism, as they are both the authors and benefactors of it.

This we learn ... from the flower of understanding.


  1. How are Americans supposed to have reacted to the bailouts except to vote Obama's crew out? You're saying the CFR needs to be dismantled? Or the Fed?

    1. Actually, they voted Bush's crew out and got Obama - but neither party will defy Wall Street. CFR doesn't matter, and Fed answers to BIS.
      Americans are powerless to do anything. We love our system too much to defy it - it's up to the rest of the world to unwind dollar imperialism.

  2. How can I, as a pretty wealthy middle class member, protect myself and my wealth from the government and the markets?

    1. If you are not, or cannot become, one of those you seek to be protected from, then there is no protection.

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