Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The West's Propaganda Crisis

Paul Craig Roberts seems to be stacking "outrage" pieces back to back lately. I hope the construction crews can finish his bomb shelter by the end of the month so he can kick back and chill with a Xanax and a cold Baltika. Paul seems worried that "the American people" are too complacent to question the false narrative of "spreading democracy through terrorism = American exceptionalism" or "Putin = evil dictator" and "China = evil Communism".

Frankly, it's not really a matter of complacency. The American public "activates" on command when issues of "sexual inequality" or the "evil of guns" are injected into their attention spans through the liberal media arm of the ministry of propaganda. And they unleash their inner creativity with witty hand made signs as they "march" for gun control, gender equality, minority rights and revisionist history imperatives.

No, it's not complacency, but rather a combination of sheer ignorance and cultural shame which re-animates our American "activists" like the walking dead. They are completely unaware of what's going on in the world all around them, outside of the liberal media comfort-sphere which feeds them what they want to see, hear and believe in. The reality of Western expansionism, banking class imperialism, neocon proxy terrorism and mass genocide does not make the little people of the West sleep well at night. So they have their fantasies which they can inject into their minds through flat screen media mainstreaming or into their veins through the use of hypodermic opioid mainlining - it is difficult to assess which is the greater "epidemic".

Roacheforque contends that the Western propaganda crisis is in fact more widespread, and more damaging than the concomitant opioid crisis. Both place the victim in a fuzzy state of altered reality, but while one is nationally recognized, the other is barely diagnosable, since, for the most part, it is completely hidden.

Our opioid crisis will kill thousands no doubt, but our propaganda crisis will kill millions. And this seems to upset PCR to no end. I suppose he feels he is "doing his part" by authoring reproachful essays week after week, but they will never enter the bloodstream of the mainstream media main-liners. Nor is the dosage - or even the drug - properly prescribed.

The West's inclination toward feel-good propaganda has progressed into an addiction with far reaching consequences for the world at large. The country once predicated upon "We The People" is now "We The Privileged". And the privileged ruling class has completely hypnotized the great majority of common class people into a state of hapless pleading. They beg for the removal of not only their rights and liberties, but of their awareness of the truth - about their great protector, the Deep State.

And the Empire gives them what they've been taught to want.

You see, the brave people of Colonial America, mostly English, who defied the crown and despised it's greed, its class privilege and its rule over hard working farmers and skilled laborers - they are long dead. And their children's great grandchildren have been taught to see them as nationalists, slave-owners and white supremacists. This new generation craves for the "rule of the crown" over them, that they should be given the scraps of victim-hood (the hand that takes) rather than the fruits of pride and honor (the hand that gives).

It is quite unfashionable these days to even speak of a strong cultural identity or the pride of an honorable heritage. Few Americans today can speak of a country that defended it's people, or the rights of it's people from an evil foreign aggressor (or an uprising against a corrupt ruling class) in their lineage. They could perhaps speak of the wasted lives in failed wars for the wrong causes in Korea, Vietnam and the rest. But why speak of or remember at all ... wars fought for the glory of empire and the enrichment of its military industrial complex.

Today, the prescribed multi-cultural mix of ethnicity, gender identity, alternate lifestyles and non-traditional relationships obliterates the pride of an honorable bloodline and the much needed national heroes who fought for freedom and liberty, to defend an honorable country which deserved their loyalty ... like the pride and tradition shown of this man you see here:

Of course there are those who will say that the video above is painted favorably with the brush of Russian propagandism (it is) and that the documentary is rife with Nationalism, white privilege, outdated virtues, conservative values and religious dogma. But I think if you search your mind, heart and soul, you will eventually ask yourself, "I wonder what the biographical documentary of Trump, Obama, Bush or Clinton looks like by comparison?"

You might then ask, "Is there a man like that today, who I could vote for to lead our country?" And if there was, could he ever rise to the position of being an available choice to vote for? And do not forget your "responsibility to vote" no matter how bad the choices. That is one tradition our masters continue to school us with, which so many mindlessly obey. I mean after all, the little people at least have to participate in the charade of democracy here in the states if they are to accept the lie that we spread democracy abroad.

If Roacheforque is thought to be "just another Russian apologist", that will be quite the mistaken impression. I am in fact an American apologist - not for it's so called "leaders". Those people have no allegiance to anything but wealth and power. But for the little people of America - I do beg the world's forgiveness and forbearance. They are the victim's of a propaganda crisis far more debilitating than the Third Reich's. And I suspect their Treaty of Versailles is forthcoming (if not formally, certainly economically).

It's their money system which lies at the root of their moral cancer, and the spread of that system across the world is their shameful legacy. The point which Roacheforque so often endeavors to make is clearly missed. But the root of our shame is what the rest of the world has prepared so unanimously to exterminate. While the cognitive dissonance of the propaganda crisis obscures who truly backs Trump, or what means the Deep State will take to reach its end, the motives should be clear to all by now.

Empires end through the hubris and arrogance of their leaders, and the little people are but collateral damage in their wars - of the past, and yet to come. What they believe doesn't matter until they have something to really and truly believe in. Which tribe has beliefs to march with clever signs for, and which has beliefs to fight and die for?

You will be given the answer. Time reveals all.


  1. Jews? Blacks?

    Oh, I forgot. They are simultaneously innocent lambs, but deserve endless coddling and unearned wealth provided to them from the white male minions who maintain the empire.

    1. I wish they are just Jews and blacks but the ones who need endless coddling are more rainbow than you and I would like to admit.
      The combination of sheer ignorance and cultural shame has re-animated most of us like the walking dead.

    2. I have to correct you Judie, it always were jews, since the time of Christ.

    3. Well, I have short memory. If you were referring to the money changing aspect, I infer it is the Jews since 2008. Many Jewish bankers did get away with murder but so did a lot of Gentiles. Perhaps the blacks are the ones who should really complain about this matter.

  2. Perhaps that rumor of Korean reunification is true?

    Plus this tidbit:

  3. I do so await the union of Chelsea Clinton with one of Pelosi's beloved brown skinned exceptionals, or perhaps our remaining red headed Prince? As for "Jews" I cannot speak for the purity of their blood lines. Was Rockefellar a Jew? Carnegie? Morgan? Astor? Bush? I am told that generational dynasties originate from Israel. Otherwise, how could it not be "the Jews"?

  4. I'm not too sure if I'd eagerly await the union of my relatives, at least the ones I care about, with one of Pelosi's beloved brown skinned exceptional.
    Perhaps, deep down, I'm a racist but the odds of having a good life thereafter is not good. But then who knows, life is about making choices. Right or wrong, even not choosing is free will, nobody knows until the end. I could be living in an universe where I've made all the right decisions but in another alternative universe, I could be sleeping happily in a cardboard box.
    I highly recommend an old movie "Mr. Nobody". Btw, who's the "red headed Prince"?

  5. jews are opening the gates of another Toledo, to let the invaders in, as happened throughout the history, not only in 711.

    There's nothing new under the sun.