Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rituals of Tribalism

What we have truly learned about human nature through the incredibly and HUGELY underestimated proliferation of online access and activity among the little people ... is that we desire, we crave, we absolutely OBSESS over one thing.

We humans want others to THINK LIKE US, to ACT LIKE US and to BE LIKE US so as to legitimize and codify our religion, our politics, our cultural values and our moral virtues. Human beings desire the approval of others more than food, shelter or the urge to procreate. This desire for approval manifests in our fascinating social media networks as the modern version of tribalism.

Why even Roacheforque is bursting forth with opinions, and his annals are as an outlet for the bursting. But he is not alone - not hardly.

From the day we were first approached by a fellow homo-sapien who intruded upon our peaceful coexistence with the question, "Friend, have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior??" ... we were fascinated with the primal urge to recruit others into our tribe. And today, with opinions masquerading as news and people all around us who cannot spell the words "to, two, too, their, they're, than and then" posting their "positions" nine times daily on social media, can there be any question that the urge to project outward the ideals of the "inner tribe" is as innate as the hunger for food, warmth or sex?

From the Oscars to the Nightly News, we cannot help ourselves. Hollywood will indeed sacrifice its ratings to project it's values, and Washington will sacrifice its seat at the oval office (so smug in it's certainty that it represents the dominant tribe) then blame that sacrifice on the evil tribe of the East. These are the modern day rituals of tribalism.

One may speak of the dichotomy of nationalism vs. globalism in the context of patriotism vs. idealism, even in the context of survival and self -reliance vs diversity and cultural harmony ... but in the end ... TRIBALISM is the very essence of our human nature. The evidence is all around you.

In fact, our "social networks" are our modern tribes. We are shocked to learn that members we thought were "like us" belong to "that other tribe". And we are equally surprised to find others who are "of our tribe" who we thought were not. Our "face book" is our modern, digital "tribe book". Just another example of "old values repackaged for our modern times".

Do not be surprised when our tribal money is re-awakened as well.


  1. Lol, I'm usually accepted with open arms by the left leaning tribe until they figure out I'm a conservative nationalist. Vice versa, I'm usually received with scepticism by the right leaning tribe until they figure out I'm a die hard Trumpster.

  2. I am a moderate, so am accepted by NO ONE. We live in a world of extremes and are expected to take sides. I am leaning more to the right as a counterbalance to the saturation of the left.