Friday, March 16, 2018

Gold Waits For Understanding

More and more, we see the reaction of the worlds two legged lab rats as their governments continue to spin lies about why they are being shocked ... and about to be euthanized.

Since the truth is so rare coming from the political class, I thought you would like to hear it, as it would sound - coming from a fictional truth-telling politician.
The rich and powerful special interests that enable our global, dollar-based empire feel threatened by what's going on with Russia and China, so we're going to feed you more bullshit about Russia being the culprit behind everything bad in the world, so that the you dumb-masses won't get in the way of World War III. 
The families that own the banks that print your paycheck are pissed about the US Government's handling of the whole thing because they can't get richer or more powerful in a post Apocalyptic Thunderdome, but the dollar's military industrial buildup is out of control and ready to lose a couple more trillion to stay in the driver's seat.
That public service message should of course end with, "Remember to vote for me the next time you hear the bell that accompanies the sound of protein pellets dropping into your food dish." 

The thing about lab rats is that after a few hundred thousand years of evolution they begin to think, then they begin to react ... but then they just accept their ideological bondage. In fact, they have ... for many years (and continue to be) entertained by it.

Yes, it's easy to find three or four examples of how the world works in a single hours output of one or two information sources every morning. But aside from being numbed by the repetition - and the opioid inducing hopelessness - no-one really puts together the reason for it all.

You see, as long as power, influence and wealth can be issued by a simple keystroke of banks and governments, there will be a hand that gives (the 1%) and the many hands that take (the little people).

All governments issue a national fiat currency by which to control their masses. But one government issues a national fiat currency above all, and that government's Deep State (and its banks - in fascist collusion) is simply out of control.

Gold, if understood correctly by the lab rats of that system, could salvage humanity. But the powerful AADF has thoroughly conditioned the rats, through years of shock therapy (the management of gold's dollar price) to hate gold.

Elsewhere in the world, lab rats of emerging markets understand the purpose and salvation of gold, as the last vestige of hope, lying in the vaults of the central banks that are owned by the systemic banks, that are owned by the families - who both love and understand gold, as their true master.

As a side kicker, these emerging powers have a kindred connection to their little people, as they and their masters alike are oppressed by the AADF and its deep state, temporarily creating the condition of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Yes, in those emerging economies the little people and their masters have an unprecedented common enemy in the dollar system. And they, and the families, will be too much for the dollar empire, who feels a bit "lonely at the top" - though that hand is not the topmost hand "being played" after all.

That hand which is truly above all others recognizes that when the creature they spawned threatens even their livelihoods, gold will reign in the power of "debt as wealth" as issued by the warring tribes beneath them.

This little bit of truth is brought to you by Roacheforque who runs for NO office (though he may run for the exits) as he simply nourishes the Flower of Understanding. Gold waits for this understanding to come to the little people, so as to free them, by placing them at par with the hand that gives the obligations of their tribe - debt - as their chosen and accepted fiat wealth.

Every time you invest in debt, you empower your captors. Every time you invest in equity, you strip them of some small measure of your indenture to the hand that gives. But take heed. Your equity in most forms is highly inflated by this illusory "debt as wealth" system. When debt fails many "assets" will fail with them. Technological virtue will be a casualty of this event.

Gold waits patiently for this understanding.


  1. "Gold, if understood correctly by the lab rats of that system, could salvage humanity. But the powerful AADF has thoroughly conditioned the rats, through years of shock therapy (the management of gold's dollar price) to hate gold."

    This is so true. The vehemence Bogleheads have for gold is scary. They have no allocation to it. None. A major asset class in which prevailing wisdom a few decades ago was have at least 5-10% in gold. But this has bean beaten out of them.

    1. Thus the epic battle between the debtbugs and the goldbugs Sir Grumps (or as was once characterized - "the spenders vs. the savers"). Because of those who do not understand the need for both - each in its proper place - the one must conquer the other.

      It could only come to pass if the ruling debtbug faction was so desperate in their death throes and hubris that they threaten the hand above them.

      Now it begins ...

  2. I believe as time goes by, the public will only come around to view "debt as wealth" as the farce that it is when "credit as wealth" puts long needed food on the table. This credit can only survive a debt implosion if it is backed by collateral other than a promise for future labour. Of particular interest is the nice "fit" regarding gold and the blockchain. When gold starts to act more like a heated molecule than a block of metal, a cup of coffee can then be realized from this credit, and thats when things become more obvious.