Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Clear Lens

Roacheforque always does enjoy, when occasion warrants, the "coming out" of a well connected military man. And because this one exudes a particularly "Southern common sense" disposition, I found myself inadvertently chortling on several occasions while viewing the video below:

"Chortling" is of course the most undignified expression of sheer abandon that a fellow of good breeding ever gives license to. And Roacheforque is most pleased to provide readers with the video above, so that one can absorb the nuance, inflection and mannerisms of the human voice being spoken - that primordial urge we elders still possess to vibrate our vocal chords in a primitive attempt at audio-visual communication.

In the future, people will communicate telepathically, with no real physical "presence" component, nor an actual, physical auditory component required. The video above is actually a superior version of the steps our civilization is taking along that path. Far superior to the current fixation with "texting" over readily available voice communication channels (now considered an extreme intrusion upon the hyper-sensitive virtual existence of the enlightened age).

One cannot truly experience the credibility of the words spoken: Putin as a "grand chess master in a world of really bad checker players" or the (Israel lobby) as the "single unifying element" that transcends all partisan divide in American politics, second only to "Mom and apple pie".  Yes, Roacheforque does paraphrase these gems, again if only to support the presence and power of the video. In a world of suspicious news and suspicious sources, written words alone do not carry nearly the weight. Wilkerson's understanding of current geopolitics among the global political class is spot on.

And yet ... it must be said that Col. Wilkerson simply cannot be familiar with the comment section at Zero Hedge, which truly challenges the fixed obedience and unwavering support of Congress with regard to Israel's elites. Indeed, there in the ZH comments appears to be a true cohesion of REAL antisemitism that permeates ANY topic of any article posted there - in perfect unifying solidarity!

In fact, Roacheforque would go as far as to say - and not just for the benefit of the Colonel - that the only thing more unifying among the elites of the U.S. political class in their solidarity of support for the Jewish lobby is the little people's apparent solidarity of a growing, unified, antisemitic movement (if ZH commentators are reflective of the common class whole) ... Which, by the way, our U.S. media NEVER never even recognizes in its focus upon the plight of their chosen victim classes.

But we do observe ... what truly unifies the little people is the extreme polarity between them and their masters... of all nations and all peoples of the world. The little people have so much in common with each other across the planet. The master serves the elites who rule the slaves and the slaves so hate those elites. It's not a race war, a resource war, a culture war, a societal war or even a particularly economic war. It's a class war, pure and simple.

The truly polarizing meme of our time is the divide between the 1% and the 99%. That is where the real exploitation takes place. That is the discrimination you are never being served up in Hollywood's "art as a reflection of reality" dogma. White guilt, nationalism, racism, anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-trans, Islamophobia, anti-immigration, misogyny, gender identity politics, culture identity politics - all these are diversions from the "Jews are the EVERYTHING problem" narrative, which follows Roacheforque from ZH to these annals like a persistent virus.

Roacheforque's position on such matters? Hah. What could be more moderate than the position of "observer only, no longer a participant". One must become detached from the extremes being presented by opposing forces. Let the lions fight. This Roacheforque does not offer his soul ("heart and mind") as spoils for the victor.

The fact that an experienced military colonel is speaking at a small congregation where the Israel lobby and its impact upon U.S. (and by extension, world politics) is the focal topic ... is interesting fodder for a Sunday morning. But more importantly, what the families have observed for some time now is the dangerous idea that the masses should rise up against THEM (for the love of GOD) rather than each other.

And it is most decidedly JOB 1 that the little people rage against one-another. NOT their MASTERS (GOD forbid). So the families go about the business of creating the diversions that keep the little people distracted. If a few JEWS among them must ultimately be sacrificed to calm the herd, they will be selected (like Harvey) and placed upon the "alter of unrelated causes".

The rich do seem to get richer ... and the poor? In the West, they have been taught to hate the ONLY thing that puts them on par with their masters, ounce for ounce, and pound by pound. How fucking GREAT is THAT!!??

MOST amusing. The clear lens presents a keen view of the irony of it all.

Most amusing indeed!


  1. ramping up indeed....getting downright scary today

  2. False flags through that "special relationship" no less ...