Friday, September 22, 2017

The Conflicted Mind

Hopefully the irony of the last post was worthy of consideration. But in essence, I think we can conclude from recent events that international banking interests have little regard for the social disposition of their global working class debtors (until such disposition affects indenture).

On the other hand, the Anglo American Dollar Faction (AADF) seems to have great interest in social engineering. I consider their culminated attitude a somewhat particular casualty of exorbitant privilege - one most clearly characterized among America's "celebrity class" (with which the AADF so cozily identifies).

There is no divergence here from the findings cited in The Championship. What bears further review however, is the conflicted mind of Trump - or more appropriately, the "influences" upon his speech writer - as he vacillates from the Anglo American military doctrinaire to the International Banker multi-polar doctrinaire.

Trump has no discernible conscience, and no firm position (other than the best interests of the Trump brand) and thus he remains the perfect front man for the struggle between these two great powers as they yank upon his strings. What matters is that for many years, the generational wealth represented by the international banking class favored the uni-polar dollar regime. Now they do not.

But again, please do not perceive this change as some moral awakening. The move to a multi-polar economic world order is purely profit driven. There is still some wealth to harvest from the U.S. middle class, but its over-indebtedness (in case you haven't heard) is a problem. Converting the multitude of conservative Asian savers into "progressive" Asian debtors is a much more lucrative enterprise.

As for Trump's corporation of the United States, perhaps in essence we are witnessing a grand compromise (or the desire for one) between the opposing forces as they battle. "Give us our military industrial adventurism to feed dollar wealth recycling within our borders, and we will give you your multi-polar financial system of sovereign nations" (as if the matter was ever negotiable).

Needless to say, "sovereign, independent nations ... rooted in their histories ... home to patriots" produces more hard working, civic minded and obedient debtors than the radical left societies of the politically correct entitled. Sorry to say, but that works fine only for as long as governments are solvent enough to fund the entitlements. When the issuing currency comes into question, the true definition of "conservatism" is articulated through ruling class prodding toward these "old world values."
**Who does BIS really represent?
"old world, gold economy, as viewed thru modern eyes" or " way to move from US$ without war".
As Trump ascends to new heights of wealth and power (as all U.S. Presidents now aspire to and achieve) he must dance to the tune of two great conflicting powers. The Lions are well into the fighting now and rejection of the dollar system is accelerating. Fed normalization is part of this. The BIS doesn't even need to direct this background policy. Progressive monetary group-think is motivation enough

How the little people are being managed through these changes is painful to observe. It boils down to the intense study of human nature and the evolving practice and perfection of human exploitation.

I leave you with an interesting video I have been watching. Perhaps you will see some connection, at a certain level, to the subject matter at hand.


  1. In my opinion, as the dollar denominates the global oil and gold trade, and America has chosen to define itself as the multicultural nation par excellence, America = the international system. The two are one and the same now and cannot be separated.

    I look at this as a new situation that hasn't been seen before. Even at the height of the British empire, it had the European, American, and Russian competitors. Whereas America does not seem to have any genuine competitors other than China, and China is not global enough to serve as the basis of the global system, nor do they want to.

    The Jewish/American cabal has won, permanently. There will be no global order separate from it. But, their victory is a hopeless one, for their victory also means the short demise of the real, physical, natural order of this planet. So when this system collapses, it also collapses permanently - as in Rome, as in a thousand years. It is now or nothing, there is no future.

    1. I concur with your premise that the AADF doesn't want to give up the magic wand (the international system).
      I disagree that America does not have any genuine competitor. The AADF stalled the euro competition with 911, sabotaged it further with Greece and finished it off with the dollar/euro swap in 2011.
      Putin saw the opportunity to break away from the AADF in 2008, he begged the Chinese to dump their U.S. Treasuries but the Chinese needed time to prepare for the escape without getting burn in a chaotic reset.
      Presently, I believe the Chinese are mostly prepare for the inevitable. However, the problem they are facing is that they don't want the yuan to be the global reserve currency. They need the SDR to be successful but that wouldn't happen without the U.S. cooperation.
      I think the international bankers, including the Chinese and probably E.U. are waiting for the catalyst to manifest in a force which would make the AADF turn over the magic wand to the SDR.
      I suspect Putin didn't have the patient to wait for that to happen. I'm almost 100% positive that he must have done something in an attempt to speed things up which resulted in the sanction against Russia.
      No, the Jewish/American cabal hasn't won just yet. We are a wounded pack of lions encircle by hyenas and vultures.
      I agree with your conclusion. If the AADF continued on this destructive path and refused to turn over the wand, there is no future.

  2. I do not disagree with your analysis. However, I would add that some very powerful forces appear discontent with the status quo you describe. They can not change the will of the world overnight, but actions and efforts to this end appear to be in motion, and in no small part due to the US' own economic warfare policy. History tells us that when the status creates tension and opposition between a Hegemon and everyone else, the status quo changes. The question is, how fast?

    I believe those of Western thought define "never" as either "in a few years" or "their lifetime". This blog does not follow the lunacy of changing thoughts on a weekly basis, we are looking at "long term" as in maybe in my lifetime, which won't be very long at all BTW.

  3. I hope you refer to age and not illness. I wish you good health and a long life sir.

    1. Indeed yes sir. Age is for certain my most pressing illness ...