Friday, February 1, 2019

Earning Your CONfidence

Yes, as time passes, we watch the slow-motion version of the global economic event unfolding - toward some form of closure perhaps in its second decade? So many people are wanting to know "WHEN?" when in fact they should be focusing on "how".

It's seldom acknowledged publicly, but large dollar denominated contracts are in fact being renewed, rewritten or rolled over into euro. You won't hear about the cumulative effect, but you'll notice an article here or there where someone decided to mention that little change to the agreement. Watch and see the EU practicing the dying art of "rule of law" in order to keep the euro credible as an established IMF/SDR currency ... one which has the depth and precedent required. The hand above does not rush out of a currency overnight, as that benefits no family, nor the system.

But clearly, the contrast between dollar and euro factions could not be more evident. The dollar, it's government, and by usage extension, it's monetary and financial faction are regressing into third world style acts of desperation, from self-defeating economic sanctions to abandonment of the most basic rules of gold custodianship.

One might wonder why an article written more than three months ago is suddenly now receiving such attention. Some things take time to make their point, just as it does take time to "change expectations". This Brexit thing after all, is quite a thorn in the side.

Confidence, consistency and rule of law are important factors which affect exchange rates in the currency markets. Some inputs to the standard "exchange rate valuation formula" are less public than others, and also more important to those who matter. We might think of how confidence and influence work to change sentiment and expectations. The importance of these impacts are not lost in the minds of CB chairpersons, nor the directors of the BIS. They will not arm the nuclear option of gold ... not while a long, drawn out strategic draw of shifting sentiment and juggled expectations can still be maintained. But when CONfidence is lost, all is lost. Such is the fragility of debt.

The dollar faction has long past abandoned the practice of earning confidence. It seems in fact intent upon either destroying world confidence, or bolstering it with the sheer brazenness of its own machismo (or the market's perception of that). Is it a desperation move or is there a brilliant method to the madness of leveraged over-confidence?

This is the burning question which the market (the hand that takes) would kill to know. Of course, above the markets, the hand that gives already does.

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Great Tragedy of Mankind

It has been quite a journey, this lifetime. And what have we learned along the way? Many things ... but one truth is self-evident, upon which most all will agree. Power corrupts.

But what is power in the context of humanity? Power over God? Never happening. Power over nature? See for yourself, we cannot even decide which way to turn (though it may be the end of us after all).

No, it is power over others, other people - other classes - which is the power we speak of.

It is the power of some people, one class of people - over other people, to exploit and obligate these many lesser classes - which is the greatest power any class can aspire to.

And how is this accomplished? It is very simple. Very simple indeed. The banking class creates money ... wealth ... from nothing ... and lends it out to those who cannot. And they in turn must work to earn back this money to be repaid ... this money which is created without work, unearned ... from nothing... by the banking class. And the world agrees to this arrangement, by virtue of an accounting gimmick called fractional reserve lending ... using purely fiat money.

At the root of all the exploitation ... and servitude ... lies "debt as wealth" ... it is no more complex than this. A simple trick. We will even sell our bodies to make good upon it.

You have but to recognize this condition, and repudiate your debts - as being completely unreasonable once recognized for what they are - to see that all classes, including the judicial, the police state and the civic or governmental classes, uphold this absurdly unjust class indenture, by virtue of a banking canard.

Revolt against the power of the banking class and see all that you own taken away to meet the unjust obligation of "money for nothing" which only the banks are empowered to manage, as all other classes defend this system. And the little people, out of fear of this arrangement, agree - en masse - to work as such, and earn the money to repay debts created from thin air.

And this, we call "wealth".

As this great power of the banking class corrupts ... its credibility to manage itself comes under stress, and GOLD comes into play, to "set the exploitation right". We saw the fiat price of gold rise after the great corruption of 2007 - 2008 ... and the management of the banking system set about the task of reigning in that power. It would be well to understand the new role of gold in Basel III.

And the fiat price of gold will rise again, always in response to the corruption of power which must be reigned in by the object of power which the banking class cannot abuse - true wealth, not based in bondage, not conjured from self-referencing debt, but rather the timeless equity which rights the abuse of banking class power, by adequately "repricing it" in its own terms.

And now you know.

Cryptic? My friend, you have more than 300 clues running backward from this final post to judge from. There is nothing more to write about. It now waits for what has already been written about to transpire.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Turning Point

Sadly, there is little information about the real world available to our derivative world ... the hypersensitive world we live in where morality is a relative value just like any other value. Zero Hedge offers a continuous doom and gloom conspiracy bias as it dwells upon the same old tired themes and warnings and predictions from the same old people with the same old viewpoints.

So with that said, there is very little to write about, until FOFOA comes along and reminds me (as he should us all) that there is an underlying cause for our "state of the world" condition. That is, the international monetary and financial system ... which is still about 62% dollar denominated and not losing ground so steadily or quickly on that front as to accelerate the effects which Zero Hedgers flash about like "END IS NIGH" billboards every couple of minutes or so.

Yes we will have volatility. Yes the everything bubble is popping ... and the efforts of the banking class have less to do with its controlled descent than market participants who front run volatility peaks and dips on the trendline downward. But as with "deliberate incidentals" effects are much more complex than the root cause:
Sundance understands things well from a certain starting point, but what he's missing is the most fundamental underlying cause. For example, he is right that Wall Street and Main Street are disconnected. What's good for Wall Street is not good for Main Street, and (that) one is not a reflection of the other. Wall Street is rather a reflection of the $IMFS, which is the use of dollars and US assets as global savings and monetary reserves, which overvalues the dollar for imports, and therefore sends manufacturing abroad. That last part is the fundamental underlying cause that he's missing. 
To end the bad stuff, you simply take away the cause. You take away the $IMFS. And you do that by ending the use of dollars and US assets as global savings and monetary reserves, which will collapse the dollar's overvaluation and naturally bring manufacturing back to the US. 
Interestingly, if you really think about it, the things we're doing (deliberate) are likely to help that process along. So, even if you don't know the primary cause, if you purposely restrict or reverse the primary effects thinking they are themselves the cause, you may be unknowingly undermining the already-crumbling real foundation (incidental). 
It is a fools errand (and there are fools-a-plenty) to try and predict the true "turning point" in the global dollar system. That is because it has grown into a system unlike any before it, in a time unlike any before it. And yet ... that can be said of each new system (as time inexorably reveals) in each new era.

But when it does turn (as I would define it) I do believe there will be a systemic intervention. If there is none, the potential hyperinflation would be massive and that would create the monster crash which doom and gloomers seem all to happy to rail about ... until it comes.

So while I could care less about the dark intrigue of the LBMA and it's paper sideshow, the second and third of the three articles reposted by FOFOA have more to say about the thoughts of Roacheforque than anything else I could write about, without unduly repeating myself (which I feel I have done a lot lately). They are "fruitfully" presented to your right - with my full endorsement.

Happy 2019!

Monday, December 3, 2018


Truly the dollar has taken on a financial singularity that its creators never intended, and its supporters never imagined in their wildest dreams. Even it's issuers no longer fully support its amaranthine derivative empire, and it's most important vassals now finally reject it ... though that rejection has been several decades in coming.

It is difficult for Obama era politicos to tell someone like Kyle Bass: "Oh, we're just going to kill the dollar," when the military empire the dollar maintains is fighting for its survival. But the dollar fed military is losing ground against emerging gold-backed military forces. Not so much because they are "gold backed" but by comparison this just happens to be so. The U.S. is no match for the combined forces of China and Russia, and while the alliances between China and Russia are played against the dollar continually, the writing is on the wall. Again, not because the dollar is being played against gold - it just happens that there is a correlation there. And while correlations do not imply causation, the background factors that accompany the differences between "gold economy" and "debt economy" do mark the emerging military against the progressive military. It was not explained properly in "deliberate incidentals" but some concepts a single post cannot nearly cover.

Today, we see the bi-polar struggle between exorbitant privilege and its opposite effect - an effect not well documented or explained, yet understood and quite apparent. Unearned economic privilege destroys the character of a nation just as unearned economic privilege destroys the character of a child. One might liken it to an average family winning some massive lottery du jour which the little people flock to in droves. With vast amounts of unearned wealth, the family showers the child with every extravagance imaginable until it becomes a contemptuous spoiled brat, bullying its peers with undeserved power and domination.

And that is the true difference after all, is it not? Gold is wealth earned, whereas debt is wealth decreed (on the backs of the unwashed). And yet, it is more even than that. When a Rothschild or a Roacheforque heir is given charge to manage the succession of dynasty, this wealth is not earned as much as it is bequeathed, and there is a responsibility in the breeding and education of a dynastic heir ... which cannot succeed in a "middle class country".

Again, difficult to define, but the European heirs which broke from empire and saved civilization from the dark face (fascism) of global corporatism has become the empire it broke from, and has spawned a much more powerful era of global corporatism with its flagship dollar - the currency the world attributed "exceptionalism" to, only to be betrayed by an heir not properly instructed in the ways of succession.

Today, we can truly say that the US military is simply no longer adequate to back the US dollar without playing the "end game" card, which it has flashed repeatedly from its vest in a most unconvincing way, while it regroups through Nationalist priorities.

And the world accepts change as the Nationalist face of populism goes global. Truly we have turned the corner in this new era of dollar deceleration. Today, FOA's vision of the Euro manifests in the final withdrawal of support.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Deliberate Incidentals

Once again we must ask ... do important "systemic" matters always happen deliberately? Or can they be a purely incidental matter? Framed another way ... is the dollar faction intent on destroying the current system ... to save itself? Intuitively, the current path toward increasing dollar sanctions even further seems beyond risky, almost suicidal.

And the link above is far from isolated. Surely, many of the little people are beginning to wonder if the dollar system believes it can overcome the growing wave of economic resistance by ratcheting up it's imperialistic behavior ... in essence, doing even more of the same thing to achieve different results.

Most will agree that a key strength of the US dollar has been its stability and predictability. For the dollar system to "withhold its promise" as an inducement to imperial subjugation is hardly endearing. Yet with international banking managing interest and exchange rates on one side, and sanctions and tariffs applied by its "government partner" on the other, we see aspects of the dollar's systemic play. Ending resistance to the BIS system of central banking (central) governance is definitely a deliberate incidental of that strategy ... a move well known. Yet, watching it proceed politically is another matter.

The US may seem like yet another predictably self destructive empire in their final throes of decline. Yet the move is extending the play, and considering the cards this game of debt has dealt, well enough considered. It's a game of balance and maintenance, under increasing pressure.

Strangely, the little people are meant to conflate fascism with white supremacy, or something akin to the "old guard rule". Few ever use the term "corporatism" (which more accurately describes modern international governance). Nor do they understand that the term is synonymous with fascism. Indeed, the little people cheer for something they do not even recognize, and which they mistakenly think they hate.

What is more ironic than for a people to be shown how to act, think and feel by their masters and consider this the greatest freedom of their existence. The warm embrace of conformity. The safety in being normal by being the most like everyone else. All with the same goal of "upward mobility, as prescribed by the ruling class"

Isn't that the truly defining quality that separates the shepherd from the sheep? Most of us are born into slavery, while the system spawns each new ruling class.

Truly a deliberate incidental of our human nature.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


As we continue to see more and more articles like this one ... as well as this one ... there is hope that these annals may shed some light upon causes and conclusions which these articles (and the hundreds like them) seem to be reaching for ... yet always fall short upon.

Most encouraging is the title of the second link above - which promises much - yet again sadly delivers so little. At the risk of considerable repetition (yet much needed emphasis) I will say again that our chosen money system is a literal representation of our cognitive value system.

Everything which we human beings value, recognize and inventory in our minds, we naturally put a value on. Socially, politically, culturally, economically ... we put a price on everything. I submit the following cognitive comments for your review:

I could tell her that I love her, but that comes with a price ...
I could defer my decision until next month, but what's it going to cost me?
I can't afford to make my position on (whatever) public ...
I really should spend more time with my family

One could go on and on with these examples of how our value system permeates both our thoughts and actions, in everything we do and in every way we "feel". But hopefully, the point is made. Our money/value system defines our very lexicon. There is nothing more intrinsically embedded into our way of life than our money system.

Now ... what have we done with our money system? Well, a few generations back, we gradually began transforming it from a traditional, sound, gold (equity) based system, to an abstract, derivative, fiat (debt) based system. Please take a moment to let the monumental consequences of that gradual transition sink in.

For those who prefer it spelled out ... our economics, our culture, our politics, our morals, our principles, our virtues, our societies (and everything else we think about) have been gradually transformed from a traditional, sound basis to an abstract, derivative basis.

The encouragement of the recent recognition of "fiat news" in the above linked post is a mere baby step toward the recognition that news is a reflection of reality (or so it is supposed) and therefore one must reason that our reality is "fiat" (or derivative as I prefer to say) in nature.

Our derivative world is one of unlimited future possibilities, not the here and now. Our derivative reality is an abstraction of the current physical reality, and the endless permutations of that reality which could "change everything" one second from now.

And we wonder at the "deer in the headlights" moment. Are human beings really ready to depart the physical world we live in and are inextricably bound to, in order to live in a derived fantasy world where anything is possible and life is whatever we imagine it to be?

Our abstract fiat value system says that we have accepted this outcome, whether we realize it (and prefer it) or not. If we accept that 10, or 100 (or even 1000 people) own the same ounce of physical gold, and that each one of them is legally entitled to about $1200 for that same ounce of gold, then my friends, we are living in an abstract fantasy world, where nothing else should surprise us.

We fractionalize, dissect and re-order everything in this: our physical world, in order to exist as we do in our derivative world. This is the lens we must view our reality through, in order to make sense of the obvious cognitive dissidence. Gold just happens to be a resilient focal point for our real world value system - a system which certain wealth giants have never departed from.

In our derivative world, all bets are off. Our reality is a mere abstraction, awaiting it's descent from the clouds of notional, back to planet earth. It could come crashing down, or gently floating. That is the only real challenge today. Can the Oracles of Fiat cast the right spell with their dollar alchemy?

The Oracles are always happy to present another prophecy ... once more gold is provided.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Votive - Part II

Finally ... the texts, the robocalls, the disgusting political smear campaigns and the vile attack ads are on pause ... for now. On social media, identity politics continues with the occasional reference to the hot button issues that reflect the party brand. As the dust settles, midterm election results are very much in line with predictions. Change is again dead on arrival.

If you reject the invasion of privacy, and the bullying, threatening texts and robocalls which demand your loyalty (or you risk ostracism from friends, neighbors and co workers who will be informed of your breach of duty) then you will be labeled as "civically incorrect".

If you repudiate the bipartisan system which seeks to incite division and hatred along polarized social, cultural and political identity extremes, and which only allows multi millionaires to "represent" you in the political arena, then you will be despised and scorned for your failure to "have a voice".

If you renounce the multi-billion dollar "game of thrones" which is designed to enrage you, distract you, offer you false hope, ultimately impoverish you further, and place the blame for everything that is wrong with our political system upon "each other", you will be ostracized for being lazy, unpatriotic, anti-social and apathetic.

And finally, if you fail to understand that the real issue that is never talked about in our partisan political Hunger Games is the growing divide between the political class and the working class ... which increases middle class exploitation, income and wealth disparity, and decreases economic opportunity ... then you are a member of the vast majority of sheople who obediently pose with their "I VOTED" stickers in the social media contest for likes and shares to inadvertently prove that you are an obedient servant of the ruling class.

As we pledge our fealty to the administrative class that earns a living by exploiting the working class that so faithfully honors them, through the corporatist insurance, taxation and financialization complex, you offer your faith and devotion to the archaic symbol of that ruling class - the fiat paper that is decreed as "wealth" by your global banking overlords, which powers the worldwide dark money economy.

And just as we dutifully fulfill our roles in the political arena - to hate and blame one another for our unfulfilling existence as lab rats on hamster wheels, we pay tribute to that existence by baling out the unrepayable debt of our fellow lab rats - the pinnacle of wealth which we labor each day to worship.

The debt-based derivative we call the dollar is our God, and the banking cartel its disciples. Our lust for its promise - to enslave our fellow man commensurate with the material gifts it provides us - is a fitting complement to our political system. For our political system and our money system have one thing expressly in common. They are both fueled by our contempt for each other as a stepping stone to rise above one another.

When you reject all of the above, and finally see the truth, you will then understand the true nature of gold. You will then understand why the central banking cartel and its exclusive gold broker and manipulator in chief (The BIS) so value gold as the underlying asset for its global derivative accounting system.

And finally, you will learn how to vote with true wealth, instead of the digital chip card which enslaves you, just as true wealth giants ultimately do, when all derivative debt is settled and accounted for.

In the decaying edifice of extreme liberalism of the so called progressive economies - built upon a foundation of impossible and unrepayable debt - those who understand golds cultural, economic and social salvation are among the very small minority. Their sacrifice is as monumental as their understanding, as they face the dark power of dark money and all it represents: decay, servitude, class division, greed, corruption, nihilism and more.

Our money system and our election system are equally corrupt in their basis. And the illusion that you have a true stake in either is a fantasy. Our only hope is that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. For most of us do not understand who either is, and when change comes, we will not see it, or understand it, much less understand why.

But there is much to learn from history, even as it is continually re-written, which in time we will all be a part of. This we learn from the flower of understanding. Let the cleansing begin.