Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Masquerade

The last decade has been strange indeed. 2020? Stranger still. Many formerly held beliefs are being questioned, as what we read and hear challenge them. Some people do not know what to believe. Is "truth" an objective constant? Never wavering, never escaping our most objective perceptions?

It seems fairly obvious to some people ... that powerful entities are battling for "the public's" perception of the truth ... attempting to either affirm, or change, those perceptions ... usually to one extreme or another. There are many who are still unsure, or are moderate in their positions. But there is so much cheerleading to "identify" with one or the other of opposing extremes, those positions may begin to lean in consideration of competing truths.

Roacheforque has talked of this phenomenon in many posts... in terms of the "world of future expectations" vs. the "here and now". And perhaps with this curious perceptual "tug of war" depicted above, we can better appreciate how the world of future expectations (the derivative world) shapes the here and now in a very real sense. A sense which gives us a framework for how these two worlds collide and interact.

Hopefully, we have shown how capital, leveraged in massive derivative financial positions, has grown to a degree that financialization has become a prime determinant of our dominant reality. Forgive me for taking this sudden logical leap. But if you have read at least the past 10 posts, I think you will have seen that we can agree on certain things.

For example, our real world is closely defined by our "economics". We can see that when the physical world delivers a catastrophic, unexpected shock (like COVID 19), the systemic world order collapses into economic panic. It could have been a bomb dropped, or a massive world wide weather catastrophe, or a global pandemic. The crash would be the same.

Secondly, only massive amounts of capital creation by the system's "money creator" (the FED) can assuage the panic, and bring the derivative world back under control. These massive infusions of new US dollars stabilize the derivative positions by guaranteeing systemic integrity ... in a sense, bringing the world "back into order"

There are big winners, and big losers, mostly in the off-book dark money world of the banking class elites. And as always, the casino (FED) covers all bets, according to house (BIS) rules. When the money flows to the correct players, the price of gold and other commodities is reconciled, the exchange rates of the currencies are reconciled, the equity markets continue to be elevated, and the price of money over time is brought under control.

These competing realities we speak of, show us how the real world becomes the derivative world, as the value system we ascribe to is attenuated by the movement of senior capital. And likewise, the competition for sentiment - that hard to define moment when your perception shifts to favor one outcome over the other. That, my friends, creates "winning".

Thus, as we give the money its power. It's influence shapes our very reality.

If that does not seem Orwellian enough for you, by all means pick another competing reality to identify with, for there are many. Just remember, they are all backed by one thing. And when we accept that one piece of paper is worth a hundred times more than another, we are truly engaged in the derivative delusion.

Yes ... we ALL ARE ... for now.

Monday, May 11, 2020


Slowly, but surely, people are beginning to understand. The evidence continues mounting - our world defies all logic and reason. Most of us sense that our lives are increasingly "surreal". In a word, "unnatural".

Our dollar driven stock market elevates equities to a level that is totally disconnected from the fundamental realities of uncertainty, mass economic destruction, record setting unemployment and growing social unrest.

Our global pandemic is rife with disbelief, distrust, extreme frustration and anguish. Some people consider it to be a complete hoax, but real or not, all evidence seems to indicate that many are fearful and distressed - not only about COVID 19, but of the motives behind its origin, as well as the motives behind the opportunities it presents. Trust in authority is truly at an all time low.

Our elites have abandoned traditional Western values, and thrust their sick and twisted views upon us, through Hollywood, through academia, through corporatist media propaganda and through a Government that resembles the Senate in the final days of Rome. Revisionist history, the tearing down of symbols, the elevation of transgenderism, white guilt and increasingly preposterous forms of "affirmative action" are but a few of the bizarre trends of the decaying neo-liberal Empire. This of course has been ongoing for decades, and is not attributable to the virus - but the seeds that have been planted are still growing amongst the pandemic's reach.

We often here the cry of "fake" (as in "fake markets, fake money, fake values, fake world) but it is not quite as simple as that. In times past, frauds and fakery were quickly dismissed by the revelation of truth. And the pretenders were called out and punished for their deceptions.

But today, we truly cannot tell the truth from the lies. It is not a case of a single boy crying "wolf", but rather a powerful dissemination of conflicting and confusing lies, designed to imprison believers without the use of bars, cells or wardens. You begin to question what you will say, where you will go, what you will do for fear that it may be seen as "politically incorrect" or "socially incorrect".

Today, it is socially incorrect to enter a public place without your makeshift birka, or muzzle (sorry, "mask"?). Today it is socially incorrect to greet a friend with a handshake, or hug a loved one, or to assemble in groups of 10 or more (as in a place of worship) or to get closer than 6 ft apart.

Surely, the little people must sense that they are already being profiled. Yes, their masks do impair facial recognition technology, but do you really think that when you insert your credit card into a self-checkout station that the store alone has a surveillance image paired with the transaction? The issuers of these credit cards are already profiling mask "wearers" and non-wearers". The wearers are scored as obedient and socially correct. Non wearers are not. Points are given - and taken away.

Roacheforque has written many times of our derivative world, long before COVID 19, but now that our "pandemic moment" has arrived, the reality of our dichotomy could not be more clear. After all, why are our banks suddenly the world's experts in "modeling" the future trajectory of the virus, articulating the new normal and predicting the likelihood of competing outcomes?

I will leave you to ponder this question. In the end, we can never hope to teach the world how a purely debt-based form of fiat money makes the wrong kind of people wealthy and powerful. People can see that the creators of fraudulent debt are being enriched by the system, and they accept this. But they wonder how a world where evil keeps getting rewarded and good keeps being punished can continue to exist, year after year ....decade after decade.

It is up to the people of the world to decide for themselves whether the real world rewards justice or tyranny. And ultimately, it is up to the little people to decide for themselves "what is real".

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The 1% are SMILING :)

As our world events become increasingly politicized, the divisions, the polarization and the hatred among the little people grows to a fever pitch.

And the 1% are smiling.

Take COVID 19 for example. That qualifies as a fairly topical world event. This is one of several polls (yes, several. And I do mean several) that collects information about perceptions of the virus and breaks the respondent's results down between Republicans and Democrats. At this point, it is pretty much a given that EVERYTHING that matters must have a Republican viewpoint and Democratic viewpoint and the viewpoints are politicized, polarized, divided and hate-filled, beyond the point of rational discourse or even civility.

And the 1% are smiling. They are smiling because the little people are at each other's throats - and not theirs. Frankly, it pains me to no end, to see how pointless it is to point this out. The real ENEMY of the people - the 1% who created a utopia for themselves, and a deteriorating shithole of poverty, loss of liberty and uncivilized behavior for everyone else, are smiling at their "circumstances by design" ... and living larger by the trillion.

The systemically connected, who have been on bailout welfare since long before the advent of QE, are perfectly content with the idea that "democrats are obedient snowflakes who shit their pants at the sound of a sniffle" while "republicans are arrogant know-it-alls spreading disease like drunken Covidiots". You see, as with everything else, there is a Republican version of the virus and a Democratic version of the virus. And it is your duty to STRONGLY identify with one of the two. Because as long as the little people are preoccupied with hating each other, they'll hardy notice the 9 inches of Banana Republic being plunged into their sphincters.

Oh, make no mistake. People are talking about "trillions for the rich - pennies for the poor" but no one is doing anything about it, because they don't know how to. That's because anyone with the power to do something is already "in on it".

The families are quite happy with the prospects of "civil unrest" because that will simply be politicized as well, and the real enemy will "exit stage left" once again. There IS a better way, but government is captured by Wall Street at every level, right down to the Mayor of Two Egg Florida, if need be. And he can be bought quite cheaply with the paper we print out of thin air (same as the paper his constituents work their collective ass off for).

And the 1% are smiling, indeed.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, where Republicans and Democrats are something that only "matters way over there", competing financial systems are being forged in defiance of the corporatist system of global economic totalitarianism which the dollar system has become. There's plenty of corruption over there too, as well as a 1% which still measures their wealth mostly in US debt - but they are diversifying out of dollar debt, dipping their toes in new systems, and watching for opportunities to further their fortunes.

And to this I say REJOICE! For greed has no national affinity or populist inclinations. As debt defaults (and it is defaulting today like never before) the concept of "debt as wealth" loses favor with the families, and "equity as wealth" comes back into vogue. This is where the physical gold in our central bank vaults (as well as our own private vaults) is remonetized right out of its commodity coma. It is an agonizing process, these systemic shifts, because after all, diversification requires balance. But many who would otherwise probably not have lived to see a true marketplace in gold, or even a systemic shift to an equity based world order, may now well see it, and live through it for a time.

The FED is doing everything it can to save the dollar system. But the contenders grow stronger as debt is bailed out to prevent it's long overdue default death. Can the FED bail out every systemically important, fraudulently contrived asset contracted in dollars on planet earth, including the megalithic values at risk in the core financial derivatives?

I think not, but ... time proves all.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Off The Rails

On March 12th I asked readers, somewhat rhetorically, "which Covid 19" did they believe in? It was a way to introduce the idea that what we are experiencing could either be a complete hoax, or a bio-engineered plague that will decimate the planet. And of course it could be (and most likely is) something in between.

But the current situation has morphed into something much more dangerous. We may have entered new territory, where the misperception of COVID 19 is more dangerous than the virus itself.

It is fascinating to engage in online discourse at ZERO HEDGE for example, where there is an overwhelmingly singular sentiment - that COVID 19 is a little worse than a normal flu maybe, and that the mainstream media, and left wing academics, are blowing this thing way out of proportion to create panic and herd the little people into isolation camps where they will be tattooed with some digital tracking biometric implant, or some such shit as Bill Gates owns the patent on, etc...

The lathered frenzy is so manic, the commenters over there don't even recognize sarcasm (although the average comment can fairly be summed up simply as "bullshit!"). So at this point, I'm not at all unconvinced that either (1) there is an agenda over at the Hedge whereby a lot of unemployed people are "posting for money" from an anonymous text they received, or (2) a large portion of relatively normal and formerly like-minded rational thinkers have lost their ever-lovin', mother-fuckin' minds.

Now ... for those of us that can work an excel spreadsheet, let's make this simple and clear. What we have below is an image (so nobody has to click a column header) of the number of NEW deaths as of yesterday (4/17/20) attributable to COVID 19.

If this information is accurate, or even nearly accurate, it tells us that the United States of America OVERWHELMINGLY had the most new deaths at 1,867, with the UK in second place at 888. When we do a little sorting, we also find that OVERWHELMINGLY, the USA has the most total deaths, the most total cases and the most new cases, by a HUGE margin.

When we spend a little time reading other credible news reporting sources, we find that the USA high caseload, it's high death count, it's record setting new cases and its record breaking new deaths are the result of poor planning, lax standards and just generally not taking precautions seriously. I'm not going to link to all those articles, but Zero Hedge is full of them, as well as articles which call bullshit on all of those. In essence we have extreme polarity as usual. Yet, below every single one of those articles are rows and rows of commenters crying "BULLSHIT!" "It's a HOAX!""OPEN SHIT UP" "LET'S GET BACK TO WORK".

Christ, what a mess. These numbers, along with corroborating news that describes logistics, timelines, lag times, response times, hidden numbers, missing numbers, social reaction, political reaction and various misinformation all form a complex picture. But the numbers bear them all out. Moreover, it is simply impossible to have some coordinated global psy-op plot that captures all this information from so many disparate sources under one master plan to create global panic for some reason that cannot possibly benefit "the powers that be". In short, there is no single entity powerful enough or capable enough of masterminding such a coordinated plot as the growing throngs of tin foil hatters seem to be gloriously (for once) united upon.

Now, having said that, the column headed "Deaths 1/M pop" is an important one. Deaths per million is the metric that tells us how our medical response is coping, population wide, with the onset.

We will really fuck this number in the US of A over the next few weeks if we don't start taking this man-made bio-weapon experiment seriously. How can people read about the juxtaposition of HIV DNA in a SARS virus and believe it to be a naturally occurring phenomenon? Even when the top expert in this field has come out and said that's impossible.

How can we believe in the news that this dangerous experiment took place in the WUHAN Level 4 bio-lab, as US Government sources allege to create a pretext for China's payment of reparations worldwide (including maritime piracy suggested as a means to force place claims in lieu of contested legal compliance?). Still part of the hoax?

What makes quite a bit more sense to those who view the world through the lens of rational thought is that the US Government doesn't give a rats ass about its general class of citizen, and if the 90% or the 80% want to go back to work, let the governors "free" them and contagion be damned - they can all die as long as the 10% are cordoned off in their high quality virus free cocoons.

The war with China is about protecting the claims of the rich and powerful, just as the financial response has been. Trillions for the systemically connected and a couple billion swishing around in unconnected puddles for the little people to try and sop up amidst the usual bottlenecks and corruption. That is something you can believe in.

To believe that the narrators of the propaganda pulpit and it's mainstream media arms have contrived a "massive health crisis hoax" to instill panic and crash the fragile debt based economy? Just to put forward a vaccination and surveillance agenda? Just to crash the derivatives markets and create a global depression? To benefit who?

That's a conspiracy theory I wouldn't bet my life on.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Design or Circumstance

So now we see how easily and quickly the world can change. And make no mistake, those who "shape" these changes see it too.Yes, the world NEEDS to change. But not in the way of today.

How will tomorrow unfold?

New money and generational wealth alike yearn to take advantage of how their "easily bought" influence and power literally turns the winds of circumstance toward the outcomes of their choosing. A little funding here, a few million for favors over there - all of sudden, what luck! God's will be done.

Indeed. And so here we are.

99% of us live in a world created by the 1%. And whether by design or circumstance, we empower this outcome by accepting the current "system". It is not just a fiat money system, but a world wide state of humanity system. Some would call it a form of slavery, on a global scale - to witness the vast rivers of money freely flowing to the favored few - basically to reward fraud. After all, the greater the leverage, the bigger the bailout, is it not? And as we all know, the behavior that gets rewarded gets done, over and over again. Many now see this as a form of increasing crony-socialism for the systemically-connected - accompanied by fewer and fewer crumbs for the increasingly many working poor.

We will never "know" that the worldwide pandemic of COVID 19 was a planned collapse of civilization, perpetrated by a certain few (of characteristically egregious wealth) as a means to their end of increasing their power and influence over the world.

But the time has come that the many are at least beginning to question the state of the world which has been thrust upon them. They are beginning to wonder why they have accepted the greed, the lust for power and influence, the pure evil, and indeed the heinous betrayal of the tiny, paper- powered ruling class.


Roacheforque predicts that a brilliant economist, not mired in the dogma of Keynes, will begin to envision completely original and viable equity based economic systems. He or she will come to see the opportunity inherent in the governmental structure of the United States. The European Union also had this opportunity but reversed it. And yet, sovereign nations the size of Spain or Italy are perhaps on an equal economic footing with Texas or California. All have the capacity for economic sovereignty, bi-lateral trade, and sovereign currencies issued by their own independent central banks - once the people demand the breakup of Globalism.

My friends, it is the entire worldwide BIS/central banking structure, the FED and ALL their primary dealers - the entire global, dollar-dominant banking dominion that must go. Not with a bang, but rather a whimper. The whimper of competing systems, powered by distributed ledger (and competing) technologies which serve as extremely reliable, viable and equitable platforms for the world's working classes and their soon to rise competing economies.

The little people are slowly waking up to the fact that a world of multi-polarity not only means freedom, but the robust action of free markets with competing sovereign currencies which all efficiently distribute value equitably, in free market, merit based systems - which compete with the current derivatives markets, the current derivative structure, the current worldwide system of corporatist governance and rule over the world's working classes.

This is both Roacheforque's prescription, and prediction (as in, when the people are ready, the answer appears). The little people will rise up through the power of their states. These will be "soft" secessions. Not abrupt challenges to central power, but rather in the spirit of healthy competition, for the good of the people. Oh, there will still be a FED and its dollars, but we will see Texas dollars, coming from the State of Texas Central bank, trading in new distributed ledger FX markets to allow for Texas to trade goods and services independently with Germany, or China, or California. And these State banks will be held to constitutional standards in the issuance and reserve requirements of their currency.

People wonder why Roacheforque cringes at the bizarre use of "money as a form of massively leveraged Wild West style speculation" which is the current domain of Bitcoin. It is a use of the technology steeped in the repulsive "money for nothing" mantra of the ruling class betrayal. It feeds the current system of casino economics - all connected to dollars. That "debt as wealth" mentality has to go. The real utility of distributed ledger (and its evolving offspring) is the efficient, reliable, instantaneous use and acceptance of these new currencies to automatically exchange with dollars, euro, yen, etc...real time, in any transaction, anywhere, anytime. Let the 1% weaken and wither through the competing systems of the 99%. Let their evil ways weaken and whither away as their rule is diminished by the groundswell of a soft power movement they cannot extinguish.

This is enough to work with for now. There is hope for the future in this new form of responsible governance, responsible banking and responsible commerce, powered by good, hard-working responsible people under their state charter. As long as there is a return to meritocracy, and social responsibility - indeed a return to morality - then this prescription will cure the dying patient.

You see the alternative today. To accept it, is to let tomorrow die. This we learn ... from the Flower of Understanding.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Derivative Wars

What we are witnessing today is the "heating up" of a war unlike any other ... though it is a war that has raged for decades, and one that has been mentioned in these annals time and time again. In its early stages it was hardly recognized, and even today it is mistaken for something else altogether, but readers of these annals must surely understand now what the implications are, and where the battlefield is.

We are witnessing the war of the derivative world against the real, physical world. These are today's world war armies, as they meet on the field.

The army of the derivative world is still winning. It is armed with the dollar system and all that portends, including a nuclear arsenal of financial derivatives (pure debt). The uranium which powers these warheads is the concept of "debt as wealth" and a future status quo that all citizens of the world must believe in, or face the consequences.

In the derivative world, COVID 19 is a mere bugaboo that will fade away in a few weeks so we can "get back to normal". For a decade, the derivative world was buoyed by charts and graphs that told a story of an infallible economy, record low unemployment and continued economic growth. The real world is beginning to produce much more believable charts, though oddly, they seemed to change rather quickly and dramatically.

The losing army of the real world is most visible in cities like San Francisco and Detroit, where homelessness, drug addiction, public defecation, streets littered with dirty needles and bizarre cultural, social and identity/gender confusion is the norm. This is the real world - the sad images of defeat. The derivative world has been winning battle after battle with the lure of something for nothing, unregulated financial exploitation, unprosecuted criminal fraud, a pure fiat empire and a global casino economy of trillion dollar bets, bribes and payoffs.

But the real world tends to fight back. It's big guns are: increasing extreme weather events, biological pandemics like COVID 19, physical gold (pure equity), real productive infrastructure progress and economic production of socially beneficial products and services.

You can see a division of nations somewhat in the weapons they tend to use. The so called progressive (debt fueled) countries tend to fight with derivative weapons: financialization, sanctions, dollar funding of regime or culture change. The producer nations (equity fueled but still debt dependent) use equity based energy partnerships, trade route development and pipeline construction, industrial and agricultural production and the accumulation of physical gold.

The dichotomy is a bit more complex of course, both morally and pragmatically - and the countries have no borders, as there are still elements of globalism vs. nationalism which divide into smaller camps. But the dollar is at the heart of our derivative world and the armies it raises.

Perhaps what we can also see clearer today is that our "something for nothing camp" is growing by design to become the largest. And that camp is the result of our human nature, which knows no national, cultural or class boundary. When you become a part of this camp, as we all do to some extent and in different circumstances, you give up many rights, including the right to have your time and skills properly valued in the so called "marketplace". The derivative world prices all things in its own dollar terms. Whoever has the dollars - or as in these days - whoever gets the dollars for free, (and we're talking trillions here, not thousands) gets to price anything in their terms, not those of the "underclasses". The US Treasury, ESF, Fed and their "systemic" (meaning too big to fail) primary dealers are the key.

So perhaps through this lens, when we read that the value of an ounce of real world physical gold is "disconnecting" from this chart below, we can begin to realize that the price distortion is a byproduct of a wildly distorted ratio of real gold to paper gold derivatives.

This paper chart has NOTHING to do with the real value of gold

So then ... perhaps it is this lure of "something for nothing" which guarantees the power of systemic debt to rule over a world of working class debt slaves. After all, is it not the dream of every working man to one day be debt free and financially secure? In a world dominated by the current debt derivative corporatist system, the real money flows in HUGE amounts to the purveyors of debt which are too systemically important to fail. And they will get their trillions rolling in bigger and faster, while the little people get a one time $1200 check.

When one sees the current world war in the context of the derivative vs. the physical, everything tends to make sense - the lies of the derivative world vs the truth of the real world, the opulence of the derivative world vs. the unprecedented economic opportunity disparity of the real world, the bubbles vs. the crashes, the fantasy vs. the reality.

It is important to understand the war, so as to comprehend the collateral damage that is coming. Many people will die this year, needlessly and involuntarily, in tribute to the "infallible" derivative world. It is already becoming all too clear that the crazed pathology to save the derivative world and get back to our "normal fantasy world" as quickly as possible, despite any real world physical correction, could be deadly.

Today, this COVID 19 pandemic must be dealt with in real world fashion. We must not underestimate it, in the rush back to a status quo (denial). Nor should we overestimate it, to the point that we no longer function reasonably in the real world (panic). I think we shall see some unnecessary casualties with both extremes - denial and panic - but as with our polarized political and social extremes, we must admit that the moderate position is, after all, usually best (at least in the real world).

You see, we are not battling COVID 19. In fact, we are still battling against reality. Be sure to read the May 18th postscript in the comments below.

As for gold, the above chart still says that real gold isn't worth what you can get for it in the real world. Ask anyone who holds an ounce of real monetary gold, "Will you part with an ounce for $1586 dollars?" Some poor fool surely will, but you will need to find him. It's getting harder. And the chart is getting a bit erratic, but it looks like the dollar system and its derivative pricing is still winning ... for now.

Monday, March 16, 2020

The First $100 Intraday Swing

With uncanny prescience, the first "intraday swing" of $100+ has just taken place. True PGAs may be able to answer, "When was the last time this happened?". But surely ... perhaps never in modern (post WWII) times? I would love to see an answer in the comments, or the direct quote where Another spoke of "$100 intraday price swings" just as the market breaks.

Yes, Bullionstar is calling the physical dislocation between paper and physical. Though for the little people, there will be no such dislocation. Some will sell gold for today's low of $1445 (?) or today's high of $1550 (?) just to survive and raise needed cash for daily and weekly expenses. This is especially true if repaying much debt. But with debt so cheap, why not roll over 3% (the transaction fee on 0% for 10 to 22 months with good credit) and watch the carnage as similar predictions unfold.

As Roacheforque has so often foretold, we do not know which wildcard will be drawn (or black swan if you prefer, domino, etc...) but when it comes up, this game of "debt as wealth" has the rug pulled out from under it, and the bankers behind the curtain are naked with their little fiat penises amidst the swarming sharks of real equity - physical gold as wealth - backing currencies, formerly joined at the hip to and backed by dollar system debt.

Held by central banks (and sovereign wealth funds, certain hedge funds, pension funds, etc..)
in the event of a worldwide debt default, we are seeing the next derivative default event, beginning it's unwinding as reported (9/17/19) here at the annals, and as foretold by Another in the late 1990's when the LBMA numbers were first publicly (amazingly) revealed.

It only took a bio-engineered pandemic, when all else failed to kill the US dollar ... because all players, BIG and small could not find the political or moral will to let debt fail. Now, with supply chains halted, gatherings postponed, the little people shitting their pants (apparently, if toilet paper shortages are any indication) and we finally have the massive debt puke of many decades, allowing the system to clear and be reset.

We cannot predict certain details of the coming days, but it promises to be exciting, dizzying, volatile, remarkable and deeply purging of the bowels of derivative debt.

When the music stops and the chairs are taken, let freedom ring.

Chart is not plotted in $2 increments, but rather $20 increments.
Ready for $50?