Saturday, July 25, 2020

Humanity: Where We Draw The Line

Strong are the few, but united. Weak are the many, but divided. Though the layers of deception and misdirection are varied and complex, certain simple truths can be validated through logic and deduction.

We understand that "racial harmony programming" is presented in it's crudest identifiable social justice form as (an organic response to) "racism". The strategy is no different than that of incentivized mass immigration. It's the ongoing "blending out" of a strong racial heritage and cultural pride that is the objective.

What historians and sociologists have understood for centuries is that our ancestors - who were (by and large) more bound to their place of birth than current populations - developed generational characteristics through selection and environment, common to food/agriculture, weather, and other characteristics of "the land". These characteristics became a source of cultural pride, and even eventual "class" establishment as generational wealth accrues. In essence, cultural heritage could be a source of pride and distinction. The mechanical aptitude of the German engineer. The artistic style of the Italian (Roman) classicist. The hard working Irishman. The diplomatic Brit?

And in some cases, such cultural stereotypes become derogatory, like the "dumb Polak" of Polak jokes, and the shiftless ... dare we say it? The people of today are seldom (if ever) even exposed to racial or cultural stereotyping. In the name of "racism" these ideas have been politically and socially abolished, and the memory of them is dying out close behind. But of course, so are the positive traits of racial, cultural and societal commonalities.

Today, people may not realize it, but while "bad stereotyping" has been driven out in the name of "racism", "good stereotyping" has gone with it - by design (and circumstance). That source of pride that makes a tribe so hard to manage as they seek to preserve their land, their heritage and their culture - yes, and their holdings - is now understood to be a source of shame. "White guilt" is the popular term for the most sensationalized form of it. Tribes have gone to war over these things, and have even grown powerful through these contests of 'survival of the fittest".

But we humans have progressed beyond these primitive cultural relics, as our ruling class is so fond of reminding us. Race pride is not only forbidden today, it is labeled as white supremacy, nationalism, populism, or simply deplorable-ism. Politically, it is referred to as Trumpism, though the U.S. and its president are given undo consideration in terms of their decreasing importance world wide. Tribalism is a term that has come into fashion, primarily due to the obvious and unfavorable innuendo of barbarism.

For all the delicate sensibilities our ruling class sycophants have been trained to kneel and bow to, their willingly sought race mixing "virtue" is really the most eloquent success. This is why Hollywood's depiction of "ideal couples" is interracial 90% of the time (and will remain so until 99% of blacks are breeding with 99% whites world wide) And after all, it is that "affluent middle class" which the ruling class most hates, with their unacceptable carbon footprint and "high meat" diets. They are grossly undeserving and should be bred into insect eating mongrels, as far as the members of Club Davos are concerned.

To write about racism in the time of Operation Covid is tiresome and tedious. But it's not about racism. It's about breeding. Its about control, subversion, confusion, despair and (mostly) division. For a 1% that is intrinsically united in its compulsive desire to rule over 8 billion who are confused, frustrated and fearful represents a literal army of containment and control over the much greater number of the formerly growing (but gradually being contained) masses. It's a brilliantly well hidden plan ... but a Roacheforque - even an excommunicated one - can easily pierce the veneer.

You see, of all the bizarre "animal rights activists" among our Save the Whale generation, you will never see a group formed to protest the outrage of "canine eugenics" or the horrors of "equine supremacy". No, our ruling class wouldn't have it. For them, it's perfectly natural to enjoy the pride and bearing of a "pure breed of dog" proven through competition in displays and championships of canine, equine or bovine gaming, showmanship, breeding and culinary distinction. Somehow, these competitions and displays of championship in the favored purview of the elites do not qualify as racism or cruelty to our lovable animal underclasses.

But when it comes to humans of the common stripe, no such point of view gains fashion. They are to see their progressive inter-breeding as the very epitome of their socially correct advancement toward the favoured world of collectivist progressivism. We even have our own sacrificial shining example. (Of course, Roacheforque must digress here - for it was his own very similar indiscretion in the mingling of the wrong blood which ironically was his undoing.)

Surely, those students of the Tavistock and similar institutions will recognize the problem of racial and cultural pride as a particularly difficult and unmanageable trait for social control and order, under the new technocratic, collectivist transhumanistic world order. It has taken time, but patience is a virtue of generational wealth which their continuation affords.

There will be no Arabian stallions among the lesser classes, if the Roacheforques of the world are to have any say in it. They are beautiful and strong, but also high strung and stubborn. We will have them in our stables, but not in our world plantation.

When it comes to humanity, this is where we draw the line.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Transhumanist Dystopia

It is finally all beginning to make sense. The drive to abolish cash, the COVID 19 virus, nanotechnology based vaccine delivery systems, Bill Gates as the progenitor of biological operating systems linked to a worldwide vaccination effort. Your children are potential operating systems in the new vector chain - a powerful, new transhumanist human/machine computing and manufacturing cloud interface.

People are just beginning to see the big picture as the cognitive dissonance begins to dissipate. Because money is the new God, there is no limit to the riches we can amass if we invest in the technologies that transform us. They clamor to the "stock market" to make it so. To invest in the technology today, so as to sell their freedom, liberty and individuality tomorrow.

At the top of the wealth inequality pyramid are the unaltered humans. Old and frail, they will selectively seek the autonomous upgrades that allow them to live longer. Much longer. And as we move downward from the top, we see the class of transhumanist workers, connected by their biomimetic nanoparticle injections - human operating systems connected to various forms of robotics through the A.I. cloud. The buying up of factories today, to be modernized through transhumanism, will create a new class of efficient workers, technologically and biometrically enhanced, with immune response systems upgraded periodically by 6G, 7G ... while the uninjected die off due to virus mutations, both naturally occurring and artificially created.

Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the few who seem to get it. Perhaps you need to be indoctrinated into the worldwide conspiracy of dark money fraud in order to envision the transhumanist dystopia of the ruling class sociopathy. But one needs to amalgamate many more puzzle pieces to truly understand the pathology of greed - the kind of greed that elevates one to the top .01%

People like Charlie Brooker have glimpsed the coming "new normal" in productions like Black Mirror's 15 Million Merits episode. Produced in 2017, it's a stunning depiction of a dystopian future. But what is not fully explored beneath the surface is how amazingly profitable it is for corporations to rule the world, instead of just individual, sovereign Nation States. Global corporatism is a form of fascism that far exceeds prior nationalist, or regional fascist regimes. It's power to tax crosses all borders.

In the context of these annals, this is the real story that Black Mirror fails to explore. Global Corporations, through legal protections, are now richer and more powerful than nations (as predicted centuries ago by Thomas Jefferson) and their aligned interests are intent upon destroying the nation state and anything and everything that resembles what it symbolizes - especially the epitome of that model - the United States of America (currently under attack).

China's authoritarian model of social surveillance and collectivism presents the most receptive partner for the global corporatist model of world order, and so it will be a difficult battle for the Nation States (as represented by Team USA) to win.

The New Transhumanist World Order is quite appealing to the younger generations of anarchists, rioters and protesters, peaceful and antagonistic alike. They are easily programmable, as their trust in the existing social order has been thoroughly destroyed by the iniquities of traditional class divide, the obvious disparities of class wealth and the distrust that comes from "one rule of law for the rich" and another, more oppressive rule of law "for the little people". As such, they have been conditioned to welcome the new transhumanist transformation through their smart phone and digital gaming obsessions.

They will find success in their new roles - connected to the cloud for work, for banking, for social scoring, including health upgrades, and cashless merit-based rewards. What continues forth from the past is the disparity of the class divide. But with privacy abolished in the name of "transparency", and with freedom and liberty seen as "highly overrated" as compared to biological superiority, virus security and gender androgyny, it is a life far superior than some post nuclear apocalypse.

How did we get here, and how did we go "from there to here"? Well, there are more than 350 posts in these annals which have warned of it, predicted it and lamented it for years. The banks and corporations changed our value system to "debt as wealth" through the fiat dollar. When we look at today, as "back upon the past from the future", it was the banking class and their Rothschild "system" which enabled this world of its creation.

Truly, as was once said time and again, if you don't like the current system, you'll really despise the next. This we learn from the flower of compliance. Time reveals all.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Embracing "Collectivism" (Edited and Expanded Version)

So in the highly predictable and ridiculously hyped SECOND WAVE of COVID 19 ...
DOOM PORN headlines prevail ... and the logic of cold hard math fails, epically, in any appeal to reason.

Yes, in my home state of Florida, the headlines echo the April and May narrative of selfish young COVIDIOT Spring Breakers on our many beaches, shamelessly spreading the deadly virus in their mindless lust. In fact, the "surge" was as early as March 25 (Sorry we jumped the gun a bit there, give it another 90 days of testing please). Naturally, there MUST be a second wave to defend and affirm this narrative. It is "baked into" the piping hot agenda pie.

Here in the shabby chic antebellum state capital, a typical Facebook post from one of Leon County's fragile dilettantes goes (verbatim) like this: "I just heard there are 9000 new cases of COVID 19 in Florida". Yes there are, Miss Scarlette, and 53 of them were registered in our fair county of 294,000 ... where the number of deaths still remains at 8 ... which produces a whopping COVID 19 mortality rate of 0.00002721088%.

Still. this distresses our fair but aging (yet still influential) damsels, enough to convince the Leon County Commission to mandate the wearing of muzzles of obedience whenever entering a public building. Not to worry, it's a short drive to neighboring counties with much worse numbers, but much more reason, and much better places to spend one's money.

Despite the logic that more testing means more cases revealed, even as mortality rates and hospitalizations decline ... and even though the efficacy of face masks continues to be doubtful ... and even though Sweden has shown us that lock-downs make little difference ... the narrative must continue according to the script of the central planners and their monetary and societal "reset".

Your Facebook feed contains dozens of appeals to logic, from people you know of, who are URGING you to wear a mask. It's a sign of respecting others. It's an act of decency. It's the right thing to do. It's simply a matter of being considerate. Conversely, there are other points of view which seem to be (as I scan my feed) silenced, or censored ... or perhaps, not being expressed due to fears inherent in the ideology of the coming social scoring system, already being tested by VISA (and FICO).

This "incorrect thinking" includes a distrust of the mainstream media, of the ruling class, as defined by global corporatism, and a strong suspicion - guided by many red flags - that these powerful corporatist interests have ulterior motives to foment division, mistrust, anarchy, social correctness, political correctness and ultimately, a long term American culture normalization toward COLLECTIVISM (the China model) as the equitable and just way forward .. for all.

You will probably note that this incorrect thinking does not appear in your Facebook feed. If you express this incorrect thinking on Facebook, you will no doubt hear nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. Is this because not a single friend identifies with your expression? Or is it because they have not seen it? Perhaps they have, but are scared shitless to agree, as they will have to face the growing MOB. Likewise, your Google searches will tend to support "cultural correctness". We have talked about this many times - the betrayal of our technological virtue.

But you see now the greatest betrayal of all, A.I overtaking reality by pretending to be reality, by reshaping your reality, by convincing you that everyone you know ... thinks a certain way. Playing upon your innate drive to identify with a group - promoting the popularity of that group - the social correctness of that group ... soon, the social rewards of identifying with that group. The group tells you that your resistance to "mask up" when in the presence of other maskers cannot possibly serve as an expression of freedom. Because ... freedom is slavery. The truth is a lie. (I quote Orwell, as the shoe fits so remarkably well.)

And as we shook our heads at the cultural transformation of Europe, with the orchestrated migrations, and "progressivism" of the Euro Politburo, we now prepare for the main event, USA Color Revolution, featuring race riots, symbols of oppression and censorship (masks), anarchy (CHAZ) and unprecedented unemployment and financial stresses amidst the backdrop of ever more trillions in obscene systemic debt bailouts.

Great Symbolism in my Facebook Feed
The point of view that the unnecessary wearing of masks, like kneeling to rioters, or virtue signaling about white guilt, is dangerously symbolic, cannot be freely expressed. That "conspiratorial" point of view contends that these activities represent submission to a form of psychological warfare, which includes: (1) a premeditated pandemic response effect, (2) staged, racially charged police brutality videos, (3) paid rioters with pallets of bricks provided - used to foment riots, fear and hate ... This is organized and executed so that when the culture of tyranny, dehumanization, collectivism, behavioral control and surveillance is ready to be introduced in the USA ... you'll actually accept it as a better alternative.

That viewpoint expressed above surely exists in the comment sections of certain online information outlets - but not unadulterated (as there are surely many paid trolls). And that viewpoint is being banned by all the corporatist controlled media and their Silicon Valley allies. All in the name of global New Green collectivism.

This cannot be sold as Communism, or even Socialism, for those ideologies are not assimilable among the deplorable throngs of the world's populists and nationalists. But for the fine and delicate classe liberalle, those spineless kneelers with their fake racism and public shaming of the brutish "open-faced mouth breathers", collectivism is quite in vogue, along with stylish custom mask designs, and fragrant, au naturel sanitizing mists to come. These are the useful idiots and their growing converts.

Our decadent Southern progressives are well equipped to hand pick their Krewe Captains for the junior mask patrol and neighborhood watch groups. It is essential that they maintain the air of aristocracy (of which Roacheforgue is intimately familiar) so as to make clear to all that they have much more significant matters to attend to than paying bills and putting food on the table. Those are matters for the lesser classes to labor over, as they don their muzzles of attrition ... for after all ...

"We are all in this together".

The hypocrisy will have a bitter taste when the truly rich are eating their thousand euro prime ribs, as the lesser classes eat reconstituted soy burgers with value-added ground insect protein. The ruling class have moved their markers to the Chinese model for their new Utopia. A multi-polar world order on the surface, controlled top down by totalitarian wealth and influence, in the areas of global health and vaccination/digital identification, global commerce, a global politic and a global culture of social surveillance and behavior awarded credit points.

Cultural pride, meritocracy, and individualism in the form of accomplishments, liberties and freedoms must be seen as shameful, before they can be abolished. Lies are the truth, and slavery is freedom.

It will happen, if we let it.

So until then, embrace the symbolism wherever you find it. The irony is priceless.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Truth Behind The Mask

It's pretty obvious at this point that the "open society color revolution" in the USA is about much more than "racism". But it is quite convenient that our service economy has magically collapsed just in time for thousands of newly unemployed workers to be recruited into the newly funded "chaos economy". There are good paying jobs for anarchists - in fact, quite lucrative these days if you're willing to create a protestor "downstream"... complete with the "looter" benefits package.

The puppet masters of recent events do love the irony of their own cruel and wicked brand of racism being perversely inverted into the fake racism obediently displayed by their useful puppets.

There are in fact hard working, smart, honorable black people, who are righteous, proud and successful - and who are quite willing (and able) to stand on their own two feet, and compete on that equal footing against other races for their share of opportunity in a world where meritocracy is rewarded. But it takes a black man to say it in a world so frightened and disingenuous. The true racists deem that blacks cannot compete in a fair world, and that white people must "lower the bar for them" so that they have a fighting chance. And as they blow their dog whistles, their frightened white slaves kneel on que.

Frankly, those of us who understand what is going on are fully prepared to watch the collapse of the dollar reserve system without the theatrics. But I suppose the theatrics are being created so that the puppet masters can rest more easily. They are quite afraid that the truth will out - because it has.

Hey, hey, my fellow Titans of the derivative debt dynasty ... the joke is on YOU. Do you really think that what powers the puppets is your staged George Floyd kayfabe event? Or your fake racism tabloid drama?

You see, the irony twists back in the direction of your own soulless reflection. This generation of internet users realizes the betrayal of  your "debt as wealth" system. They may not all fully grasp the death by a thousand cuts that your system burdens the 99% with, as they are bound, gagged and billed for the criminal bail out of the "too big to fail" derivatives casino ... but they sense the exploitation, the extortion, the predation, the surveillance, the loss of freedom and liberty, the wickedness and the sociopathic evil of the ruling class.

It is epic indeed, perhaps "marvelous?" ... and yet, perhaps not in the way intended. Maybe a different kind of mask now covers the face of truth. As the Giants do battle, small dogs hide with what is in their bellies, until the time comes to bite hard the hand above, which "feeds" them.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Truth No Longer Exists

As we explore, accumulate, dissect and correlate the mountains of disparate information available at our fingertips, we are naturally inclined to draw conclusions - correct or not. Sometimes we may be wrong. Sometimes we may be right. And quite often we may find ourselves "somewhere in between". But in a world where the truth cannot reliably be known on this side of the mask ... we do our best ... in our search for it.

Some truths become more evident years later, after a great wrongdoing has finally been exposed. Such is the case for the commercial tobacco industry. Perhaps there are a few people today who still do not realize that the commercial tobacco industry purposefully developed a chemically treated nicotine delivery system to addict it's users to cigarettes. It paid Hollywood to glorify and normalize their products, and it exported them all over the world, despite the known health risks and specific cancer causing relationship. In essence, corporate greed was found to be deadly. They knew, and chose profits over lives. Eventually, lawsuits brought increased awareness to the public (as well as media exposure). This is not a conspiracy theory. Corporate greed ultimately was the cause of mass death and suffering. Today, US taxpayers are being forced to bail out the commercial tobacco industry, as the FED buys its bonds.

You can do you own online research and find a similar trend in the global corporate agri-business industry. The Roundup lawsuits are just the tip of the iceberg. Our friend, William Engdahl, specializes in this type of research, especially in the area of genetically modified seed and crop manufacture and related biological modifications and impacts upon (and use of) insects. We can hope that the truth will be more fully revealed, or at least partly understood, as the global biological manipulation giants and their massive financial backing give way to those lawsuits that are considered an acceptable cost of doing business (from a practical financial perspective).

As you do your homework in the global vaccine industry, I think you will find a similar trend. On March 12th, we posted the Bobby Kennedy Jr. video, representing his important role in the Childrens Health Defense organization. The implications of the global vaccine industry, and the massive funding of the Gates Foundation into the web of conspiracy indicated by recent posts here at the annals are heartbreaking. But all of this is merely a prologue for the theories that will follow regarding the COVID 19 link to the unprecedented economic crash it accompanies.

Based on what is gradually coming to light, Roacheforque believes that we are nearing the end of the US Dollar system. We have talked about it (as have many others) for many decades. Chris Martenson should be credited with the essential logic of a debt based system's inevitable trajectory, and though the dollar system's unique characteristics have enabled an incredible delay of the inevitable end game (referenced exhaustively in former posts), that time has recently begun its inexorable approach. In order to fully destroy the prevailing "world order" which the dollar system represents, trust in the current system must be destroyed as well. Pandemic (warm up) followed by anarchy is the recipe for change.

In Q4 of last year, the need to resume the exponential trajectory of QE after a very short and ineffective bout of "tightening" became evident. In September of 2019, a week or so before posting It Has Begun, QE in digital dollars resumed at an unprecedented pace. Many credible articles and posts have been published since that time, which affirm the magnitude, and the secrecy, of the massive pre-COVID bailouts. Our friends Pam and Russ Martens (Wall Street on Parade) are subject matter experts in this area. Things do become a bit more opaque in 2020, as we try to clear the smoke and mirror deceptions and misdirection. But if there is one thing that the commercial tobacco settlements taught today's corporate megalo-sociopaths, it was this: Leave NO trail of PROOF!

This is where my second in a series of recent posts, Design or Circumstance, becomes relevant. We may never be able to prove the conjecture that follows. And this is why I say that the truth "no longer exists". What cannot be proven cannot be held up as the truth in our lifetimes. How we reflect upon the assassination of JFK, or 911, for example ... are matters for future generations to decide or not. But today, they are still unresolved, decades later.

With that said, it doesn't matter whether COVID 19 exists by design or by circumstance. Decades from now it will still be debated. What matters today is its use as an effective cover for a massive disruption to the global economy - the likes of which Trump's trade war could not provide - which in turn made plausible a MASSIVE increase in QE (financial system debt protection and related financial derivative bailouts) that places the dollar system trajectory back on track toward the exponential climb required, just to keep economies relatively stable, perhaps until the Fall of 2020. At that time, or perhaps even sooner, a convenient COVID 19 resurgence might be an appropriate topic for the next installment of "Design or Circumstance".

The point here being that the trajectory of a multi-stage pandemic can credibly follow the pattern of a global debt-based monetary system's "end-game play" in terms of it's final bursts of fiat QE. As the Fed's balance sheet hits 10 trillion, then 20 trillion (in record time) or much, much more ... we await the moment when the credibility of the system hyperinflates into total systemic collapse, taking all major fiat currencies to an intrinsic value of ZERO.

Either by design, or by circumstance (if it even matters at this point) forensic proof of the possible horrific crimes of the global Heath Management for Profit Industry can be conveniently buried or incinerated with "the infected". It is just another one of those amazing coincidences. Someone had already come out with accusations that a pre-existing conspiracy theory - which charges the world-wide vaccination industry with an onerous malfeasance and cover-up accusation that is quite similar to the commercial tobacco debacle. The only difference is that it is on a MUCH larger scale, provides ancillary benefits to the management of global dollar system collapse, and obfuscates potential settlement amounts in the 400 - 600 trillion dollar range. If COVID 19 provides a less nefarious cover for the acceleration of a "population control state" or a "police / surveillance state" as it is commonly called, perhaps we can see that as just another convenient circumstance - by design.

The outrage for such accusations would be unprecedented if the masses were to converge and agree upon these conspiracies as "truth". The jury of public opinion would hand down its verdict in a series of spontaneous riots and protests, without the needed assistance, the funding, the organizational manpower and logistics management of ANTIFA (and the groups that fund it).

Can you not see the similarity between where we are today, and where we would be if these allegations were accepted by 90% of the world's rationally thinking public? Design or Circumstance?

In summation, we could call these annals "fake news", and shadowban its posts from Google search. But can we ever be allowed to know what is real and what is "derived" in a fiasco which implicates regulatory agencies and judicial systems worldwide as accessories to commit mass genocide for profit? This would create worldwide moral panic and despair of humanity.

Are we, perhaps subconsciously, already there? As that condition reaches a higher state of consciousness, the fiat money at the root of such a panic self destructs in the realization that it has created the situation we find ourselves in today. The big question is, does a civilization so dependent on debt based fiat wealth collapse with it? The importance of central bank gold, in light of this question, has much to do with the answer. Perhaps the more than 300 posts before this one can be helpful in that determination.

Did the fiat wealth overlords of our global corporatist financial and monetary empire conspire to manufacture a global pandemic response-effect?  ...based on the ancillary benefits to dollar-system-collapse-management, unprecedented financial ruin, and widespread social unrest?

Did they do this to prevent the unprecedented indictment of the entire global Health Management for Profit Industry as it implicates world-wide agency capture (Who, CDC, FDA, NIAID, NIH, etc...) and a complicit judicial and regulatory oversight system on a worldwide scale?

In a world where "money" can be issued in any amount to accomplish any design, or any circumstance imaginable ... let your imagination, your intuition, and your skepticism be your guide.

As the truth no longer exists, your conscience is no longer applicable. Time proves all.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Case for Mikovits

We have seen it with the tobacco industry settlements. We've seen it with TBTF bank regulation in regard to financialization and securities fraud.And we have seen it with global agribusiness in their recent Roundup settlements. But what is beginning to come to light with big pharma and the vaccine industry (as it relates to Covid 19) may have opened a new chapter in the sordid chronicles of humanity's descent into corruption.

I had said in April that there is "no single entity powerful enough or capable enough of masterminding such a coordinated plot" as what some protagonists were implying about COVID 19 being a completely contrived "plandemic". Well ... I may have been wrong. However, the barrage of accusations in various public forums was disorganized, amateurish and lacking any sign of reason-backed evidence. We will attempt to overcome that problem here.

Because what I am about to write is painfully disappointing, and has horribly inhumane implications, I must preface it by saying that these are merely the "possibilities". But if true, the allegations would be more disastrous than anything I have ever written about before. So disastrous that it could never be accepted by the world at large. And therefore the truth will never fully be revealed. But this is what we may in fact be facing ...

As best as I can interpret, in an oversimplified nutshell ... a substantial portion of the nation's (and perhaps the world's) blood supply has been contaminated, due to faulty vaccination science. It may not have been intentional. It may not have been entirely negligent. But there appear to be dormant retrovirus microbes in the blood of bats, dogs, cows, and particularly mice - blood which has been used for decades to create vaccines - and which have caused cancer, autism and other serious heath issues in the vaccinated ... for decades. Anti-vaccine sentiment is not new, and it has clearly achieved conspiracy theory status. But search your instinctive sense of "what rings true" if you choose to read further or watch the videos.

Dr Judy Mikovits has been arrested, gag ordered, blacklisted, bankrupted and ostracized for attempting to bring this knowledge to light. And the legal and monetary compensation consequences to the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry would make all former medical litigation settlements combined look like a rounding error. So there is a massive healthcare bureaucracy, which involves government agencies (FDA, NIH and CDC) and regulatory capture, at risk of a total implosion. The trillions involved tell us that it cannot ever happen, and if  millions must die - so be it.

I know. It sounds unfathomable. But the implications and the accusation here is that COVID 19 was unleashed to cover up this HUGE problem, by incentivising the clouding of the cause of death determination for millions of potential plaintiffs which had vaccinations or blood transfusions over a period of some 30 years. This will be done by labeling the cause of death as COVID 19 and burying the "infected" bodies as one would "bury the evidence" in an unprecedented crime against humanity.

The sheer outrage of such an indiscriminate medical science industry sponsored holocaust is so audacious that it evokes a natural response of disbelief. And so the "conspiracy theory" reasoning immediately comes to bear. But what on earth can possibly motivate an Assange, or a Snowden, or a Manning, or a Mikovits to completely abandon their reputations, their careers, and in fact their lives? Whistle blowers are not uncommon in a world descending into the evils of banking cartel global corporatism. But can you ever name one who has truly been shown to be an attention grabbing sociopath? We're not talking about some flash in the pan here, trying to make a quick half mil on GoFundMe by defying a City Mayor on social media with a couple of videos.

Furthermore, when we look at the so called "debunking" of inconvenient truths, where is the real hard evidence to the contrary? When we search Mikovits on Google, we find in her Wikipedia listing that she is a "former" American research scientist who is known for her "discredited" medical claims. One should ask, "how exactly have these claims been discredited?" Nothing is offered. You are expected to simply trust the integrity of wikipedia. And that is that. That is how the world works. Justice prevails, Good overcomes evil. Now be a good debt slave and get back to work earning the money we issue in the trillions to the systemically connected ... to keep them in power, and keep you enslaved.

Well, if you have two hours to spend, try to absorb the reality of this video below, while it lasts. Her documentary PLANDEMIC has been removed from youtube - but this interview is far more incendiary. It won't be available for long. You won't be able to tell your friends about it. You won't be able to paste this to social media without risk. Sorry, but you will be burdened with the horror of what may just be the truth.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Masquerade

The last decade has been strange indeed. 2020? Stranger still. Many formerly held beliefs are being questioned, as what we read and hear challenge them. Some people do not know what to believe. Is "truth" an objective constant? Never wavering, never escaping our most objective perceptions?

It seems fairly obvious to some people ... that powerful entities are battling for "the public's" perception of the truth ... attempting to either affirm, or change, those perceptions ... usually to one extreme or another. There are many who are still unsure, or are moderate in their positions. But there is so much cheerleading to "identify" with one or the other of opposing extremes, those positions may begin to lean in consideration of competing truths.

Roacheforque has talked of this phenomenon in many posts... in terms of the "world of future expectations" vs. the "here and now". And perhaps with this curious perceptual "tug of war" depicted above, we can better appreciate how the world of future expectations (the derivative world) shapes the here and now in a very real sense. A sense which gives us a framework for how these two worlds collide and interact.

Hopefully, we have shown how capital, leveraged in massive derivative financial positions, has grown to a degree that financialization has become a prime determinant of our dominant reality. Forgive me for taking this sudden logical leap. But if you have read at least the past 10 posts, I think you will have seen that we can agree on certain things.

For example, our real world is closely defined by our "economics". We can see that when the physical world delivers a catastrophic, unexpected shock (like COVID 19), the systemic world order collapses into economic panic. It could have been a bomb dropped, or a massive world wide weather catastrophe, or a global pandemic. The crash would be the same.

Secondly, only massive amounts of capital creation by the system's "money creator" (the FED) can assuage the panic, and bring the derivative world back under control. These massive infusions of new US dollars stabilize the derivative positions by guaranteeing systemic integrity ... in a sense, bringing the world "back into order"

There are big winners, and big losers, mostly in the off-book dark money world of the banking class elites. And as always, the casino (FED) covers all bets, according to house (BIS) rules. When the money flows to the correct players, the price of gold and other commodities is reconciled, the exchange rates of the currencies are reconciled, the equity markets continue to be elevated, and the price of money over time is brought under control.

These competing realities we speak of, show us how the real world becomes the derivative world, as the value system we ascribe to is attenuated by the movement of senior capital. And likewise, the competition for sentiment - that hard to define moment when your perception shifts to favor one outcome over the other. That, my friends, creates "winning".

Thus, as we give the money its power. It's influence shapes our very reality.

If that does not seem Orwellian enough for you, by all means pick another competing reality to identify with, for there are many. Just remember, they are all backed by one thing. And when we accept that one piece of paper is worth a hundred times more than another, we are truly engaged in the derivative delusion.

Yes ... we ALL ARE ... for now.

Monday, May 11, 2020


Slowly, but surely, people are beginning to understand. The evidence continues mounting - our world defies all logic and reason. Most of us sense that our lives are increasingly "surreal". In a word, "unnatural".

Our dollar driven stock market elevates equities to a level that is totally disconnected from the fundamental realities of uncertainty, mass economic destruction, record setting unemployment and growing social unrest.

Our global pandemic is rife with disbelief, distrust, extreme frustration and anguish. Some people consider it to be a complete hoax, but real or not, all evidence seems to indicate that many are fearful and distressed - not only about COVID 19, but of the motives behind its origin, as well as the motives behind the opportunities it presents. Trust in authority is truly at an all time low.

Our elites have abandoned traditional Western values, and thrust their sick and twisted views upon us, through Hollywood, through academia, through corporatist media propaganda and through a Government that resembles the Senate in the final days of Rome. Revisionist history, the tearing down of symbols, the elevation of transgenderism, white guilt and increasingly preposterous forms of "affirmative action" are but a few of the bizarre trends of the decaying neo-liberal Empire. This of course has been ongoing for decades, and is not attributable to the virus - but the seeds that have been planted are still growing amongst the pandemic's reach.

We often here the cry of "fake" (as in "fake markets, fake money, fake values, fake world) but it is not quite as simple as that. In times past, frauds and fakery were quickly dismissed by the revelation of truth. And the pretenders were called out and punished for their deceptions.

But today, we truly cannot tell the truth from the lies. It is not a case of a single boy crying "wolf", but rather a powerful dissemination of conflicting and confusing lies, designed to imprison believers without the use of bars, cells or wardens. You begin to question what you will say, where you will go, what you will do for fear that it may be seen as "politically incorrect" or "socially incorrect".

Today, it is socially incorrect to enter a public place without your makeshift birka, or muzzle (sorry, "mask"?). Today it is socially incorrect to greet a friend with a handshake, or hug a loved one, or to assemble in groups of 10 or more (as in a place of worship) or to get closer than 6 ft apart.

Surely, the little people must sense that they are already being profiled. Yes, their masks do impair facial recognition technology, but do you really think that when you insert your credit card into a self-checkout station that the store alone has a surveillance image paired with the transaction? The issuers of these credit cards are already profiling mask "wearers" and non-wearers". The wearers are scored as obedient and socially correct. Non wearers are not. Points are given - and taken away.

Roacheforque has written many times of our derivative world, long before COVID 19, but now that our "pandemic moment" has arrived, the reality of our dichotomy could not be more clear. After all, why are our banks suddenly the world's experts in "modeling" the future trajectory of the virus, articulating the new normal and predicting the likelihood of competing outcomes?

I will leave you to ponder this question. In the end, we can never hope to teach the world how a purely debt-based form of fiat money makes the wrong kind of people wealthy and powerful. People can see that the creators of fraudulent debt are being enriched by the system, and they accept this. But they wonder how a world where evil keeps getting rewarded and good keeps being punished can continue to exist, year after year ....decade after decade.

It is up to the people of the world to decide for themselves whether the real world rewards justice or tyranny. And ultimately, it is up to the little people to decide for themselves "what is real".

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The 1% are SMILING :)

As our world events become increasingly politicized, the divisions, the polarization and the hatred among the little people grows to a fever pitch.

And the 1% are smiling.

Take COVID 19 for example. That qualifies as a fairly topical world event. This is one of several polls (yes, several. And I do mean several) that collects information about perceptions of the virus and breaks the respondent's results down between Republicans and Democrats. At this point, it is pretty much a given that EVERYTHING that matters must have a Republican viewpoint and Democratic viewpoint and the viewpoints are politicized, polarized, divided and hate-filled, beyond the point of rational discourse or even civility.

And the 1% are smiling. They are smiling because the little people are at each other's throats - and not theirs. Frankly, it pains me to no end, to see how pointless it is to point this out. The real ENEMY of the people - the 1% who created a utopia for themselves, and a deteriorating shithole of poverty, loss of liberty and uncivilized behavior for everyone else, are smiling at their "circumstances by design" ... and living larger by the trillion.

The systemically connected, who have been on bailout welfare since long before the advent of QE, are perfectly content with the idea that "democrats are obedient snowflakes who shit their pants at the sound of a sniffle" while "republicans are arrogant know-it-alls spreading disease like drunken Covidiots". You see, as with everything else, there is a Republican version of the virus and a Democratic version of the virus. And it is your duty to STRONGLY identify with one of the two. Because as long as the little people are preoccupied with hating each other, they'll hardy notice the 9 inches of Banana Republic being plunged into their sphincters.

Oh, make no mistake. People are talking about "trillions for the rich - pennies for the poor" but no one is doing anything about it, because they don't know how to. That's because anyone with the power to do something is already "in on it".

The families are quite happy with the prospects of "civil unrest" because that will simply be politicized as well, and the real enemy will "exit stage left" once again. There IS a better way, but government is captured by Wall Street at every level, right down to the Mayor of Two Egg Florida, if need be. And he can be bought quite cheaply with the paper we print out of thin air (same as the paper his constituents work their collective ass off for).

And the 1% are smiling, indeed.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, where Republicans and Democrats are something that only "matters way over there", competing financial systems are being forged in defiance of the corporatist system of global economic totalitarianism which the dollar system has become. There's plenty of corruption over there too, as well as a 1% which still measures their wealth mostly in US debt - but they are diversifying out of dollar debt, dipping their toes in new systems, and watching for opportunities to further their fortunes.

And to this I say REJOICE! For greed has no national affinity or populist inclinations. As debt defaults (and it is defaulting today like never before) the concept of "debt as wealth" loses favor with the families, and "equity as wealth" comes back into vogue. This is where the physical gold in our central bank vaults (as well as our own private vaults) is remonetized right out of its commodity coma. It is an agonizing process, these systemic shifts, because after all, diversification requires balance. But many who would otherwise probably not have lived to see a true marketplace in gold, or even a systemic shift to an equity based world order, may now well see it, and live through it for a time.

The FED is doing everything it can to save the dollar system. But the contenders grow stronger as debt is bailed out to prevent it's long overdue default death. Can the FED bail out every systemically important, fraudulently contrived asset contracted in dollars on planet earth, including the megalithic values at risk in the core financial derivatives?

I think not, but ... time proves all.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Off The Rails

On March 12th I asked readers, somewhat rhetorically, "which Covid 19" did they believe in? It was a way to introduce the idea that what we are experiencing could either be a complete hoax, or a bio-engineered plague that will decimate the planet. And of course it could be (and most likely is) something in between.

But the current situation has morphed into something much more dangerous. We may have entered new territory, where the misperception of COVID 19 is more dangerous than the virus itself.

It is fascinating to engage in online discourse at ZERO HEDGE for example, where there is an overwhelmingly singular sentiment - that COVID 19 is a little worse than a normal flu maybe, and that the mainstream media, and left wing academics, are blowing this thing way out of proportion to create panic and herd the little people into isolation camps where they will be tattooed with some digital tracking biometric implant, or some such shit as Bill Gates owns the patent on, etc...

The lathered frenzy is so manic, the commenters over there don't even recognize sarcasm (although the average comment can fairly be summed up simply as "bullshit!"). So at this point, I'm not at all unconvinced that either (1) there is an agenda over at the Hedge whereby a lot of unemployed people are "posting for money" from an anonymous text they received, or (2) a large portion of relatively normal and formerly like-minded rational thinkers have lost their ever-lovin', mother-fuckin' minds.

Now ... for those of us that can work an excel spreadsheet, let's make this simple and clear. What we have below is an image (so nobody has to click a column header) of the number of NEW deaths as of yesterday (4/17/20) attributable to COVID 19.

If this information is accurate, or even nearly accurate, it tells us that the United States of America OVERWHELMINGLY had the most new deaths at 1,867, with the UK in second place at 888. When we do a little sorting, we also find that OVERWHELMINGLY, the USA has the most total deaths, the most total cases and the most new cases, by a HUGE margin.

When we spend a little time reading other credible news reporting sources, we find that the USA high caseload, it's high death count, it's record setting new cases and its record breaking new deaths are the result of poor planning, lax standards and just generally not taking precautions seriously. I'm not going to link to all those articles, but Zero Hedge is full of them, as well as articles which call bullshit on all of those. In essence we have extreme polarity as usual. Yet, below every single one of those articles are rows and rows of commenters crying "BULLSHIT!" "It's a HOAX!""OPEN SHIT UP" "LET'S GET BACK TO WORK".

Christ, what a mess. These numbers, along with corroborating news that describes logistics, timelines, lag times, response times, hidden numbers, missing numbers, social reaction, political reaction and various misinformation all form a complex picture. But the numbers bear them all out. Moreover, it is simply impossible to have some coordinated global psy-op plot that captures all this information from so many disparate sources under one master plan to create global panic for some reason that cannot possibly benefit "the powers that be". In short, there is no single entity powerful enough or capable enough of masterminding such a coordinated plot as the growing throngs of tin foil hatters seem to be gloriously (for once) united upon.

With one possible exception (postscript).

Now, having said that, the column headed "Deaths 1/M pop" is an important one. Deaths per million is the metric that tells us how our medical response is coping, population wide, with the onset.

We will really fuck this number in the US of A over the next few weeks if we don't start taking this man-made bio-weapon experiment seriously. How can people read about the juxtaposition of HIV DNA in a SARS virus and believe it to be a naturally occurring phenomenon? Even when the top expert in this field has come out and said that's impossible.

How can we believe in the news that this dangerous experiment took place in the WUHAN Level 4 bio-lab, as US Government sources allege to create a pretext for China's payment of reparations worldwide (including maritime piracy suggested as a means to force place claims in lieu of contested legal compliance?). Still part of the hoax?

What makes quite a bit more sense to those who view the world through the lens of rational thought is that the US Government doesn't give a rats ass about its general class of citizen, and if the 90% or the 80% want to go back to work, let the governors "free" them and contagion be damned - they can all die as long as the 10% are cordoned off in their high quality virus free cocoons.

The war with China is about protecting the claims of the rich and powerful, just as the financial response has been. Trillions for the systemically connected and a couple billion swishing around in unconnected puddles for the little people to try and sop up amidst the usual bottlenecks and corruption. That is something you can believe in.

To believe that the narrators of the propaganda pulpit and it's mainstream media arms have contrived a "massive health crisis hoax" to instill panic and crash the fragile debt based economy? Just to put forward a vaccination and surveillance agenda? Just to crash the derivatives markets and create a global depression? To benefit who?

That's a conspiracy theory I wouldn't bet my life on.