Friday, January 4, 2019

The Great Tragedy of Mankind

It has been quite a journey, this lifetime. And what have we learned along the way? Many things ... but one truth is self-evident, upon which most all will agree. Power corrupts.

But what is power in the context of humanity? Power over God? Never happening. Power over nature? See for yourself, we cannot even decide which way to turn (though it may be the end of us after all).

No, it is power over others, other people - other classes - which is the power we speak of.

It is the power of some people, one class of people - over other people, to exploit and obligate these many lesser classes - which is the greatest power any class can aspire to.

And how is this accomplished? It is very simple. Very simple indeed. The banking class creates money ... wealth ... from nothing ... and lends it out to those who cannot. And they in turn must work to earn back this money to be repaid ... this money which is created without work, unearned ... from nothing... by the banking class. And the world agrees to this arrangement, by virtue of an accounting gimmick called fractional reserve lending ... using purely fiat money.

At the root of all the exploitation ... and servitude ... lies "debt as wealth" ... it is no more complex than this. A simple trick. We will even sell our bodies to make good upon it.

You have but to recognize this condition, and repudiate your debts - as being completely unreasonable once recognized for what they are - to see that all classes, including the judicial, the police state and the civic or governmental classes, uphold this absurdly unjust class indenture, by virtue of a banking canard.

Revolt against the power of the banking class and see all that you own taken away to meet the unjust obligation of "money for nothing" which only the banks are empowered to manage, as all other classes defend this system. And the little people, out of fear of this arrangement, agree - en masse - to work as such, and earn the money to repay debts created from thin air.

And this, we call "wealth".

As this great power of the banking class corrupts ... its credibility to manage itself comes under stress, and GOLD comes into play, to "set the exploitation right". We saw the fiat price of gold rise after the great corruption of 2007 - 2008 ... and the management of the banking system set about the task of reigning in that power. It would be well to understand the new role of gold in Basel III.

And the fiat price of gold will rise again, always in response to the corruption of power which must be reigned in by the object of power which the banking class cannot abuse - true wealth, not based in bondage, not conjured from self-referencing debt, but rather the timeless equity which rights the abuse of banking class power, by adequately "repricing it" in its own terms.

And now you know.

Cryptic? My friend, you have more than 300 clues running backward from this final post to judge from. There is nothing more to write about. It now waits for what has already been written about to transpire.


  1. Ahhh... it refreshing to see this blog open again. I came across it in Sep 2018, and then a couple of days later it was closed.

    This little man is prepping for the future, with those few in the extended poor little family willing to listen.

    In times of chaos the little folk have a short time to stake a claim. Most don't, but Inshallah I will. Hustle 'n Shake ;)

  2. Hello Sir Roacheforque.

    I came across your site via my friend Putrid. Your writings provide my mind some delicious material to digest. And for that I thank you.

    I wish you and your family safe passage through this upcoming Reset.

    Just one simple question for you if I might, given your life experiences with the upper class folk. Do the little people have any hope of overthrowing this evil system?

    Kind regards.

    1. I do not think there is any hope of that Sir Brian. But they can survive the coming system with the equal footing of physical gold. Unfortunately gold is now quite out of fashion, which is fine. But gold eventually "legitimizes" the greed, fraud and related malfeasance of the evil "debt as wealth" system. It does every so often. May we both live to see it. Cheers.

  3. It's true that there is nothing MUCH more to write about. However, you just mentioned the new role of gold in Basel III. I think that alone is worth at least one more post.
    I understand gold went from tier 2 to tier 1 in Jan. 01 2013 but that didn't do anything to stabilize the price of gold.

  4. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority. - Lord Acton

  5. What all failed to realize is that the pendulum swing to the right was not an unintended counter reaction. Remember that them article? Not sure why you took it down, but it was enlightening. Widespread left propaganda to polarize the public and sponsorship for right politics to channel that anger. The right swing appeared as a natural reaction to what actually was an intentionally un-naturally manufactured problem by the money class.

    1. "We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.

      Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view."

      In a supposed letter from Albert Pike, which debunkers have looked for... but could not find. Oh well! Like the protocols, it may be a joke, but damn, it isn't funny any more when it becomes prophetic.

      Still waiting on those papers by the way!

    2. I don't like Cynthia McKinney since I always see her as a female Al Sharpton. However, she may be a loony leftist but she actually has integrity. She understands it has always been a dog and pony show to divide and conquer.

  6. Hello Roacheforque! I truly ENJOY your blog, the information coursing through its pages are gleefully assimilated in my mind, helping me to better understand the inner workings of this beautiful lie that we call reality.

    Mr.Roacheforque i would like to introduce you and your followers to something i have stumbled upon in my past that reminded me of your present Blog. As with all things related too the internet, one must take with a grain of salt, but i truly believe the Original Poster of the Thread i am about to present too you is, as the young people say, the REAL DEAL. As someone with your knowledge and Familial Status, it would be SO COOL too see what your opinion is of the many enlightening things talked about in the proposed thread.

    1. I could take the high road and scoff at your LARP, but it's more fun in the gutter so I'll see your Roflshild and raise you a High Level Insider: .

  7. PLEASE come back with ... don't stay away!

  8. Over the years with the aid of new technologies governments across the world have greatly expanded their ability to watch our movements and everything we do. How do you begin to fight or turn back a force that has even incorporated and leveraged the ever-present smartphone as an ultra-powerful surveillance device?

    The control over the individual will become complete as they move us towards being a cashless economy. This translates into where we will be unable to buy food, may at any moment have our ability to message others cut, and will be forced to rely on autonomous vehicles to deliver us to our destinations.

    Such a lack of control over our lives constitutes their total control over us making us powerless pawns and slaves with little choice but to do their bidding or perish. The article below delves into just how fast the noose is tightening around our necks.

  9. "The control over the individual will become complete as they move us towards....."
    I was watching "Hannity" on the IPad via FIOS-TV. I noticed the "alternative channels" in the bottom which consist of 3 shows from FOX and all others are either CNN, MSNBC or PBS.
    Out of curiosity, I switched over to CNN to see what's on the alternative channels. As I suspected, non of the alternative under the CNN are from FOX.