Monday, December 3, 2018


Truly the dollar has taken on a financial singularity that its creators never intended, and its supporters never imagined in their wildest dreams. Even it's issuers no longer fully support its amaranthine derivative empire, and it's most important vassals now finally reject it ... though that rejection has been several decades in coming.

It is difficult for Obama era politicos to tell someone like Kyle Bass: "Oh, we're just going to kill the dollar," when the military empire the dollar maintains is fighting for its survival. But the dollar fed military is losing ground against emerging gold-backed military forces. Not so much because they are "gold backed" but by comparison this just happens to be so. The U.S. is no match for the combined forces of China and Russia, and while the alliances between China and Russia are played against the dollar continually, the writing is on the wall. Again, not because the dollar is being played against gold - it just happens that there is a correlation there. And while correlations do not imply causation, the background factors that accompany the differences between "gold economy" and "debt economy" do mark the emerging military against the progressive military. It was not explained properly in "deliberate incidentals" but some concepts a single post cannot nearly cover.

Today, we see the bi-polar struggle between exorbitant privilege and its opposite effect - an effect not well documented or explained, yet understood and quite apparent. Unearned economic privilege destroys the character of a nation just as unearned economic privilege destroys the character of a child. One might liken it to an average family winning some massive lottery du jour which the little people flock to in droves. With vast amounts of unearned wealth, the family showers the child with every extravagance imaginable until it becomes a contemptuous spoiled brat, bullying its peers with undeserved power and domination.

And that is the true difference after all, is it not? Gold is wealth earned, whereas debt is wealth decreed (on the backs of the unwashed). And yet, it is more even than that. When a Rothschild or a Roacheforque heir is given charge to manage the succession of dynasty, this wealth is not earned as much as it is bequeathed, and there is a responsibility in the breeding and education of a dynastic heir ... which cannot succeed in a "middle class country".

Again, difficult to define, but the European heirs which broke from empire and saved civilization from the dark face (fascism) of global corporatism has become the empire it broke from, and has spawned a much more powerful era of global corporatism with its flagship dollar - the currency the world attributed "exceptionalism" to, only to be betrayed by an heir not properly instructed in the ways of succession.

Today, we can truly say that the US military is simply no longer adequate to back the US dollar without playing the "end game" card, which it has flashed repeatedly from its vest in a most unconvincing way, while it regroups through Nationalist priorities.

And the world accepts change as the Nationalist face of populism goes global. Truly we have turned the corner in this new era of dollar deceleration. Today, FOA's vision of the Euro manifests in the final withdrawal of support.


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    1. Aw thats too bad. It was 3 flame emotes to indicate how fire your last few pieces were.

  3. The US military is not the only factor which is supporting the dollar. China has no choice but to continue to support the dollar until they can replace the US market with another one which will give them real products in exchange for their labors.
    The Chinese will keep working for the funny money not because they like us, they have to do it or their economy will suffer as much as we do. This is why the deep state will do whatever it takes to prevent the Chinese from establishing the Silk Road.
    However, I sense that "5 Eyes" are getting desperate as the arrest of the Huawei's CFO is an in your face manifestation of such.

  4. I agree with this and have said as much in earlier posts. China is captured by "the system", but it's get-out-of-jail card is a mountain of gold. We all go to jail when the system shits the bed. Some get out before drown in it.

  5. I concur the mountain of gold will come into play when the Chinese are confident to do without the US market.

  6. You have not posted in a while. Intriguing events have been taking place and while your position is known, your analysis would be interesting to read. Awaiting your next piece!

    1. 007,
      I just figure out the answer to your question regarding the gold flow from the west to the east.
      If all the gold were in the west while the east were the growing economic power house, the east would seek out anther form of fall back global reserve currency.
      Imagine the U.S. has all the gold and nobody else has any of it, gold will be worthless since nobody else would have a fair advantage to recognize that as something very valuable. That is the reason no central bank is stockpiling platinum since South Africa produces 70% of world platinum supply.

    2. I second the request or expectation regarding your next piece.