Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Votive - Part II

Finally ... the texts, the robocalls, the disgusting political smear campaigns and the vile attack ads are on pause ... for now. On social media, identity politics continues with the occasional reference to the hot button issues that reflect the party brand. As the dust settles, midterm election results are very much in line with predictions. Change is again dead on arrival.

If you reject the invasion of privacy, and the bullying, threatening texts and robocalls which demand your loyalty (or you risk ostracism from friends, neighbors and co workers who will be informed of your breach of duty) then you will be labeled as "civically incorrect".

If you repudiate the bipartisan system which seeks to incite division and hatred along polarized social, cultural and political identity extremes, and which only allows multi millionaires to "represent" you in the political arena, then you will be despised and scorned for your failure to "have a voice".

If you renounce the multi-billion dollar "game of thrones" which is designed to enrage you, distract you, offer you false hope, ultimately impoverish you further, and place the blame for everything that is wrong with our political system upon "each other", you will be ostracized for being lazy, unpatriotic, anti-social and apathetic.

And finally, if you fail to understand that the real issue that is never talked about in our partisan political Hunger Games is the growing divide between the political class and the working class ... which increases middle class exploitation, income and wealth disparity, and decreases economic opportunity ... then you are a member of the vast majority of sheople who obediently pose with their "I VOTED" stickers in the social media contest for likes and shares to inadvertently prove that you are an obedient servant of the ruling class.

As we pledge our fealty to the administrative class that earns a living by exploiting the working class that so faithfully honors them, through the corporatist insurance, taxation and financialization complex, you offer your faith and devotion to the archaic symbol of that ruling class - the fiat paper that is decreed as "wealth" by your global banking overlords, which powers the worldwide dark money economy.

And just as we dutifully fulfill our roles in the political arena - to hate and blame one another for our unfulfilling existence as lab rats on hamster wheels, we pay tribute to that existence by baling out the unrepayable debt of our fellow lab rats - the pinnacle of wealth which we labor each day to worship.

The debt-based derivative we call the dollar is our God, and the banking cartel its disciples. Our lust for its promise - to enslave our fellow man commensurate with the material gifts it provides us - is a fitting complement to our political system. For our political system and our money system have one thing expressly in common. They are both fueled by our contempt for each other as a stepping stone to rise above one another.

When you reject all of the above, and finally see the truth, you will then understand the true nature of gold. You will then understand why the central banking cartel and its exclusive gold broker and manipulator in chief (The BIS) so value gold as the underlying asset for its global derivative accounting system.

And finally, you will learn how to vote with true wealth, instead of the digital chip card which enslaves you, just as true wealth giants ultimately do, when all derivative debt is settled and accounted for.

In the decaying edifice of extreme liberalism of the so called progressive economies - built upon a foundation of impossible and unrepayable debt - those who understand golds cultural, economic and social salvation are among the very small minority. Their sacrifice is as monumental as their understanding, as they face the dark power of dark money and all it represents: decay, servitude, class division, greed, corruption, nihilism and more.

Our money system and our election system are equally corrupt in their basis. And the illusion that you have a true stake in either is a fantasy. Our only hope is that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. For most of us do not understand who either is, and when change comes, we will not see it, or understand it, much less understand why.

But there is much to learn from history, even as it is continually re-written, which in time we will all be a part of. This we learn from the flower of understanding. Let the cleansing begin.


  1. I agree. I am scolded by people for not voting. Why do they care? Politicians don't do anything for me without a favor and I too don't do anything for them without a favor. Besides, I thought this was a free country. I have the 'freedom' and 'right' to not vote and participate in such a system.

    1. Obviously, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Thank you for NOT being a band-wagoner of the mindless "right to vote" cheerleader brigade. The followers are truly followers and their pied pipers couldn't lead a fly to shite.

  2. You are certainly welcome. I love this blog, I drop in from time to time to read the material you publish. Tis food for the brain, the root of knowledge seeks nourishment. I am commenting anonymously as I am too lazy to even login to the Google account.

  3. "Our money system and our election system are equally corrupt in their basis. And the illusion that you have a true stake in either is a fantasy."

    I have to put some thought on this one. I agree both systems are corrupted but neither is an illusion in the present. The money you have in your digital account can still buy a mansion or a luxury sedan. Donald Trump happens to be alive and challenging anybody who've disrespected him. The money and election do matter at this juncture.

    I also agree both systems are nothing but illusion long term. The debts are impossible to repay and I don't know what mysterious power is keeping Trump from being JFK. Even if Trump didn't get JFK, I can't see who can take over 6 years from now and I don't think Trump can fix both systems in 6 years.

    However, being that we have another 6 years to hope for a miracle, we have to keep making money and voting for the best candidate until Maxine Waters is the POTUS.


    1. Trump's (and Powell's?) patrons probably include some Rothschild. Look into his financial past. This would reverse the roles both sides have tried to sell to the public. Hillary's war would have kept the US on top (just in a USSR-like form, but some elites don't care). Trump's peace instead allows the natural formation of a Eurasian club that has everything it needs, while the US reverts to a normal nation, painfully adjusting to its (proportionally low) amounts of industry and resources, and losing the advantage of world reserve currency. Bad for local elites, works for the well-spread ones. Just an idea to toy with. In any case Trump is obviously not walking the talk.

    2. As written, the illusion is that YOU HAVE A STAKE in either. Unless you are the printer (or a corporatist benefactor) it is unlikely I have missed the mark. The system is what keeps the status quo. We might as well have Maxine for the disruption required.


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