Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Much has been written lately about the #metoo movement in conjunction with its latest freak show, the Kavanaugh nomination. What seemed to begin as a feminist awakening, centered around Hollywood's most notorious offender, has morphed predictably into a political tool of aggression backed by Soros and the lunatic left.

As Rocheforque has cited many times in prior posts, the traditional roles of Western Civilization are under attack. The nuclear family, composed of a dominant male head of household and a nurturing female partner and defender, is all but a distant memory among the underclasses (a.k.a. the indentured debtor classes). Social turbulence, greed and the divorce industry has seen to that. Yet among the ruling classes, these values remain very much intact.

Again, most of what we are being led to believe in terms of changing racial, cultural and social norms is actually a byproduct of the increasing division of class. To the extent that political and economic means drive that division, we again refer to tribal behavior.

Any reasonable assessment of social media - Facebook specifically - tells us that we desperately seek to:
1) Consort with people who in all ways "act like us, think like us, follow us and agree with us", and ...
2) Disassociate with those who think unlike, act unlike or disagree with us, in a harsh and uncompromising fashion.
The universal tendency of these two facts of human nature spill over from our tiny social circles to the world at large. A person like George Soros, who has the money and power to advance the cause of "make people act like me, think like me and agree with me (or as I wish)" will obviously peddle influence through NGO's, dark money circulation, bribery and extortion.

But as we witness the rational fallout of a world where the accused are guilty until proven innocent, the victims of this disaster are all too predictable.

First of all, reasonable, rational men and women in the so called advanced (a.k.a. decadent) hemispheres, will be unavoidably affected by the intensity of emotional shock. And women in particular will suffer, as men gradually begin to lose all trust. 

As for men ... especially those of us who have been exploited by truly evil women, who are fully conscious and sober during the execution of their long term strategies of deception and betrayal (in ways far more injurious than those of a single inappropriate drunken teen grope) ... we simply shrug it off and move on. 

But take heart. Our nation of millennial twinks will soon join the ranks of victim-hood, as there is no shortage of wealthy and powerful women these days upon which to heap public shame and humiliation. It doesn't quite fit today's narrative of "tearing down" white male privilege, but given time, the pendulum of victim-hood always swings in an opposite direction.

As the little people watch in horror the extremely divisive gender identity positions on display in their Facebook feeds, they wonder to what depths they must plumb the absurdly polarized cesspool of political correctness in order to avoid the suspicion of insensitivity.

Even you yourself have probably wondered, as you view with contempt the positions taken by previously rational Facebook friends ... "How can he (or she) just fall in line with these extremely divisive and offensive views?" Isn't it amazing how predictably each liberal stance on every social, cultural, political and economic issue lines up perfectly along the "party narrative", leaving no room for rational, independent thought. It is no different to the extreme far right, except in numbers, reach and trend-line.

It seems the indoctrination of social media, corporate media, Hollywood and the liberal public education or workplace environment leaves no room for originality, individuality, or divergence from the social justice narrative whatsoever. It is indeed a world where the mind (not the body) has been "snatched" - by invaders from another dimension.

But these invaders into your home, your schools, your neighborhood, your workplace, your social circles, your culture, your race, your gender, your politic, your identity ... they are not from another planet ... although ... in a sense, they are from another world of money and power. And their tribal instinct is to dominate you, and enslave you, by distracting you and dividing you. 

It is an age old tactic. As old as civilization itself. As old as the origins of generational wealth. As old as the accumulation of gold in Egyptian tombs, and much older yet. The only thing new about it is the wrinkle of technological innovation in its spread of slavery beneath the ruling classes and its ability to make slaves of entire populations who actually believe themselves to be free.

As you watch the men and women in your Facebook feed mouthing the words of their puppet masters, you know they are not free, and as such - bound to them as part of your tribe, or forced to abandon them - neither are you.

No man is an island, and isolationism is just another form of enslavement.


  1. Never forget that it all about one thing only.
    Stealing rights to the Treasury. $150 Billion to Iran, $100 Billion to Paris Climate scam, the $21 trillion LOST by the Pentagon, (per FACTS documented by Solarie on the website), AND the Clinton Foundation slush fund. A Trillion here,a Trillion and a few hundred Billion there and soon its real money. Truth, principals, etc are DOA.

  2. I could not agree more. The power to create wealth from debt begets dark money in the quadrillions in our derivative world. But the real world beckons ... while the zombies rattle their cages on que. Most delightful for the families. Most pleasing indeed!

  3. Hello Roche, I randomly found your blog a couple months back. As a studentsof politics, many pieces came together. I didn't know much about the financial system and the dollar. I read your archives and you opened my eyes. I was intrigued by your marxist analysis - though some of it treads into conspiracy territory. I'm too busy to cover the posts you've written over the past year, and some of the content was a bit heavy to absorb. They make up just as many pages as all of the years prior to that put together. At some point you said that in the past you wanted to write a book. What are you waiting for? You have an entire tome right here on this blog. your prose is a bit tiring, but this character you have created, I enjoy very much -- and it makes me wonder who you are.

    1. I have many things I want to ask you. I'd have to go back and re-read everything so I can fill some gaps. I had to also read some supplementary material to make sense of things/confirm some of your claims. (The dollar crisis, for example) For now, i want to ask, when do YOU expect the dollar to crash? Are you suggesting technological innovation will not rescue it? What evidence is there for exchange of oil for gold having taken place between the Saudis and the us? How are they keeping gold prices fixed?? By selling off their reserves? What are your thoughts on going into the finance industry? How does one become a player in the game if they come from the world of the little people?

    2. Assuming your claims about these 'families' are true, why do you have such contention with them? As a node system that structures itself into pyramid like hierachies, human evolution would have naturally organized itself into such arrangement in which those at the top wield such an extraordinary proportion of power. We need nodes within the system that will guide progress. I understand that fundamentally there is systemic power distortion throughout because the foundations of the system are based on debt, but suppose we go back to a substance based society as you call it, where do you envision civilization in 100, 200, 500, and a 1000 years?

    3. These annals are provided for your enjoyment and edification. But you must absorb much information both inside and outside of these annals, and then see if the puzzle pieces you accept as "truth" coalesce into a logical big picture framework. Use the search feature here to glean more and good luck aggregating truth, and discarding indoctrination, as you choose.

    4. 007,
      "Assuming your claims about these 'families' are true, why do you have such contention with them?"

      Have you seen the movie "Wide Eye Shut"?

    5. Me, To 007 - while roacheforque might have different 'view', see below.

      Re: dollar crash - dollar has already crashed. Recognition of that fact is another matter.

      Re: gold for oil - find Philadelphia's FED gold discs, and more importantly see the flow, and post 1971 price of oil.

      Re: 'families' - I'll leave that be for the moment.

    6. Roche, I'm grateful to you for having spent this time to share what you have, but I'm genuinely curious to hear more from you. Part of me looking for a blog like this was not wanting to spend the rest of my life rotting in a 9-5, so i sought out unorthodox perspectives. I don't know what to do with this knowledge. I suppose im looking for some advice. I take that you and some of your audience know a thing or two about money. I'm hungry and I'm staring dead into an unrewarding career. Do you recommend going into finance? If not, then what?

      Anon - I haven't watched it, but I looked it up on wiki. I haven't read much on these families, do you have any suggestions/credible sources? It seems you basing your argument about these families on some aggrandized fantasy on how they operate as some cult like secret societies. Maybe there are some twisted fantasies being fulfilled, no doubt, but to dislike them because you think they like things like initiating their members through orgies is a weak argument. This is a politics/economics/finance blog. Let's set the tinfoil aside.

      I'm willing to bet that if we could somehow carry out a multi-factoral analysis, the exact same system would have evolved in a parallel universe, only with different names and faces. So picture some alien civilization millions of light years away. To be able to attain the capacity for interstellar travel for example, that civilization would have had to pass through an entire tree of progress. They would have had to have to go through various mandatory stages like discovering the wheel, then how to harness energy from fossil fuels, later how to split the atom, etc. Why would the developmental tree of that society's financial/economic system and its resultant power structures be any different. It would have natural stages that it would have undergo through that would take it to that final point. For example, it would have to transition through some sort of a debt based system, as would any other civilization at that level of maturity. The question is, what kind of an alternative system do you propose for our next cycle? And how do you transcend those power interests vested in and gripped onto maintaining their status aso the system can keep moving forward?

      Aengrod - I think that depends on how you tipify it. It may be headed in that direction, but for all practical purposes, its lifeline may be extended for a long long time, if not rescued entirely. Depending on how soon the automation economy is implemented and how the ensuing industrial revolution is handled, the dollar may be saved and US supremacy indefinitely perpetuated. At that point, we will live in a completely different economic dynamic that will completely restructure our relationships -- not unlike that took place during the shift from reciprocal tribal to agricultural feudal to capitalist/socialist industrial societies, and I belive the shift will occur much quicker. We're at the brink of a major, unprecedented, unpredictable economic, political, and social paradigm shift.

    7. 007,
      "It seems you basing your argument about these families on some aggrandized fantasy on how they operate as some cult like secret societies."
      If you think I'm basing my argument on fantasy, I suggest you should read this book "Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia.
      After reading this book, you would have a glimpse of what finance is really about.

    8. Dude, i looked at it, you can't take everything at face value. That book's sources are questionable. Using conspiracy websites, speculative newspaper articles, and youtube videos to support your premises? Cmon. It's surely interesting to read, but it's not all facts. That's what I'm trying to tell you, it's conspiratory fiction. The author's inductive logic is also flawed, he tries to arrange the pieces to fit his narrative. For an argument to work the premises need to be valid and the conclusions logical. Im not convinced either way. I asked for credible literature - preferably by a real scholar.

      And even then, let's assume it's all valid, what's your solution to the problem? Back to roche; he makes an appeal to Russia, China, India, and Brazil coalescing to revert to some sort of a gold standard. But does he understand how much worse things are there? Is he really oblivious to their wrong doings and stolen money??? I dont think he is, but I'm tired of this Putin dick riding. Is that also what you propose we do?? He points a finger at the bad rich guys, but ignores the fact that the only people who can afford the "cheap" gold in the east are possibly even worse.

      There's a logical inconsistency in the narrative here. West makes gold cheap and gives it away to East? Why would you give away your gold fully knowing that we will ultimately go back to a gold standard, a system in which the more gold you have the more power you have? We make gold cheap so the bad guys on the other side who oppose our interests can buy it all off on the cheap, and then when we go back to a gold base, they have more of it and are richer? Makes zero sense.

      Moreover, without finance, how do you propose we fund all the condos, bridges, pipelines, R&D, etc, especially at this rate? It's not all Dr. Evil, just because you're in finance doesn't mean you have to launder drug and blood diamond money you know.

    9. 007, You might want to check the work of Cathal Haughian/Putrid.

      Also, the publicly accepted view of the world today, especially in the West, is mostly fiction. If you want clarity, you will have to accept the company of tinfoil hats, who at least gravitate around bits of truth, whereas normal, "reasonable" people have quit orbiting anything of substance altogether. I smell normie programming in your answers, perhaps you just need a change of entourage to allow yourself to gain some distance from your currently held views.

      Be especially wary of idiot savants who worship logic. Ask them to predict anything useful and after their nth failure, the illusion will perhaps lift for you.


    10. I read the OG book, a gripping read indeed. I'll check out this one too. I'm not in opposition to everything that's being said here, but I wouldn't mind some academic proofs (eg. Theimann, Matthias (2014) “In the Shadow of Basel: How Competitive Politics Bred the Crisis,” Review of International Political Economy 21(6), 1203-39).

    11. I'm not the anon above, I don't know what's in the Gladio book. Gladio's existence, however, should be your wake-up call that western governments will do anything they accuse all those bad Russians/Arabs/etc of doing. Once you've seen the officially exposed doings of Gladio in Italy, look at all the public investigations into quite shady, similar stuff, that then popped up all over Europe and were simply openly blocked from progressing. Importantly, ask yourself: which European even remembers this? (Only one person I've talked to, in my case)

      In general, studying the dark corners of history will cure you of the childish trust that normal people have. Look into unorthodox sources on WW1, WW2, the communist revolution, Yugoslavia, the current wars... interesting that Iran, Lybia, North Korea, Syria and so on are exactly the countries that are/were not willing to play in the global central bank scam, hm? Which media that you usually trust noticed this? Noticed the Lybian rebels setting up a central bank in the middle of a war? Quite cosmopolitan for desert head choppers, I think.

      You'll rarely find proof of anything. You will rather start noticing way too many things to not become a skeptic. Hence my comment about changing mindset (cautiously of course). As for *academic* proof... I'll see if my library has a subscription and maybe check out the article. But I put little trust in people who receive their pay from the state. This selects for subservient "true believers" who will not bite the hand that feeds them. Concerning the expertise of academia, note how since the 50ies and 80ies, science and technology respectively have slowed down a lot compared to the budgets they absorb. Could the quality of people involved in academia have dropped dramatically? Could we have today professional, average teams instead of brilliant but abrasive geniuses? Who blindly trusts "science" coming from peer-reviewing corporate drones?

      Some links at random. You'll have to work out yourself what to believe: (Nope! It's a trick. Don't believe, keep probabilities. Life is more poker than chess.)


    12. Fiction? This knowledge is not secret. Everything you know and is said here is openly taught in academia -- and within proper context. There are actual political reasons for the things that happen, not just some imaginary unilaterally acting illuminati puppet masters. Sure there are interests acting to further their status and power, but they're not as powerful or autonomous as you would like to think.

      The West is worse than the East? Please, you lost all credibility there. You also make a lot of assumptions about me and my views. Like I said, they do much worse things there. If you think those states are saintly, you're delusional.

      I'll check out your links and your book when you get the chance. While I can respect your opinions, when you discard logic and science based on anecdotes, you've gone too far.

      Finally, to R, I stumbled across a book called Gold Wars. Again, the citations are pathetic, however the read is intriguing. It appears to be 1:1 with your thesis, so I'll get back to you once I've read it.

    13. Must have touched a nerve, because you read too much into what I've written. In any case, I'll take any papers you have that explain what I've mentioned in widely accepted terms and have you so convinced.

    14. Not at all, but it seems the way around. What do you want cited? Because I've had to fact check everything so far since no one here has been able to point me in the right direction to any of the questions that I've asked. You can understand my skepticism.

    15. I do proofs weekly to keep my meagre math skills sharp, or when I sometimes have to check a complicated algorithm at work. You do misunderstand my view on logic, reason and science. As a cure for the adoration of reason: https://meaningness.com/metablog/stem-fluidity-bridge . Look at Feinman's "Cargo Cult Science". Look at a former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine's opinion that much of clinical research is hogwash. Or the subversion of fields to push political agendas (starting a century ago in the soft fields, with Franz Boas, his students and their "noble savage" fraud, or today this in math: https://quillette.com/2018/09/07/academic-activists-send-a-published-paper-down-the-memory-hole/ ). Whatever is called "science" today gutted actual science at some point and is wearing its skin. I can attest that in my field, IT, innovation and real ground-breaking research have almost stopped for about 30 years.

      Aaanyway, I'll stop proselytising; I cannot give you want you want because of my semi-disdain for academics. I'll take you up on what you said though. I mentioned the Korean and Arab states that got/are/will be pummelled and the coincidences around them (the competing pipelines in Syria, the oil but also water in the Golan heights, Khaddafi's plan for a gold-backed African currency, his problems with his short-lived central bank, Iran's and Iraq's switch to the "eurodollar", the rare earth in NK, and the plain absence of CB). I also mentioned Gladio's existence (a little shady, but OK) and involvment in false flags on its own citizens (not OK, I hope we agree). For any of those things, are there proper scholarly analyses around?

      I also forgot about the apparent stupidity of "giving" gold to China. One explanation would be that nobody cares at the top because they have assets everywhere anyway. Tranfers of funds between divisions of Earth, Inc would not bother them. Cathal again. As it happens, there's on the internets a PDF of one of his books, and it's the one you might be most interested in: http://resistir.info/livros/the_philosophy_of_capitalism.pdf . Not what you're looking for, as it's a pot-pourri of thoughts, but food for thought all the same.

    16. Very well. I will read it all and get back to you. It will be a while though becuse my reading list is stacked and my time scarce - but I appreciate your input.

  4. More things change, more they stay the same.