Sunday, September 9, 2018


As we draw closer to the changes which lie ahead, some of us see the strategy of our keepers and masters. But for those who don't, there are just a few missing pieces to plug in.

First of all, if you think your "government" has "your best interests at heart", you are absolutely right - as long as you have many millions to donate to the cause. It's just the same cause as any - self enrichment, including the personal wealth enrichment of every Democrat and every Republican you have ever heard of, and all those you have not. You will be told that our military is fighting for the cause of the Syrian people, who are being gassed by their government for reasons unknown, when in fact the chemical weapon attacks are staged, and the whole thing is a pretense to prevent an energy pipeline to Europe, not under the complete control of the empire's economic interests.

Anyone left who fails to comprehend this is unfit to participate in the political process - either through the psychological impediment of denial, or sheer stupidity, or a combination of both.

Secondly, if you still cling to the "bipartisan-conflict" model of the US political system, these annals are probably far too radical for your consideration. But if so ... and you do continue to read ... it must be said that the present strategy of "divide and conquer through partisan deflection" is so overwhelmingly acknowledged by the growing number of critical thinkers who understand it, that Roacheforque's position now truly borders on discrimination towards those who do not.

Tolerance notwithstanding, these are times when rational thought and common sensibility are demanded of the little people, if they are to survive.

And so with these basic understandings taken as simplistically evident, one can move forward toward the conclusion that self preservation and enrichment has been a powerful motivation of the classe politique - just as with all classes. And the fear of social unrest and it's concomitant "somebody went postal" moments is the motivation behind the strategy to deflect blame and outrage. If government can divide the masses ideologically and have the little people polarized, and fighting among themselves, then government itself becomes blameless - simply representing the ideologies of two opposing camps.

So what is causing the ruling class to regularly soil their Depends undergarments, such that a tedium of calls must be made to their personal incontinence advisers?

That would be somewhat nebulous, due to our unprecedented wanderings for so long now into uncharted monetary and financial waters. But certain economists at the Bank, we hear (as well as board members who dine with them on occasion) are a bit worried about the currencies.

If the debt based dollar system finds competition in another, equity backed, system ... and if global economics contracts into regional, and even local economies ... then ... the way that currencies "get their value" comes under pressure. The inputs to the exchange rate mechanism favor different factors than before, and as the empire acts to protect certain interests (trade tariffs, sanctions) the little people are soon to find their "money" ... "not working as before".

Not to be cryptic, but inflation has a way of hurting the little people which does not bother billionaires much at all. The elite will of course bitch about the price of freshly baked bread, but I can assure you they will still seek out the best bread money can buy at any cost, and make up the difference a hundred fold in ways that they alone can - the bakers of the bread be damned.

And the little people will be damned, and pitchforks will no doubt be hurled. But the "how and when" of these matters is for the Devil to decide. The future is unknown, but the strategy going forward is obvious, just the same. Self preservation at all cost and at every level.

Let the little people fight among themselves, while Giants fortify and glorify their bunkers. Change is inevitable and unstoppable. Time proves all.

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