Thursday, August 23, 2018


More and more people are beginning to understand the thoughts of Roacheforque as they materialize in so many different forums, through the open dialogue of so many brave individuals, like Kevin Shipp and others who have been featured over the years in these annals.

You are likely to be amazed by the descriptions that follow, of the extent to which the "dark left" will stoop - deep into the bowels of amoral decadence - in their effort to destroy the American Constitution, Christianity and the principles of Western Civilization.

While long time readers of the annals will note that Donald Trump is not Roacheforque's exact prescription for what ails the modern human condition, he does fit an appropriate profile for what the populist revolution requires. And let us not forget that populism, nationalism and the fight to retain or regain sovereignty (at many levels) is not a peculiarly American phenomenon. As such, the threat of globalism - under the rising new money power regime (AADF, Soros, Clintons, etc...) has given rise to Brexit, Trump and a renewed vigor of the worlds most impregnable culture - resistant to attacks from within and without (as discussed in detail, in recent posts).

The Deep State, Dark Left, AADF are indeed the chess pieces on the board, and the old money vs. new money factions (as well explained by Stacy Little in the link above) are indeed the players.

And once again, let us not forget how we got here. New money rose to power through the unprecedented rise of FIAT, which gave birth to the ultimate gold derivative, the US Dollar. Yes, old money certainly took advantage of this rise to prominence ... of America's dominant world position ... and here we are in America today - once again in the center of world conflict.

Economically, culturally, morally, we are in the midst of a tumultuous period in the evolution of humanity, and though it may seem overly dramatic, a great battle between good and evil is again underway.

As Shipp explains, there is great hope in the midst of this battle, where the forces of technological betrayal (through governmental corruption and collusion) attempt to censure "socially incorrect" thought. It is not just CNN, MSNBC, Google, Facebook and Twitter who are beholden to the Dark Left, but ABC, NBC, CBS and its local affiliates obediently "report" the propaganda that is designed to reprogram what you think and how you think it.

But it isn't working out quite as planned. The "old values repackaged for our modern era" are gaining momentum. Those who speak up for tradition are making a difference, and what little Roacheforque has done is well enough for the little people (of which he now is one).

The flower of understanding is watered by men like Kevin Shipp. And it grows. Time proves all.

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