Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Emerging Layers

As has been treated in past analogues, the layers of betrayal run deep with technology. Man's original "trustless, anonymous" concept goes back to the origins of technology itself. One layer is perceived as autonomous, and others are manipulated by the stewards of the technology - to gain power and control over the masses.

Note that Google for example is now so intrinsically a part of the surveillance and indoctrination arms of the CIA, FBI and related Deep State apparatus, that it can openly ... brazenly ... and very publicly contradict the US President as a visible power play for all to see. Facebook and Twitter are not yet quite as established or integral to mass indoctrination propaganda operations, but that is progressing.

So the technology can be programmed to "normalize" or "correct" thoughts or thought processes of the population of mass users, depending upon one's concept of "normal" or "correct", as in "politically" or "socially".

Roacheforque had long ago concluded that Facebook has an inherent, user-generated "mass norming" influence upon the political and social bell curve. Some person will publish findings one day which support that the early days of Facebook were rather mild and "normative", as the majority of opinions along a spectrum of extremes will logically drift toward the center (moderate, majority view) when left to purely random influences.

That tendency however, can easily be tweaked to whatever ends the stewards of the technology desire. It's as simple as bending the bell curve toward the polar extremes by "showing" more polarizing content to more users of a certain type, and less of another, according to algorithmic inputs in the thousands.

The outcome of this "social turbulence" reconditioning through our trusted (and obsessively used) technologies is that the former center of the bell curve is obliterated and polar extremes are now the norm.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are mind control and indoctrination technologies in the new "soft war" objective of mass population control and management. It works for the vast majority. And for the rest of us, it acts as a window into the mindset of our controllers - those who set the lab rats to kill each other off (or otherwise keep them occupied or distracted) while the ruling class who funds the entire operation goes about changing the world to suit their psychopathic lust for power and control.

It truly is an "invasion of the mind snatchers" twist on reality, as we watch the people that we thought we knew ... literally acting as agents for a narrative, and an agenda, which they never expressed before the public expression of personal thoughts (and the complete abandonment of privacy) came into vogue.

And we wonder if it came into vogue by design?

Had Roacheforque written of this specifically back in March, the matter might have raised more than a single eyebrow, but I think today, as the fog begins to clear, the emerging layers of betrayal come into view.

And now, just like the "big boys" we end this shocking realization with a soothing and heart warming story, so as to condition your mind to more easily accept the horrific truth, by pairing it with an appeal to your empathy, and your "humanity".

Just like every major network in the ministry of indoctrination does:

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