Wednesday, July 11, 2018

NATO ... Interests?

Why does Germany need protection from Russia when Russia is one of its leading energy suppliers?Why would Russia "attack" (?!?!) EU countries when they are some of Russia's best energy customers?

Economic cooperation serves the best interest of nations in a multi-polar world. What kind of business or organization seeks to attack it's own customers (other than the psychotically inexplicable US G)?

Artificial barriers for artificial markets serve our artificial world. In reality, trade war is war. War feeds the global Deep State economic complex .

Sorry that common sense is so drastic these days. The little people are being trained to think like their psychotic keepers.

You can rattle your cages against one another as programmed, or create little pockets of "activism" against the Deep State and if you get enough notice you'll be rewarded with dark money (a.k.a. "bought off").

The problem is much bigger than the little (We the) people can ever hope to solve. But fear not. The power of out of control fiat money (obscene global debt levels) is being challenged by economic blocs whose economies are not solely backed by (Treasury or FX) debt.

Equity flows East. Change is assured.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on these recent articles:

    1. Jim Rickards: Gold price has been locked to SDR

    2. CHINA takes control of GOLD from the COMEX

    "The correlation between Gold and the USD/CNY exchange rate has become clear recently. I first cited the idea of Gold being pegged in yuan terms in February, based on the increasingly narrow range in the Gold/yuan (or “XAU/CNY”) exchange rate. I emphasized this, given what it means for Gold in that USD/CNY becomes a primary driver of the price of Gold in dollars."

    I remember reading a POM article that said gold could be locked into the SDR at a low value. Is this what has occurred?