Thursday, June 7, 2018

From Ridiculous to Surreality

This morning's syndicated network news has suddenly taken a turn from ridiculous to surreal, opening with a story about an aging black cocaine ring matriarch having her jail sentence commuted by Trump after being cajoled by Kim Kardashian West (cut to photo op) followed by more staged police brutality videos, then an androgynous multi-ethnic skinhead named Vlad introduces clips from a popular reality TV "gender sensitivity moment".

And who is the sponsor of this madness? Multi-national pharmaceutical companies.
God help us.

The producers of Idiocracy came eerily close to their dire prediction of a completely dehumanized, commercialized and commoditized media-to-audience class structure. The real life version is much closer to the Hunger Games, yet I suspect that Nora O'Donnell is doomed to be replaced by Formica Davis if the "news" progresses further in its current direction.

If you can find the truth (and even if you can't) surely you must get the feeling that you're being lied to nearly completely, all day every day that you view material that is being delivered to the masses. Our reward system of payment for the production of such material is governed by the general findings of the last post.

Mass delivery of information is far too powerful NOT to be corrupted, and we understand this, but the lengths to which the intellect of rational thinking beings is being insulted is mind boggling.

Again, the connection to recent posts is clear. We live in world where cost / benefit analysis replaces morality. As Trump himself would have it, it's all one big show and everything is for sale at the right price if it's a good deal.

We got to this sad state of affairs through the gradual and persistent degradation of traditional Western values - and the assault upon them continues for all to see, if only they could open their eyes.

Did it start with the corruption of our founding father's clear Constitutional assumptions regarding money? I think so. Humans are incapable of properly managing fiat money, and once they accept and widely adopt it, insanity in all forms ensues through the adoption of the world's foremost derivative structure - the dollar ... and it's "exchange rate system" a derivative byproduct.

Some will see only the correlation, but Roacheforque sees the cause.

Modern societies need fiat currencies, and there is a way to regulate them that bypasses the weakness of any Congress, any banking class or international monetary fund -  any construct of human decision making. But we have strayed so far from it, and have been hypnotized so thoroughly by its imposters, that we can no longer recognize reality on many fronts.

This is the result of a world of lies, deception and corruption at its very foundation, which engenders a false world of fake virtues, fake money and a fake alternate reality for the consuming masses. As I hope to show in my next post, the 300th, our world is a byproduct of "derivative logic"

Our only hope is the timeless permanence of the cure. Our greatest challenge is the disaster needed to reawaken.

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