Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Change Is Essence

To quote Heraclitus ... change is the essence of existence. Nothing is permanent, save for the immutability of change.

In that regard, you may notice that a certain offering, once revered for its wisdom (among Roacheforque's fake news) has been removed, due to its transformation into a virtual shrine to the crypto - fiat concept.

Every post for weeks was talking that ridiculous book. It is a shame to see a person such as J.C.C. so fully converted to a lost cause.

But in it's place, we have the incredibly insightful message of Jacob Hornberger. His message resonates with that of Roacheforque's, especially this most recent treatise on the wisdom of an important founder father.

Our modern world is a reflection of a well measured past, which holds much more "currency" than the trivialities of the latest twist on technetronic virtue.


And so ... to be fair ... what is the "book" that Roacheforque "talks". What is his motive? What is he selling?

Truth ... honor ... and a way of life that our founding fathers shed blood for, and which they turn in their graves over, if the Flower of Understanding is to ever clear a path wide enough for the West to walk.

Roacheforque has no vested interest in your acceptance of gold as an incorruptible and agnostic measure of value. Yes, perhaps if the West was to be converted to this view, change would usher in more quickly, and that would serve as an immediate advantage to Le Roache.

But his view is LONG. It is his children that he seeks to protect. His time is short, and his legendary triumphs will go unnoticed in the scheme of time, for his station in life was cut short by the elements of timing, and the movement of Giants, from whose pathetic water boys he chose to be removed.

Thus, we reflect upon change as the essence of our time, much like the ancient Greeks, just as so with our modern day Atlanticists.

Perhaps these annals, if they survive the ravages of change, will serve as a legacy to the essence of our existence.

One is encouraged to wax philosophic, as the rule of law evaporates through the death throes of the world's dictatress.

Time alone will determine TRUTH, as it reveals all.


  1. I haven't checked out PoM in awhile. So I took a peek. Egads! What's with all the crypto retardery?

    You know, the crypto crowd is trapped now. The vast majority probably jumped on the bandwagon north of 10K. Even the wise guy hedge funds. "A bagholder, a bagholder, my kingdom for a bagholder!"

    1. since when majority* of funds were wise? ;-)

      *similar to majority of the banks