Saturday, February 10, 2018


To live in a "progressive" economy, to live under the rule of a progressive system does not necessarily condemn one to be cursed by the sickness of the decadent, progressive mindset. True, the ruling class barrage of propaganda from their perpetrators of cultural re-engineering is overwhelming. Especially for those of us who have lived long enough to appreciate the classical ideals of the masculine man as provider, the feminine woman as nurturer, the traditional nuclear family, strong cultural identities, the beauty of a healthy mind and body, strong and healthy children with traditional morals and values - values which include thrift, industry (useful work - a living well earned) and the virtues of true economic social value, in the classical sense.

Hand in hand with the value system of a decadent society is its worship of debt as the focal wealth asset. It's acolytes are the debtbugs, lusting after the easy money of speculation and entitlement. They crave the casino's "house winnings" while nibbling at the entitlement crumbs of their master's illusive system of "debt as wealth". The debtbugs are responsible for the egregious and unprecedented wealth disparity of our modern era, which in turn perpetuates the system of cultural debasement which reinforces both the concentration of power, and the generation of depravity. A society of weak, degenerate debt slaves is exactly what the 1% are happy to rule over.

From Caitlin Jenner to Gerbers new Downs baby, no one will question the idealization of gender debasement, genetic debasement, cultural depravity and the destruction of classical ideals all owing to the glorification of the depraved "debt slavery as wealth" system. We question it no more than we question the debasement of our money - our value system. Yet, the hypocrisy is clearly evident in our modern era Colosseum, where bronze, silver and GOLD medals are awarded to competitive athletes. Shouldn't we merely offer "participation" awards to all, so as to create safe spaces for under-achievers? With slavery as a focal wealth reserve asset, self loathing and the betrayal of a self-sufficient working class go hand in hand.

And the sun now sets on this era, as Roacheforque's warnings fall upon deaf ears.

For elsewhere in this world, the repudiation of cultural self betrayal grows strong. And as the pendulum swings in rebuttal, the force of its response will likewise go too far. Enjoy the era of Xi and Putin, for the next wave of Mao and Stalin are at "hand in hand" with Trump.

Likewise, in these annals, the indulgence of debtbug trolls is no longer tolerated. They will no longer be allowed to worship here the slavery of their fellow man though debt with comments about "goldbugs crucifying an entire generation on the cross of gold". Their greed and envy of freedom and prosperity through the traditions of the past are unacceptable.

Debtbugs  ... be forewarned. In case you still haven't noticed, change is upon us. The return of traditional values is at hand, whether repackaged for our modern times or not. The pendulum is swinging and to be on the wrong side of its momentum is to defy a relentless force from which there will be no recovery.

The time of patience has ended. The time of tolerance is over. The flower of understanding blossomed and offered much. But the refusal to acknowledge it now brings about the darkness. The time for debtbugs crucifying an entire generation on the cross of debt, as they worship their false idols, is no more. Prepare for allegory to become reality.


  1. You know I fear. Total technocratic control of the markets. Before we get to a system with somewhat clear price signals, the CBs will step in and price control the entire yield curve, the Fed will buy ETFs, and gold will continued to be collared. And they are going to herd the population into these smart cities where there's no freedom. 1984. It's coming.

  2. They are definitely testing it. When you are in uncharted territory, everything is a test.

  3. Right after I posted the above we get this...

    You can't make this stuff up.

  4. The problem is not with gold itself. Whether or not you or I has a gold coin or bar lying around is immaterial. The problem is how it is managed, how it is treated.

    It is, to this very day, managed down to its commodity price. There is no freegold anywhere on the horizon. And yet that is supposedly what you want people to prepare for.

    Meanwhile, those very same people have lost opportunity cost by being away from markets which are supported, such as stocks and housing.

    In effect, with gold you are losing time! That is what I mean. You are encouraging people to choose a path separate from the consensus reality of our age, in order for a benefit that never actually arrives.

    So, freegold becomes a sort of counter religion, a cult of "any day now" the system will change and you will be rewarded for your thrift. A prophecy which is useful because it never actually comes true.

    1. Losing time or gaining real value? That is the question. But Roacheforque cares less of "gold windfall" you perceive in "Freegold". So your interpretation of it seems misdirected.

      What Roacheforque wishes for much more dearly, is a return to the values and traditions of my direct ancestors who created the U.S. Constitution.

      What Roacheforque wishes for, whether in his time, or his children's, is a return to free markets and prosperous middle classes, where wealth is naturally more evenly distributed to represent the true value of socially beneficial economics.

      If you can think you can have this, with your artificial markets, your artificial money and your artificial culture, I bid you GO TO IT. Leave here and revel in debt and all it brings.

      An equity based construct lies on the other side of the world's economic ledger, with gold at the center.

      As always, do not wander into a holding which you do not fully understand.