Sunday, February 4, 2018

State of the World

Urgent memo to the Anglo American Dollar Faction (AADF): The democratic process only thrives through the voice of dissent. Without opposing ideas and different viewpoints, real change (questioning the ruling classes) cannot germinate - thus we have tyranny. This is just as true for the citizenry of a national leadership as it is for people of the world in regard to global leadership.

Who speaks for the people of the world? Who speaks for the global middle class? Surely it is not the United States of 2018. That leadership (as most agree) protects the interests of a very small minority of high wealth influence and privilege. All evidence extrapolated from years of "reading between the lines" suggests that many countries represent and protect the interests of their working classes much more so than the U.S.

And logically so. Producer nations like China (and Russia) depend upon their working classes to power their economies. Debtor nations like the U.S. depend upon their systemic banks to drain the remaining wealth (of a former producer nation) from its current consumers, through financialization. Consumerism and speculation feeds a system which enriches a small ruling class minority. Not exactly the indispensable process of an exceptional nation, according to world opinion. But apparently acceptable to the very middle class caught up in the web of indentureship that system creates.

If the world has learned from the classic examples of true democracy, certainly the majority responsible for most new wealth creation and economic progress have a voice in the leadership of world affairs. And the countries which represent them (so much more fully than countries who represent their 1%) should surely have a path to political influence through the customary practices of foreign diplomacy and foreign relations. These practices include the perfectly legal means by which countries offer, allow and even encourage public relations services, social media and marketing.

When a country attempts to interfere with the best interests of the world's 99%, it commits tyranny by that act alone. But the AADF has gone much further than this. It is the world's undisputed champion in practicing all the perfectly illegal means by which powerful empires wage disruption, mayhem and war - upon any nation or group that challenges the interests of its ruling class. And because that country's 99% are both hypnotized by its propaganda and seduced by its "money for nothing" lie, we accept the chains of bondage to do their bidding, or at least tolerate the injustice.

Clearly, the hypocrisy and irony of the "state of the world" is far more outrageous than any fiction which people of good character, working toward economic development and prosperity for all, could ever contrive.


With these thoughts in mind, we see more clearly the perplexing and preposterous obsession with "Russiagate". Perhaps the best characterization of the methodology of the AADF (and its deep state operatives) can be summed up with the following quote:
The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.
- Joseph Goebbels 
Ridiculous indeed. However it was not the English, but rather the English aristocracy which Goebbels is over generalizing here. It is eerily fitting that a quote from the leadership of Hitler's ministry of propaganda best describes the relentless daily mantra of "Russian collusion" and "Russian meddling". Frankly, both Hitler and Goebbels can be forgiven for being far less arrogant and hypocritical than the equivalent Anglo American Ministers of misdirection and deceit.

I say this because Russia is merely guilty of the reasonable means by which sovereign nations should represent their people's best interests, conducting foreign policy well within the framework of true global democracy. These include lobbying, marketing, ambassadorship, interest group funding and related initiatives - acceptable and customary international relations policy. To call these practices "interference" or "meddling" is a paranoid self delusion of extreme hypocrisy.

To be outraged at such "impudence" is the classic response from the ivory towers of failing empires. They see the rest of the world as mere vassals aspiring to behave like sovereign nations. They consider the world its plantation and its nations are colonies whose true best interests are to serve the empire. It's addiction to power and control feed the paranoia that any lesser country might "do as it does, not as it commands".

Truly the AADF's "big lie" is its ironic self characterization as a bastion of freedom and democracy in a world of tyrannical dictators. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is the EXACT opposite which is true.

The "empire of exceptionalism" far exceeds all limits of ethical foreign policy practice by simply attacking any colony who refuses to pay tribute. Such "misbehavers" as Libya, Iraq, Syria or Ukraine (to name the very few that should be well known) are attacked either openly (militarily, under false pretense) or by sending in paid assassins (ISIS, etc) to effect complete political regime change - usually by installing a puppet dictator under the empire's rule.

This same empire accepts extravagant favor from Wall Street while paving the way for future bailouts through banking class socialization of defaulting debt. Yes, this is the "way of life" that is "defended" by spreading chaos and havoc across the globe.

Dare to even dream of a different world and obedient media supermodels indoctrinate with a daily dose of extreme brainwashing along the lines of "Russian meddling into our sacred American elections" (in reality, "you helped the popular vote break our fix"). Now comes all the related trappings of the design to keep the masses under control and in bondage - like dividing and conquering from within by creating antagonism between the genders, the races, the sexual orientations and the wealth sub-classes.

It is sickening beyond all imagination. The debt serfs now have a representative demi-God to direct their anger through, and he has the empire's true master behind him. Yet the causes and effects which rule their daily lives are greatly misunderstood by the little people. If one unintended consequence offends the ruling class, it will be dealt with through deceit and misdirection. If another finds favor with the intended outcome, it is glorified.

Such are the pitfalls of playing God. The Giants have ventured into an age of powerful opposing interests, and these Lions will do battle as before. The AADF vs. the International Banking Interests. The time is now for small dogs to hide with what's in their bellies. Such is the state of the world ...

This we learn from the flower of understanding.

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