Sunday, February 4, 2018

Your "Facts" Are BIASED: UPDATE II

Needless to say, when it comes to the sensationalism that passes for "news" these days, you're in a piping hot mess of propaganda, agendas, misdirection and outright lies.

But when you go fact checking on Google, you can rest equally assured that "some facts are more equal than others" (if you catch my drift).

This important update comes from an article, already three years old, by Julian Assange. Just imagine the state of affairs today.

Just like Twitter, and Facebook, trusted (or formerly trusted) information sources, including social media, are beholden to the powers of Empire which can make or break their bottom line in ways we'll never really hear about (and some we will) including how key stakeholders can be accused of treasonous espionage, Russian meddling enablement, accusations of pedophilia and of course the dreaded claim of sexual misconduct.

But the threat of personal destruction for uncooperative actors is a mild back-story in comparison to the synergy and geopolitical integration between Silicon Valley social surveillance monopolies and the worlds global debt monopoly. Today, that partnership creates an unprecedented propaganda and cultural engineering Leviathan.

This post has been re-dated, as new stories have appeared just days after the original post (linked above) and these are just a few of many incidents in a long line of recent articles that tells us the Anglo American Dollar Faction and it's "hard left" agenda have completely infected the corporate culture in Silicon Valley. Without any dispute, they appear to own the "new media", whereas the international banking interests own and control the traditional media (Reuters & affiliates) of the generation "in charge".

So clearly, the battle we have seen, as remarked upon in many prior posts, between the reactionary right and the depraved left extremes (God help the moderates, what few remaining there are) is also generational. That is clear. New age millenial "coiners" are clearly on the left with the AADF, and the stodgy "oldbugs" are on the right with international banking and generational wealth. It is yet another epochal generation gap, as we had in the 60's. And of course many of our most outspoken 60's anarchists are running Wall Street today.

But I want to be clear about this. When Roacheforque speaks of the coming loss of confidence in technology, this won't purely be a matter of security breaches and outright financial theft. It will be a betrayal of trust in technological virtue - a shattering of expectations, as the actors behind said virtue reveal the motives behind their cultural engineering experiment.

Because you see, while there is an extreme left, and and extreme right, the power behind BOTH is of the same ilk. Easy money gains power easily, and power corrupts. Many millenials and gen-x-ers, coiners and snap-chatters alike, will find little love in the betrayal to come, as confidence in technology fails.

Roacheforque has spent many contemplative hours sipping single malts in the garden of knowledge, so as to confer in earnest with the flower of understanding on this matter.

Which domino will topple first? Which wildcard sets off the fire that stokes the winds of change? Which betrayal leaves us in a world without love?


  1. With just a week before the Shanghai RMB crude futures, I been waiting for shoes to drop. Yesterday, the "hey, MotherFer" from China to the USTreasury. Now today the widespread closings of Sam's Clubs. What does WMT know? What does the stock market know? Are we about to have one of those, "on any given Sunday" Sundays?

  2. This "Because you see, while there is an extreme left, and and extreme right, the power behind BOTH is of the same ilk."

  3. Shanghai RMB crude futures might be delayed. From what I gather in the Chinese media, they really want Saudi Arabia on board. Accepting RMB and listing Aramco on the HKEx.

    1. Well interesting times ahead if CBs are adding CNY to their fx reserves.

      Re: oil - china wants to or have to? I assume russia is on the bus, presumably venezuela too.

    2. Saudis are playing both sides until they officially becomes Chins's bitch.

  4. The FAANG stocks are basically defacto S.O.E's. They have one thing in common.....significant household/consumer privacy intrusion. Whether it be from computers, smart phones, internet, search engines or Echo/Siri....FAANG wealth has strings attached....your points are well taken and that breach is already under way for anyone willing to look.

  5. When the truth about Google comes out ... oh wait ... how can it come out? Google controls the truth ... and it is indeed for the empire today what Northrup Grumman was in the prior phase of hegemony.