Monday, January 22, 2018


No more should one blindly "follow the leader" than to give up one's reason and will and "give thyself over to ..." (whomever or whatever one blindly follows). Such is the quality of "faith" that many do have in the practice of their lives - often without awareness of what they have surrendered.

As Roacheforque did take the fork in the trail before him with regard to the Euro project, he now takes it again with regard to "faith in technological virtue". I submit the following delusion:
Do you see? The blockchain itself will be the reserve method. The blockchain is de-centralized trust. It will never be scarce. It can never be hoarded. It does not matter what asset or coin any individual, nation, or institution decides to use. The impact this will have on human warfare and the need for fear-based resource hoarding will be dramatic. Mankind is truly on the threshold of something wonderful.
The argument being made here is that trade imbalances will no longer exist because all transactions will be completely equitable going forward through the use of smart contracts. There is no need for a financial "reserve asset" because money will be technologically equitable by nature.

Yes to take this delusion to its logical conclusion, there will be no war ... there will be no greed. Now, I submit to you the reality of the human species:
When Roacheforque speaks of the coming loss of confidence in technology, this won't purely be a matter of security breaches and outright financial theft. It will be a betrayal of trust in technological virtue - a shattering of expectations, as the actors behind said virtue reveal the motives behind their cultural engineering experiment.
There is utility in block chain, as with any technology, but it is not the transactional utility which drives its value - it is the greed of easy money. You will continue to see, time and time again, admonishment of trust in anything that enables the trusted technology, while you expect to maintain your trust in the technology itself. Of course for now, the evil acts of cyber theft are blamed upon the exchanges (true enough) and their enablers. But when we eliminate the human element and place our faith completely in A.I. this begets an entirely new set of problems - possibly even more problematic than our skeptical faith in tradition.

What is most alarming is the way in which rational thinkers can be so charismatically drawn into the faith of technological virtue. Many generations from now, for as long as man survives his instinctual nature, there will still be war. I cannot say for certain if even the dead will see the end of it. But greed? The greed of humanity will end when humanity ends, and not before. We are not evolving away from it, as the idealistic among us hope for and dream of. Rather, we are evolving further toward it, in cycles. True, in times of plenty, peace appears to rule the day, but times of plenty never last. For greed always forms the power centers of the next cycle, and said power furthers corruption ... and so on.

In truth, when Roacheforque held power for a time, which came with many temptations, he resisted. He held true to his resolve that power would not corrupt his charge, and that he would not abuse the privilege of his station. But that was a fleeting moment in time - not sustainable in a world where the powerful punish honor and reward further corruption.

In this world the forces of evil do rule. This is why we long for the next - a utopia where good is its own reward, where righteousness and virtue are powerful, and evil is cast out into darkness. Whether or not such a place exists, it is faith in this afterlife that compels many to the moral life, without which faith they might turn astray.

Though sad, we must accept that in this mortal world where we live and breathe, we can only hope to influence smaller circles of trust to seek good as its own reward. The larger circles are bought and paid for. The feasibility that "Oprah" is being held up as our next savior (for example) lies purely through the channels her wealth opens (though we might delude ourselves otherwise as to her other qualities of "fitness").

The world around us is filled with the greed and envy of missed opportunity and easy wealth. Our money system depends on it (and will for future generations to come). If a true dark age was to come, the 99% would murder the 1% with brutality, then distribute the spoils among those to first cut each others throats for it, leaving those who hesitate to bleed out and die.

Just follow the thoughts of these same advocates of "centralized trust virtue" as they proclaim the altruistic utopia their faith begets ... then, from the other side of their mouths they spit the venom of "new greed" at the pillars of "old greed" in competition for the power their new wealth enables.

Cynicism? Pessimism? Perhaps. Or perhaps an understanding that we are still so primitive in our evolutionary timeline that the concept of altruism may never blossom. Witness the failure of socialism and communism, and the longevity of capitalism and ask yourself why? Look at the rise of nationalism and populism and ponder. Have these tribes evolved at all, or are they in fact DE-evolving into a cyclical dark age?

Even the smallest circle of your own immediate family is invaded by outside forces of  social, cultural and moral re-engineering, not the least of which includes this blind faith in the artificial intelligentsia created by technological virtue. If an honest man can raise an honest family in these times, that is saying much. And if he can do that, and maintain his moral character in circles of influence even wider, then I bid "good will" to that.

And now ... we will be closing off the south wing in Roacheforque manor as the coldest winter weeks set in. We could hope for unseasonably warm weather, but we do not place our faith in unrealistic expectations. The proven comfort of fewer, warmer rooms in the remaining wings is what we place our trust in.

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