Saturday, January 13, 2018

Missed Opportunity Fear

Be thankful that we still live in a world where "missed opportunity fear" (MOF) still drives human behavior. If we're not careful, it could be replaced by "survival fear" in a wave of change. I will say again that gold could rise $12-20 dollars per week for a month and it will not raise an eyebrow. This is not a future prediction - only how one hypothetical future (of many) plays out.

We cannot predict from the hand of wild cards the world is dealt which future will unfold. But as we assess the various trajectories, we can, with greater accuracy, predict certain details of each.

Because the dollar price of gold (how the world quotes its value today) is so inherently intertwined with the perceived value of the dollar's "debt as wealth" premise, many physical gold investors of size will drive the "price" up over fear that it will NEVER dip again in their period of opportunism (a lifetime for some). They could be wrong as well ... and they do act upon reason, and emotion, and experience ... but they do act.

I speak of physical gold investors, as opposed to paper gold speculators. It has always been Roacheforque's position that most of what is called "investing" today is pure speculation. I have always taken umbrage at the term "gold investor" being applied to exchange traded speculation in paper futures. Such is the infection of the Western mindset, and its dollar example - spread across this world as far and as deep as the dollar itself. 

Again, our global money system is "culturally endemic", despite the power of generational memory and the impact of cultural tradition - a true environment vs evolution dilemma. Many unfortunates will spend millions chasing after a burst of perceived opportunity in a moment in time, which will reverse violently, just as quickly as the next momentary opportunity shines.

Conversely, generational wealth dynasties will purposefully sacrifice a lifetime's holdings if they are certain that action will be redeemed and the amount increased a hundred fold in the next 200 years. "Compounding" and "continuity" do not exist in the lexicon of the little people. They are "the many", and that failing allows for much compounding and continuity among the stewards of generational wealth. Silly shrimp play the game for a moment's fleeting pleasure on the roller coaster existence of their master's treadmill. Old money is true wealth and is always long - in the longest sense of the word - traditional, enduring wealth, in liquid form.

Thus the chart above is meaningless, and proves nothing - other than what people think. And if what people think drives their perception of wealth, then such is the value of real wealth perceptions today. 

You shouldn't even be reading this really ... after all, only a handful do. That, and a single troll, gallantly crusading against Roacheforque's dangerous ideas (which will only cause despair).

As you can see, nobody at all follows Roacheforque from Russia or China. Is it because they do not need to (which they don't) or just a coincidence that they can not? Think about it. The flower of understanding offers wisdom for all.


  1. Nobody follows you from russia, due to lack of developed middle class there, and wealthy russians don't have to, it's a different world out there.

  2. Either Russia and China are blocking Google's blogger or Google is not serving Russia and China this content. There's just no way that all our Western (NATO) countries find this blog in a search (how most find it) and not a single page view comes from the East. Believe me, I have run many public blogging sites that did, including in the 2008-2010 time frame. "Gold" as a keyword drives search demand all over the world, more from East than West. So with that as a given, we now have more to think about as to motive.