Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A World Without Flirting ...

There was a time, back in the day ... when Roacheforque had that popular combination of "looks", "money" and "prestige" which capture the attention of some of the most discriminating, gorgeous and well bred young ladies that ever caused a heart (etc...) to throb.

I can say the above, to what may be the utter disgust of what appears to be a growing movement of women, without much hesitation. After all, this blog post has little chance of "ending my career" or "publicly shaming" me to a degree that will somehow impact my life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. Surely, my thoughts today do not constitute yet another "grotesque indiscretion" to any of the remaining people I care about, and yet ... I would never post these thoughts to Facebook. Think about that.

But back in the day, flirting was a fairly harmless way to show interest in the opposite sex. Even today one cannot help but to notice, at the local grocery store for example, magazines like Cosmopolitan (that publication for shameless harlots) which advertise that "flirting" when initiated by women, is "sexy". And likewise, it may be perfectly in vogue - even "courageous" to exhibit public flirtation with the same sex.

But for a man to overtly flirt with a woman today??

That is a test of courage that I would not dare to subject myself to, nor could I ever recommend it, not even to those endowed with the aforementioned attributes of my charmed past.

It may be with full intent that the #metoo and #timesup movement has created a heightened meme among women who would previously not really have thought of themselves as "feminists". The message that all heterosexual males are dogs, especially those of the white male privilege variety seems to be loud and clear these days. The character of homosexuals, bi-sexuals and transgender (unaffiliated?) types of course is spared the indignity.

Sorry to have to point this out, but there can be no logical argument made to refute the undisputed fact that current events in the popular cultural shift described above have blurred the lines of "acceptable" heterosexual behavior to such an extent that clarification is overdue. Someone needs to study the impact on "dating" (or whether that term is even relevant to the modern heterosexual relationship, whatever that is today).

Yes, there are a variety of women, of many types, who hold varying degrees of tolerance toward varying degrees of "flirting", but ... I'm sorry to say that some of the best mannered, courteous and thoughtful men - who also happen to be "hunks" (or the descriptive equivalent to many of these women) are going to be "shitting their pants terrified" to flirt with women as they would have 5 years ago, and ... I may be going out on a limb here, but ... I don't think many women who would have been enthusiastic about a relationship with those kinds of men are going to be the "big winners" here.

Someone once posed the question about change being a rebirth of old values, repackaged for our modern times.

If American women wish to be "courted" by "gentlemen" in the manner of the Victorian or Colonial era, I presume that American bisexual, homosexual or transgender "applicants" will be more than accommodating.

Such are the sentiments of the Flower of Understanding ...

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