Friday, August 11, 2017

Confusion Says:

You really know the world is confused when an old acquaintance rises up on Facebook and exclaims, "Let's hope Putin dies next." in the same post where he laments over "those liberal left wing lunatics."

I read an article by Rickards about a week ago where he points out Washington's miscalculation of Russia.
The sanctions have been a failure. They have had no impact on Russian behavior at all. Russia still acts freely in Crimea, eastern Ukraine, and in other spheres of influence such as Syria. This failure was predictable. Russian culture thrives on adversity. Russians understand that their culture is distinctly non-western and has its roots in Slavic ethnicity and the Eastern Orthodox religion.
This is an excellent summary of why I admire the Russian people so much, and also why I am so disheartened by the brainwashed sheople of America, when they openly practice "Putin-Hate" and "Russia-Hate" as directed by their masters at the Deep State Ministry of Propaganda.

I only wish our millennial snowflakes had half the stones of their Russian counterparts. But unfortunately, the greatest adversity they have encountered is a bad grade for failing to study, or a lost trophy to a better athlete just because he or she "performed better", when we all know it's the effort that counts, not the results!

But our precious Snowflakes do bark on command, I have to hand them that. If the tables were turned, and economic sanctions were levied upon the US which caused important supply line disruption, with food and energy shortages or hyperinflation, the citizenry would literally freak out and the violent crime rate and mass suicides would be epic. But that can only happen in an alternate universe where the dollar is a national currency, the ruble is the tenured global unit of account and Imperial Russia has the U.S surrounded by ideological color revolutions in Cuba, Mexico and Canada, and Russian troops in both Alaska and the Virgin Islands supporting a pro-Russia independent state regime change.

Seriously, there are pockets of traditional value culture in the USA, and hard work ethic, just like there are a few pockets of sound money advocates. Yet somehow, I just can't visualize a Russian teen throwing a tantrum over the slightest breach of social sensitivity with exclamations of "It's just not fair!!"

Today, in America, we elected a leader who throws out accusations at subordinates "Can you believe he couldn't get it done?!?" instead of ultimately accepting responsibility, as true leaders do. Trump could be the first president ever to truly epitomize what is wrong with America, and it's coddled, exorbitant privilege culture.

Trump has failed every test of being the president that his gullible supporters thought he could be. He has been so fully compromised by the organs of the MISC and Deep State that he now appears as nothing more than a bellicose puppet. His obsessive tweeting may end up being his only real accomplishment - a record of impaired leadership - for analysis by future historians (assuming there are any).

Trump is truly the "tantrum" president. A snowflake president for the remnants of the dying pre-snowflake culture. For all the apparent lack of self-control, his true purpose and allegiances may not be what they seem, even amid the flurry of cognitive dissonance. No wonder people are confused about their reality - nearly as much as they are confused about "value".. Both their leader, and their markets are completely manipulated, just like their money.

In the end, alternative block chain technology for international trade settlement could indeed accelerate the dollar's downfall - though crypto-currencies will never be "sound money" or "honest money". All digital money is man-made, thus subject to some form of compromise.

Gold is made by (insert something other than "man" here). You could say gold is made by nature, or by time, or by God perhaps? But it is definitely not made by man. And as we learn more and more about the nature of man, that may well be the single most valuable quality of gold among them all.

With all our technology and block-chain computing power, we have no "easy" way to acquire more of it. And try as we have, over the ages, we cannot synthesize it from base metals.

Our confusion about reality is hard-wired to our confusion about money. We have so many substitutes for both, yet the truth always surfaces over time.

Time proves all.


  1. What do you think about these gold cryptos coming out? We have Glint and BullionCoin and then there's

    Think about this. We wouldn't have to sell our gold and pay cap gains. We could use it as collateral for a carry trade.

    I could see these Glints, Goldmoneys, and Bullioncoins all evolving into a one stop site for storage, transactions, and lending.

    1. I am not familiar with them Grumps, but thanks for the heads up.