Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Who Do You Love?

One of the most frustrating aspects of being socially acceptable in polite company is the abounding "mystery of lies". Which ones do your friends choose to believe (in order to be politically correct), or actually believe (out of ignorance, willful neglect or just wishful thinking). It certainly fouls any air of current events discussion, since no one really knows which lies any one else believes, or feels comfortable believing or disputing.

It is my solemn assessment that nearly everything we see, read or hear is partly untrue, at least half of which is a total lie. In rational circles we accept this, and we accept that since the truth is so elusive and can seldom be fully known, we choose our lies carefully and analyze them as a "negative reality grid" to uncover the underlying truth.

But the truth is equally uncomfortable to accept or discuss, as it is the inverse of our official lies - in other words, one cannot attempt to reveal a lie without uncovering it's concomitant truth.

For example, when a distant friend of the past simply GLOWS with the outpouring of support from friends on Facebook who are helping her financially and emotionally to "support our troops in Afghanistan" a strange emotional reaction takes place. I think that she truly believes our troops are "defending liberty, spreading freedom and protecting democracy" there. But if she thought that their purpose there was to:
  • Protect poppy fields which produce cheap heroin that finds its way into America's inner cities
  • Protect profits from international bank money laundering through the profit pyramid of the cartels 
I wonder ... would she still get that glowing feeling all the same? This is not to say that these are the main reasons we occupy the region. There could indeed be more nefarious motives than even I have heard of. The truth about Iraq, Syria, Libya and Ukraine fall well into this categorical mystery of lies, as with 911 and even Vietnam.

When Paul Craig Roberts states that the "American economy has been living on the shrinkage of the savings and living standards of its population," I wonder how many Americans accept this explanation of our "economic recovery". People in real estate and personal finance management seem to accept the party line recovery myth wholeheartedly, but is this an adjunct to their profession or do they simply believe all official lies? Does it matter?

When Mark Zuckerberg crunches the social numbers on "what people believe" from "what they post" does he factor in the "personal fake news" factor. Oh make no mistake, people will post on Facebook things they do not believe one bit in, so as to "appear socially correct" - including the half-truths they half-believe. And there is much gray area between what we want to believe, what we really believe, what we repudiate and what we pretend to believe.

Such is the mystery of lies in our world today, which completely overtakes human relationships, invades the work place and affects intimacy and casual acquaintanceship alike. When our leaders speak lies upon lies, and their followers become caught up in the facade, there may be precious few among us to relate to. Even one's own conscience is up for grabs, as the continuing influence of lies and propaganda spew forth daily from the myriad of information sources and interactions of daily life.

And finally, the FCC is about to place the internet in the hands of global corporatism. So much for the garden which yields the flower of understanding. It was just a matter of time, as the ability to speak the truth is far too powerful for the little people to wield. As the master's agenda shapes the thinking world all around you, you may grasp for the truth of intimacy found in the emotion of love. But can you really know love in our modern world, or will you just accept what you cannot know?

 As always ... thoughtful comments are welcome ...


  1. Great topic !
    You may consider to spare some time on the following;

    The holocaust of attachment.
    "The lack of intellect has caused the mind’s attachment to spouses, children, wealth, religion, practically everything. The virus of attachment has reached epidemic proportions and the world is in a state of emergency. Yet none seems to recognise the problem, much less tackle it. The solution lies in a concerted effort worldwide to resurrect the fallen intellect. A powerful intellect alone would destroy the virus and generate peace and harmony in the society."

  2. I believe there is an irrational and possibly epidemic attachment to simplicity in a complex world. By simplicity, I mean a child-like fantasy where our civic leaders are good and just, our world is a happy place, and a father figure we call GOD watches over us and loves us, and has a special place for us where we will go to be with him in a blissful eternity.
    There are MANY people in this world who believe this so deeply that they are committed to spreading this belief so that others may feel the bliss they feel - yet they fail to understand that others cannot find the same bliss in their belief system.
    Of course this topic centers on religion and will be covered in a future post. Thank you.

    1. I agree: there exists irrational and epidemic attachment to simplicity in a complex world.
      But with UTMOST respect I'd like to expand on 'simplicity'.
      Let's not confuse 'simplicity' with 'gullible credulity': In this world, complexity is created intentionally by the masters' web of deceit, a complexity that screams out for being whittled down to 'simplicity' (the fake one OR the real one).
      I don't even want to mention the 'normal' mind-polluting simplicity that popular media spews out (i.e.'reality' ****). But try to explain to even a seemingly intelligent person for example the dynamics of the lingering Middle East and GCC crises, where umpteen players are playing each other at various other tables of differing allegiances....NO chance. Or try to explain political flavors (blue vs. red, lol), or social unrest, or sectarian matters. All one big complex show! Even the purveyors of 'news' bath in that complex broth. Complexity has been subterfuged into a chaos of misrepresentation by exactly the myriad of lies disseminated by the masters' web/net. I propose to go back to simplicity: "cui prodest?"
      To make a generalisation, if not to say a 'simplification': Take away ALL the complexities of the current story lines, do away with ALL narratives of wars, famines, revolutions, political competitions, social inequalities, forget ALL MSM propaganda, refute history as it is prescribed by the masters and deny political (and even religious) messiahs' solutions for edification and there will be ONE CORE REASON left to explain most political, military and social exertions since -at least- the last 100 years: This reason is the vampire squid of the fractional reserve banking and compound interest system.
      99.9% of the world has to carve out their existences under this system. And the punters don't even know it and even entertain the TV-drooling peers by squabbling amongst themselves like contestants in a reality show. Now THAT's simplicity perverted. A reality show it IS.
      And the bleeding of REAL creation vs. the fiction of currency is the core of all evil.

      And dare I say it: to mention the unspeakable Truth about the conspiracy -yes, you read me right- the conspiracy of THAT cabal, is truly one of the most un-PC expositions one can risk in today's (Western) world. For many people it is even a most un-PC endeavour within their own mind.

  3. Brilliant. To correlate love and lies to the fouling of air through current events discussion...brilliant.
    One word of advice from a man who learned the hard way: one may grasp for the truth of intimacy found in the emotion of love, but never -NEVER EVER- try to argue for the truth of world affairs within the emotion of love and intimacy.
    In fact, many lies that spew from the outlets of the official "reality grid" seem to be designed to undermine not only our own socially acceptable PC, but also our personal family and intimate relationships, as if the lies were surreptitiously designed to deliver the masters' 'divide and conquer' doctrine into every vestige of ones personal life. Indeed, the handful of people I dare to discuss matters of Truth with, are NOT (anymore) within my intimate/family circles. Wisely I wear for them the dunce's cap. Love and lies...who would've thought this correlation could have such wide combinations.

    1. Ahhh, my friend ... you have hit the nail squarely upon its head with that observation. And I too am keenly aware of the impacts mentioned.
      This is in fact the deeper meaning of the post:

      " ... you may grasp for the truth of intimacy found in the emotion of love. But can you really know love in our modern world, or will you just accept what you cannot know?"

      You may grasp for it in these times, but can you really know it? Good luck with that.

      This we learn from the flower of understanding.