Friday, July 21, 2017

On Reflection

So we can see the evidence all around us. There is grand design for a world order as well as powerful competing factions representing disparate interests. It was said some years ago, by a blogger or commenter (can't remember the details) that there is absolutely no grand design behind the events that shape our times - just random confusion and a succession of blunders.

Then there are those who believe a cabal of dynastic wealth is highly organized and in complete control of all events on the global chessboard, carefully moving each piece they manage to effect their ultimate design.

Roacheforque sees a combination of the two, with elements of every degree interacting in the gray areas of uncertainty. It is a frightening world to many, but fear serves no purpose other than to stimulate preparation. And there is no adequate preparation for nuclear Armageddon, no matter how likely or unlikely (neither is complete desensitization to total obliteration a solution to its prevention).

The parable of Roacheforque is a simple one, where an inheritance of dynastic wealth, power and the "responsibility of continuity" is abandoned over forbidden love. It could be the carnal love of a common woman or the spiritual love for the common man. It can be seen as the consummate Capitalist turning Populist - a tale quite relevant to the changing American meme.

But in truth, it is a tale of your author's own revelations through the years - from being a skeptical believer of propaganda to a seeker of deeper truths, a path fraught with twists and turns, deceptions and distractions and layers upon layers of subjectivity.

In the end, Roacheforque finds that history and tradition (the real versions, not those re-written to serve an ideal) are a useful guide. We have always had peace and prosperity, happiness and progress when our working classes were prosperous, and when balance between the rich and poor was more level. Likewise, we have always had war, poverty and misery when the rich were few and powerful, and the working classes were enslaved to their debt money.

As our "money" is a reflection of our values, it is a reflection of our virtues. When it's issuance is under control of powerful elites who can produce wealth and power at will, the disparity between rich and poor grows larger until we reach a sordid managed depression that covers the world like a dark blanket of gloom.

Each man has a choice today. One cannot reject the world casino's debt money and survive, but one can, in principle, hold the moral money of peace and prosperity from times past. One does this, not for quick personal gain (as the promise of the casino's debt money provides) but out of love for the common man.

Every debt note we spend today guarantees some degree of future slavery for a working class child not yet born. We cannot live in today's world without it, but we can convert some part of our savings to a money / value system that enables some degree of freedom to that unborn child.

Yes, it is a sacrifice indeed. But just as in the parable of Roacheforque, it is only when we free ourselves of the debt money Ponzi that we free ourselves from the sordid blanket of gloom.

Now, Roacheforque enters a period of reflection. Many are the blessings from the flower of understanding. The struggles of good and evil will play out as they always have. Your part in that struggle is worth consideration and reflection as well.

I wish you peace and prosperity in the times ahead ...


  1. Bravo!
    I did it out of the love for my children and grandchildren, to give them a little wiggle room in a debt system which enslave us all.
    With the understanding that I'm enabling degree of freedom to all men and unborn children by simply doing just that, I will likely convert more into PMs.

  2. As your heart commands!

    Respectfully -

  3. Slight edit if I may: "...a cabal of dynastic wealth is highly organised and in complete control of >ALL REVENUE< of all events on the global chessboard.

    This is one of the shortest short stories about misery in the world. It's about the root of all evil, well, a big part of the root.
    You say: "When [money's] issuance is under control of powerful elites who can produce wealth and [therefore-edit-] power at will, the disparity between rich and poor grows larger until we reach a sordid managed depression that covers the world like a dark blanket of gloom." I shudder.
    What a most sententious, compendious, condensed and succinct aphorism!

    And then you even give essential advice of how to free ourselves from that sordid blanket of gloom!
    I noted the "some" degree of freedom gained by making 'money' choices. A good portion of positivist thinking is not wrong when pondering what IT must look like. And it must look horrible for any human being, not just the slaves, that sordid look of the dark blanket of gloom.

    The staggering lethargy of the plebs, sedated by full bellies and stupefied minds, makes it easy for the shocking psychopathic mindset of 'The 300', the Cabal. Their hierarchy of control pays well their agents, the weavers of the sordid blanket. Soon the blanket will become body bag. ""Thousand hungry lions fight over one scrap of food, small dogs should hide with what's in their belly"".
    Fitting to the sordid blanket of doom, here I share with you one of my favourite quotes:
    "You ain't gotta chance but use it" ---Herbert Achternbusch---


  4. Thank you for this wonderful site R - truly insightful and a guide for those still lost in the blanket of gloom.

    Sometimes I see the blog become private - is there a reason why? And is there a way for us to access it even then?

    Everytime it does that I worry that would have been the last time we would be able to read your work.

    Thanks and Sincerely

    1. It's just the spam bots. They exploit the site whenever the blog gets an increase in traffic, in essence covering these annals with a blanket of spammy link-backs to their con games.

      I deprive them of "continuity" occasionally to emphasize the pointlessness of their programming. And as all bots are driven by logic, they are exterminated - for a time.

      Thanks for your kind words~