Monday, July 17, 2017

Observations and Intentions

We have explored the motives of Soros, his NGO's (and their various alliances) with regard to the mass migration / integration of Islamic elements into Europe. Some of us see this movement as an attempt to homogenize the region's strong national culture identities into a more pliable, manageable supra-culture which gradually embraces supra-national subjugation to the ever morphing order of global corporatism.

Others see a more specific plot - namely the destruction of Russia.

I think Mr. Collins' thesis has merit, and is well worth the short read. And while that thesis is not an original idea (we can credit the well respected Damon Vrabel with positing similar thoughts some years ago) it has a few recently developed problems that are a cause for uncertainty.

I do not think, for example, that the following statement is firmly established:
Ever since the Opium Wars China has been under the control of the international banking interests. Beijing and Hong Kong are so entrenched in the global banking system of the world adversarial force that it is hard to imagine them not turning on Russia at some strategic point down the road.
I consider China to be too pragmatic to betray Russia over global banking system "entrenchment". The geographic importance of Russia to their OBOR initiative is vital to China's own strategic economic interests. I do agree that a supra-national unit of account is long overdue (which precludes the RMB) but China's allegiance to the current international monetary and financial system is purely pragmatic, and it's visible actions (as pointed out in recent posts) do not convince me that it plans to remain "under the control of international banking interests" for the foreseeable future.

Of course some very powerful factions do want this to be the case (and are "banking on it" so to speak). But we have entered a time where powerful factions have self interests that align (by coincidence or design) whereas other self interests conflict. And these alignments and conflicts are much the cause for the confusion and disorganization of our modern world.

I see no evidence that China wants an economy dependent upon perpetual global conflict. The idea that debt can be held as a long term (global) reserve asset is born from the ashes of conflict. If Mr. Collin's "world adversarial force" is intent upon maintaining that notion with its new global "unit of account" then that force will be at odds with emerging markets.

The U.S. Dollar can be "pushed to the side" and the U.S. economy with it. But when that happens, the U.S. will no longer be able to fund foreign interventionism in the name of global supremacy through full spectrum dominance. With the U.S. fading into protectionism, and equity based economic systems backing the new supra-national unit of account (SDR or SDR-like unit) global markets change. Producers and consumers change. We may not see complete role-reversals, but significant changes nonetheless.

The world without a panicked totalitarian Empire spreading havoc to stay on top is a much different world than we have today. The self interests of national economies will be centered on preventing civil unrest, protecting trade routes, establishing new customers and becoming more efficient producers.

The "world adversarial force" is in a position to help shape this new reality, and benefit from it. Or it can take the position that plundering and exploiting working class economies is more profitable, and thus still desirable. Either way, it can still maintain the geo-political upper hand through debt if it can convince nations to follow the path of the past.

If that "force" can convince nations to destroy one another and plunder each other's wealth it stays on top. Once a world power is developed, if it can convince that power to destroy it's middle class (as illustrated by the American example) it stays on top. Like a virus, it moves from one nation to the next, feeding upon the greed of each nation's ruling elite (as it ultimately destroys the true power of each nation - it's working classes) moving from place to place finding new hosts to empower.

I do not think China buys into this program of becoming the next U.S.A. But the bond holders of the current system are creative indeed and they can formulate a new vision with some new twists and turns, and new incentives!

I have no crystal ball - only the evidence of observed actions (real or staged) and the likely outcomes of perceived intent. It is called deductive reasoning - a rational tool for rational times.

God help us.

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