Monday, June 26, 2017

Ying and Yang

It would serve readers well to consider this article from Wm. Engdahl, concerning the ongoing progress of OBOR and the Eurasian nations centered around the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which are characterized by:
... the pursuit of building up economies, of building bridges, land and sea, of using diplomacy and respect for national sovereignty, non-intervention into domestic national affairs to foster peace and development.
While some may claim that the OBOR project is not the poster child for unqualified altruism, it's modus operandi is generally "productive" as opposed to "destructive". In a sense, OBOR is a case study for classic Capitalism in a world that has degenerated into managed artificiality. In short, productivity should benefit the productive, as in "helping others is the best way to insure one's own success". Washington has intentionally abandoned that simple principle, and "common sense" now reflects this understanding.

The United States could have embarked upon the much needed productive revival which many Americans thought possible according to the campaign rhetoric of recent administrations, but the "system" is not interested in middle class prosperity. It is far more focused upon enriching the top 1% even further, despite the fact that income disparity in the "developed" economies is already more polarized than at any time in the history of civilization. So instead of "helping other nations" we destructively intervene to ostensibly "stay on top".

While BRICs corporations and industries will no doubt benefit immensely from the OBOR infrastructure renaissance, it is their middle classes who will sustain the rising prosperity of SCO nations as a whole. This is why these countries accept and even encourage the holding of physical gold among their working classes - because they expect gold to play an important role in the prosperity and loyalty of their people when the empire of systemic debt fails. They also understand the lessons of history, and the high standard of living that comes with real middle class prosperity and economic balance.

The people of India, in their heritage and tradition, are at such a polar opposite to the value systems of the West that their government actually has to pull back the reins a bit. Understandable, when the majority of that country's inhabitants still squat in open fields to defecate. Perhaps when gold is repriced they will have their national revival, with sanitation and much more.

Meanwhile, in the "progressive" economies (as in "progressive decay") the little people are left to chase after short term yield in the derivative casino, a paper world fit for the hamster wheel that welcomes every citizen into their destined slot in the Matrix. Our shit flushes away quite neatly, but it reappears as cancer producing chemicals from our synthetically contaminated food and water derivatives.

While the equity based system builds, discovers, transports, produces, saves and prospers, the debt based system bombs, deposes, disrupts, deceives, indentures and stagnates. Anyone with eyes and ears and an open mind can see this, but the propaganda machine spins its derivative universe facade, rife with distractions, to discourage rational thought and to glorify socially correct indentured servitude.

Like Ying and Yang, the derivative world of our decrepit economies continues its battle against the real world of the emerging economies. It is the battle between what we are vs. what we could be if we didn't need the lesson of collapse to build discipline and virtue.

We do need that lesson, or the lesson of war, to quell the hubris of empire.

Rest assured, as power shifts from West to East, corruption will follow and grow. Humanity may not survive human nature, but the universe is vast, and we are not alone.


  1. A beautiful piece. I can only hope that the west's "might makes right" ceased in my lifetime. I am so weary of it....

  2. I can relate to that. If more of us spoke out against it we might see it end, but with so many cheering for it, the wind has been let out of that sail. I hope my children see it end ...