Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Cultural Identity War

Upon notification of the fine offerings of a newly opened neighborhood pub, I recently visited the establishment with a few acquaintances. We were served by a delightful young sprite, as delicate and graceful a figure of youth as these tired old eyes have seen in some time. She was poised yet unpretentious, seeming to be of Northern European ancestry, having straight blonde hair, blue eyes, petite features and a pleasant and charming manner of conversation. When my friend asked, "Are you German?", she replied, "I don't know (?)."

This will not be the first time a 26 year old has expressed a complete lack of national identity. Even among my own generation, I began to notice, years ago, that people were either uninformed or unaware of their national heritage. But in the successive generations (and I have talked to many young people about their "nationality") I have not found a single person, male or female, that seems to know, or even seems to care about, their lineage, their heritage or their culture. There is a reason for this, and you might ask yourself, "Why?"

Of course in my parent's time, there was no guesswork about one's lineage. Most people of European descent, born in the late 20's and early 30's, were of either a single pedigree, or a fifty-fifty mix. I myself am a half (Italian), a quarter (Irish) and 2 "eighths" (English and German). In our modern times, one may say that mobility is the vehicle for race mixing and homogenization. And yet, most people are born, live and die in the city of their birth, do they not? Even to this day?

I will put it to you that the eugenics movement of Germany's infamous Nazi era did cast a dark shadow over "racial purity". The response to Hitler's legacy, much like the tearing down of Confederate statues in the southern U.S. states today, amounts to an understandable over-reaction, codified by the pseudo-intellectual liberal left and their continuing obsession with "social correctness".

In recent times, it has become both politically and socially "incorrect" to identify with a strong national heritage, or to acknowledge the virtues and traits of one's lineage. Our young people today do not know what it means to have the artistic passion of the Italian, or the logic and mechanical aptitude of the German. The aristocracy of the English is admonished and the stubborn determination of the Irishman has no meaning or value to one's identity today. The romantic passions of the French are irrelevant today, even if one's lineage is mostly French. Young American's do know perhaps that it's "bad' to be Russian, though they probably are quite uncertain as to why.

Most young people have never seen a "German Festival" the likes of which I enjoyed in my youth, as the ships from Europe took port in the inner harbor and barrels of wine and ale were rolled onto the docks by the representatives of their culture. Today, there are few if any Italian or Polish festivals which attract our younger generations. Cultural celebrations of traditional food, drink and attire - songs and customs, dances and language and all the richness of cultural heritage that the land and the people of a sovereign country proudly identify with - as character strengths of their people and their history of shared experience - are of no real interest today.

Perhaps certain minorities do still celebrate their heritage. This does seem more in keeping with the social attitudes of our present time. It is OK to be proud of your minority heritage. But to be a member of a ruling class heritage is a source of shame and admonishment.

Can you relate to this? Do you agree? Have you asked yourself why?

As Muslim refugees flee into Europe under the ideological protection of "elite" foundations and noble sounding causes, do you see the pattern? Ask the Soros or the Rothschild which class of people is easier to make servile? Those with national pride, or those with no identity at all. Which are the easier to manipulate, to control, to indenture?

Do you not see the loss of National Sovereignty even at the level of the nation-state in the union of "interdependent nations"?

Consider this: One Nation, under God.
Now think: One World, under God.

Who are the Gods of this homogenized world nation where people have no sovereignty, no national identity, no cultural heritage, the people who say, "I don't know."

Well we shall teach them, shall we not? We will teach them all these things and more, under our world rule. We will teach them what to think and how. We will make them politically and socially "correct".

Such is the hubris of the narcissistic elite. They tingle at the thought of such power over the masses. Will you hand your children over to them? Will you hand down a strong identity in regard to cultural tradition, or reject your lineage in shame to embrace the homogenized single-class race of the ruling elites?

You can bet your life that the families hold dear to such things as they would take from you in any way they can. It is not enough that their system indentures you with debt - they must take your cultural pride as well.

The choice is yours.

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