Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Benefits of Good Fortune

As Roacheforque was looking for the list of corporate bonds which the other families hold (and in what ratio) Lo and Behold, a chart appears which tells exactly this:

Is it any wonder that the ruling class is so far ahead of the bottom 99%?? Their good fortune knows no impediment, and even the least ambitious of us can see both the playbook and the scorecard in any day's trifle glance at brunch time news.

Of course our administrative class speaks a different language, so their perception of the same information would be a bit muddled (what few might actually become exposed to it).That class is well invested in being politically and socially "correct" (as we see fit to determine) and they will get their information from much more politically and socially correct sources.

Those individuals who think in a manner not suitable to the cause will have trouble keeping that middle class position. They must be shown as unfit, such that the loyal can see the cost of espousing the wrong kind of values..

Haven't we provided a pleasant enough fiction? To question the hand that gives upsets the balance of things. Those who think correctly will find a comfortable place in the world, paying some small amount of interest on the wealth we create from a keystroke, which we also allow them to earn for their labors.

They are fortunate indeed.

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