Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is "Conflict" Deeper than "Oil"?

So as we muddle through mainstream propaganda and alternative media extremes, one must connect the dots between what correlates (and coalesces) into a gradually forming puzzle, loosely called "reality". It is subject to change with the winds of sentiment and perception. And this interplay between fact and fancy predicts many possible futures ... predictions we continually adjust using the basis of the shifting tides.

One such evolving future, as explained by Rickards, rhymes with the period of 1919 to 1939, whereby sterling and dollar operated as parallel reserve currencies for decades.

I am inclined to favor this view of multi-polar fiat reserve status, based on the aggregate data and its correlation to form a more complete "reality puzzle". Add the SDR as a cushion to offset the unparalleled depth and liquidity of the dollar in global markets (not a factor prior to the last 45 years or so) and we have a plausible future that serves a consensus interest of the world's ruling factions.

A second scenario, which correlates with the first, is a US strategy to produce weapons of conventional destruction and arm allies (customers) who are aligned with US Hegemony and its doctrines (covered well in recent posts) with a massive "psuedo-sovereign" return on investment. I say "psuedo-soveregn" to designate the corporatist structure of global dollar faction governance as it manifests in U.S. geopolitical and monetary policy.

Now, a third puzzle piece can be added by those who concur with the theory that Kissinger's deal with Oil included the secret flow of gold to the Saudi government's royal family with every barrel purchased - as explained by "Another" in his original "Thoughts". I do not know that the proponents of the first two scenarios are making this connection. But I suspect that certain players are.

If we add all these puzzle pieces together do we arrive at a scenario where many tons of Saudi gold flow back to the US as part of a reverse arrangement? I don't think this is so much a prime policy directive as it is a "possible added bonus" to a plan that enriches the MISC while providing the political cover of reducing our "active" participation in foreign adventures.

The benefits of creating foreign contention among opposing factions whose continued political and ideological opposition offers continual military confrontation has much fuel behind it. The US MISC can sell arms into this scenario almost infinitely, while getting back some oil for domestic energy - and perhaps some gold for dollar stability and credibility - in return.

Does the ubiquity of international conflict (the continuation of which always serves the top interests of any single global empire) provide as deep a market as oil once did? Certainly no one can deny that Mideast conflict predates the industrial era - so it's likely continuation may well outlast oil as the universal element of productive growth.

This plan does extend the dollar system - or shall we say "allows it to lose relevance gradually" as opposed to a sudden fatal panic attack. Again, as more important interests are served, creating more of an acceptable "win-win", those with the power to help shape the future will form alliances to further that end.

This is one for FreeGolders to think upon deeply, as the free market in gold may manifest in a different way than some have predicted - the secrets of gold flow all being part of the "shifting perceptions" that form our future.


  1. Sterling reserve in 20th century was merely the transition to dollar reserve, as dollar reserve is transition to freegold monetary system today. This transition, it takes longer than expected, yes? But transition it does! As for multi polar reserve, that is oxymoron like jumbo shrimp. World reserve currency there can be only one, highlander.

    World does not need and cannot afford any longer a reserve currency. Let us save in gold and use any currency you like. BYOC! Bring your own currency which will be measured by the market. Multi polar no. No polar yes.

    Will oil's gold flow to dollar printer? They never flow in the same direction.

    1. You know well the path sir, but these are semantics for a future where definitions will change.

      What a thing will be called for one group to understand is for another to ponder.

      And for those who cannot endure change, there is the comfort of old definitions, relevant or not.


  2. so perhaps what you are implying is this... one way or another, Freegold cannot emerge without wars and rumors of wars? Is war or the treat of war, and the need for weapons this creates, the only thing we have to export in exchange for this "oil" gold?

    1. Not at all. More like, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

      The US Deep State / MISC has bet systemic existence upon fear. Fear which they create by arming massive interventionist forces.

      Why not sell just arms and let anarchy do the dirty work for you?

      Of course employing those at home who we would send abroad is challenging, but have you seen the salary of an officer on a modern sub or destroyer?

      It's not a cornerstone post, really just a few puzzle pieces which could connect in the fragmented consciousness of the Potomac.