Friday, April 21, 2017

Subjugation or Extinction

While we have recently explored, here in the annals, the subject of various published doctrines ... we have not really identified the over-arching implied manifesto of the current systemic Order's geopolitical rule. Here is a good article which may help readers to think along the correct lines.

Clearly, modern warfare is digital, though its roots are, and have always been, economic in nature. When sanctions, restrictive treaties, cyber attack (various forms, both known and hidden) and all other forms of soft war confrontation fail to yield the desired result, the "Subjugation or Extinction" clause is triggered.

Humanity knows that a major nuclear confrontation means extinction of the human race - a dark age like none before it, followed by a miserable die off of the final generation of humans. But if a country can elect a leader who is crazy enough, narcissistic, obsessive, a self confessed illusionist, unpredictable and in control of an "angry mob' ... cooler heads may prevail - even to the extent of their own subjugation.

If the leader can lather up the country's masses, through layers of propaganda and counter-propaganda, cooler heads may buckle. Especially when the build up toward war is the only remaining engine of that faction's real economic growth. Similarities to fascism in the not too distant past are uncanny - even antisemitism is on the rise. Now there's a barbarous relic that continues to persist over time ...

The Empire's doctrine amounts to a global game of chicken, with the survival of planet earth at stake. And with the people behind them, the leader elected, and all the pieces in play, the military industrial and surveillance complex - within, throughout and above the dollar faction's so called "Deep State" - has cooler heads being scratched for a strategic response.

But the strategic response is also the root cause of the factions intense panic mode and acceleration toward the nuclear option. It's dollar system is at war with a new Eurasian Economic Development system based on the equity of gold-backed reserves instead of dollar system (debt backed) reserves.

The game is simple and will continue to be played. The world's crazy uncle in the attic will not burn the house down. Bunker life in Thunder-dome is not an option for the world's financial elite. And the families know that aside from posturing, no one is suicidal enough to truly risk extinction. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen. Mistakes ... even an impossible sequence of them ... are not impossible.

The dollar is backed by military might? No my friends. When an empire's military can only attain victory through extinction, that military is worthless. When the dollar lost its backing to gold, that backing was replaced by FEAR, pure and simple. And now you know, unequivocally, what backs the global dollar system - an unspoken doctrine of "Subjugation or Extinction".

The only advantage in this strategy is FEAR of the panic driven desperation of a declining empire, crazed with the thought of losing supremacy, willing to blow up the world if it cannot rule over it completely, as in times past.

A standoff of quite some magnitude is scheduled to continue ...

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  1. I highly recommend: Slavomir Mrozek - "Wedding in Atomice", a short, grotesque story, set up in very much 'nuclear' world.