Thursday, April 6, 2017

No Real Change (Amended 4/8/17)

The latest real news portends that little has changed with the election of Trump regarding adherence to the Wolfowitz doctrine. US military intervention into Syria means further confrontation with Russia for reasons it is hoped need not be explained again here. But in essence, a sovereign Syria poses too great a threat to US Imperialism due to the legitimate government's obvious natural gas and related energy partnerships with regional producer Russia. In addition to, and supportive of such doctrines, the military industrial and surveillance faction of the Deep State encourages a highly militarized U.S. as a global police state dollar system enforcer. Drop a few million worth of bombs here, and a couple million more there, and before you know it, some not so little people are sending their brats to Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

Since the "Chemical Weapons" card has already been played with Assad, and found absurd, it is almost as insulting (to those capable of rational thought) as playing the "Stockpiling of WMD's" card. But then again, the objective might simply be to dispense with all pretense in order to magnify the hubris of the Deep State. In essence, they really just might care less how credible their justification seems. They can do as they please and not even bother to appear defensible to world opinion. After all, people "capable of rational thought" belong to an increasingly small minority of the US Citizenry today, by design, as Roacheforque's more in depth social behavior observations clearly indicate.

Simply refer to your own personal CSAPT (community surveillance and profiling tool, a.k.a. FaceBook), and you will discover, in horror, the wide swath of US citizens that have completely bought into the false flag narrative, having never bothered to recognize the first "Chemical Weapons" false flag in 2013 (in other words, blind obedience with zero fact checking) and are now cheer leading Trump's intervention as "courageous" - something that "pathetic Muslim president" didn't have the stones to carry through with.

Yes my friends, with FaceBook you have a mini version of what the big boys use to validate their propaganda strategy, and their larger objective through the "rise of Trump". Get the American people behind the war with Russia by giving them a warmonger they will love and support all the way to Armageddon.

Goebbels is surely experiencing multiple consecutive wet dreams in his grave.

And the beat goes on. If you skipped the link above, think again about reading it, and consider the mindset of narcissistic arrogance that creates the concept of "American Exceptionalism" as a virtue in and of itself, devoid of all former virtues that once made it great (in a way quite unlike Trump's version today) before being granted such an exorbitant privilege.

Here again we find that the world's acquiescence in allowing the U.S. to have issuing authority over a primary global reserve/transactional currency lies at the root of a doctrine that proclaims that issuing authority as the world's governing police state - by it's own admission - and through the power given to it by global support.

The hand that gives is above the hand that takes ... but the hands that take give power to the hand that gives.

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