Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Barbarous Relics

Some may ask, "How does the last post connect with the world's international monetary and financial system?"

Everything connects to our "money" system, it represents our human value system. We judge people by their wealth and assign a class structure to society through it. Relationships are enhanced by it, power is gained through it, and the desire to increase it as a means to achieve happiness is nearly as universal a human obsession as the biological urge to reproduce (and the associated ecstasy that goes along with doing it well). We equate happiness with "prosperity". Even the life of a Tibetan monk will be indirectly affected by money, through his connection to the human ecosystem, however faint.

When something as intrinsic to human life as "money" changes its nature, the impact on mankind is profound.

When money can only be obtained through hard work and honest labor it's impact on mankind is profound. When money serves as a reward for virtuous activities like thrift, creativity, intelligence, exceptional ability, useful innovation, durability and quality of products in demand in the marketplace, and similar positive influences on the progress of society as a whole ... the impact on society as a whole is profound. When money is based in equity (existing wealth) it tends to engender these qualities.

Likewise, when money is used to reward fraud, graft, exploitation, risk-free speculation, debt servitude, political agendas, global hegemony and excessive wealth disparity, it's impact on mankind is profound. Throughout history when money is based upon debt (leveraging the future) it has fallen into this state of being.

When the world grants a nation a profound "money advantage" or privilege, it grants that nation a profound ability to place the world under its rule through it's money advantage. When that money advantage is based in debt, we find ourselves in the predicament of today, where that nation's foreign policy belies the virtues of its "money nature".

As there are two sides to human nature, so there are two sides to our money system. We must ask, "How long will we permit the current money system to dominate our world and our lives?" How long will the hands that take permit the hand that gives to rule us all, when the hand that gives only represents 1% of us?

Perhaps debt is the barbarous relic. Perhaps our policies of 1983 are a barbarous relic. Perhaps the Wolfowitz and Bush (and later Obama and Trump) doctrines are the continuation of these barbarous relics. Perhaps war, and the tiny group of powerful neocons who represent the so called "Deep State" have become a barbarous relic. Who will decide? The 1% or the 99?

The experience of history and the evidence of today has shown us a way forward, a solution - a compromise - fiat money backed by free markets, governed by the world's proven reference point for monetary "equity". So powerful are the tiny few against it which cling to their exorbitant advantage. So ignorant are the masses that could wield their numbers to enable change.

Judging from the obedience of the opiated, Roacheforque had better get those Jews out from the basement. It is perhaps wise to "go dark" before the knocking begins.


  1. Let's all have a quiet moment for those who have no gold going into this weekend and with April 19th on the horizon.


  2. http://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/China-Revives-Plan-To-Launch-Shanghai-Crude-Oil-Futures.html


    Maybe these are the real reasons capital controls were loosened.

  3. I thought that launching of Yuan priced oil futures has been postponed for quite some time (2 years now?)

    1. Yes, it was postponed shortly before Trump took office. But physical gold exchanges still have to get up and running. Russia-China, Russia-India, ASEAN nations such as Myanmar are starting a SGE clone. Gold for oil was not ready for prime time, but that is changing. The Aramco IPO is a signal. Question is, what will the price of oil be in milligrams of gold? Everybody is fixated on the dollar price. That's not what to look at. What will be the real terms if the China-Saudi Aramco deal? Is gold let loose before or after the deal?

  4. That's exactly what Another wrote years ago (minus aramco). Ok, let's assume gold was allowed to reach its real value vs oil. Gold suddenly becomes an asset with strategic worth equal to that of nuclear stockpile, especially when you own significant quantity either above or in the ground. An obvious question has to be asked: why would western country discouraged its citizens from owning goldv given that private ownership would be treated in similar fashion to official holding? Cui bono?