Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Paper Empire

Clearly, followers of these annals by now realize that the egregious imbalances of our times stem from the strength, depth and usage value of the US Dollar. That currency's country is hollowed out in terms of much more than just factories which supply cheap labor. One wonders if North Americas much needed new infrastructure (from electricity grid systems, to bridges and roads as well as clean water) could actually be built or maintained by the present generation of burger flippers and Walmart online grocery consumer concierges. It is sad to watch our dying middle class affect such pompous bourgeois.

We have our dollar, and we have our military, but at what cost? Both have grown to the full spectrum dominance position required of a global empire. But as a country, the generations our dollar has born are seen around the world as lacking virtue, industriousness, skills and competence.

For the vision of North America to regain its former role of "producer extraordinaire" its national currency must be on par with other nations in terms of competitive labor costs. So the dollar must weaken, it would appear. Will a Bretton Woods type accord take place to effect a return to systemic balance among the worlds sovereign nations? Though it is much needed for the little people, especially that "middle class" that used to define prosperity by its proportion to the other classes, I do not think so, not anytime soon.

In our paper Empire, having elected the "master of hype" as our leader, there is little sign that the dominant class (not in size, but in power and wealth) is willing to forego the status quo for "the greater good". What the little people do not understand is that it is not who they elect that matters - it is who those in power choose for them to elect that matters. The supposed choice is inconsequential, as all viable candidates are vetted by the dominant class as being acceptable to their agenda before being placed on the ticket.

In this Paper Empire, there is only one type of revolution "fitting to the fight" and I am at risk to mention it, so please bear with me.

But do the little people understand at least the concept of fight fire with fire? They would need a true leader, rising up from within, to represent them and their plan for a self-governed sovereign. They would need wise counsel, to prevent the exploitation of their position (very important) and they would need to take action, much like their forefathers did more than 240 years ago.

But these times do not call for a conventional uprising. The police state is far too well manned and equipped for such a vulgar move. The revolutionaries of today would simply pick a time and date and collectively agree to stop paying all debts until said international monetary reform is enacted.

Is this likely to happen? My friends, the most likely consortium of debt serfs to conceive of and actuate such a plan just voted for Donald Trump as their leader. And he has completely obfuscated all realization of Wall Streets dominant role in the dollar system with that tired populist notion of "We're being screwed by foreigners."

After all, this mighty dollar can withstand protectionism and the misdirection of debt servitude outward upon imaginary foreign exploiters just as well as it has withstood all else. And that belligerent national attitude is just the recipe for confrontations to continue in a nation where many do tire of foreign adventures (which only serve to recycle wealth through the military industrial and surveillance complex).

Yes, Roacheforeque thinks it is more likely that North America's "middle class" is unable to make their own bed properly and thus will have it made for them by those imaginary enemies they have been taught to perceive. And this is only possible mind you, through the age old wisdom (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) which has found its form in the alliance between China and Russia.

It is not the virtue of their leaders, Xi and Putin, which impresses Roacheforque. For neither would seem (nor be) so virtuous in word, demeanor and in action, had they not the benefit of a common aggressor. And such is the way of this world, and thus the way of humanity.

The pendulum of life swings in reaction to imbalances and injustices among the mighty in wealth and power, regardless of how we give it to them, and in what amount.

To understand one's place in all of this, is a blessing.


  1. I wasn't very concerned when the elite demonized Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, or Bashar al-Assad. However, when they did, I knew they planned on booting them out of power. When the elite begin to demonize Putin it is a whole different kettle of fish. It is not very smart or very sane to poke at a grizzly bear with a sharp stick. Especially when the bear has an army of computer hackers and an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

  2. Our "supposed choice is inconsequential, as all viable candidates are vetted by the dominant class as being acceptable to their agenda...". I totally agree. The elite will not let things deteriorate to the degree, that revolutionary candidates -on a worldwide widespeard scale- can interfere with their agenda. They will/can 'pull the plug' for a total re-set at any time. It doesn't even matter to them, what country/continent will come out of that re-set less affected than others. They will have wealth, assets and production facilities firmly in their possession. And they couldn't care less about currency matters, the monetary plane. All they care about is the physical plane. And THAT will become clear to everybody...sadly only AFTER the re-set.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. 'They will have wealth, assets and production facilities firmly in their possession' in the 'physical plane'....