Friday, March 31, 2017

Fear, Greed & Hate

At a recent beach side retreat, friends gathered to celebrate life and the fruits of their labors. The nectars of Bacchus flowed freely and tongues were loosened until finally the subject of politics was brought into focus.

As the topic flowed from one opinion to the next, one of our party was able to garner the groups attention with his somber tone and soft voice. In essence, he claimed that the average American is poor, and "we are rich" (I was not sure if this was meant to be facetious or a serious claim of status - but there were no wealth giants in the room to be sure). "Trump (he exclaimed) has tapped into this." (the worsening economic conditions of the US middle class and its attendant discouragement and disappointments).

While Roacheforque is never one to dominate political discourse at a venue where the topic should not come up at all, I did make a mental note of the general feeling these comments revealed before successfully removing the subject to a more appropriate theme.

In retrospect, what our conversations revealed is that Trump has indeed tapped into something, and that "something" now dominates many social platforms and occasions as it finds its resonance in the reflection of our mainstream, alternate and various social media.

What Trump has tapped into is the negative energy of a society that is angry and fed up with its government, its leadership and the status quo. This energy is derived primarily from Greed, Fear and Hate, the three negative emotional states that seem to dominate our world today.

What is worth knowing is that for every form of negative energy, there is a more powerful positive energy that can be channeled differently for a more harmonious outcome. My favorite analogy is M.A.D.D., the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers who have lost a child (or are similarly affected) through the irresponsibility of a "drunk driver".

While the anger of a M.A.D.D. mother is certainly understandable, I have always wondered how much more the organization could accomplish if their negative energy directed against drunk drivers, was more positively channeled toward responsible drivers. I suspect that in practice much of their activity is in fact spent positively toward education and social responsibility, but in name they represent a negative emotional force. Hopefully my point is made with regard to the Trump phenomenon.

Trump channels Greed, Fear and Hate through angry tweets, negative rhetoric and a totalitarian leadership style which gives credence to the discouragement and disappointment of the little people. It is like giving candy to a crying baby - perhaps not the best long term solution, but it addresses the immediate problem somewhat.

And thus we can focus on the trite nastiness of a dysfunctional government that is riddled with internal strife, accusations, mistrust, disloyalty and deception. Those are big enough problems to misdirect us from the larger problem of understanding who the masters are, and who are the slaves, and what is the next big change coming to this failing Plantation that is headed for the auction block.

A True Leader, despite all prevailing conditions, is one who is able to redirect the negative energy of the angry mob to their positive equivalents. A true leader taps into Courage, Charity and Love instead of Fear, Greed and Hate.

Instead of fearing the prospect of doing without, have the courage to rise above poverty through the value of what your knowledge, skills and abilities provide to retain or regain prosperity. Instead of being dominated by the greed that you must "have more cool things" than your friends and neighbors, find peace in the charity that helping those less fortunate brings. And instead of hating those you have been encouraged to hate, find the love in your heart that comes with trust.

These may not be the virtues of our times, but our times will never change as long as we channel our energies into the abyss of negativity created by a world where wealth is issued by decree. That is the true essence of our condition today, not the petty issues you are being trained to focus upon.

Winners and losers are picked by those closest to the issuance of wealth at will. Hard work finds less reward in prosperity than "knowing the right people" and exploitation and fraud are rewarded with great profits if you are in a position of favor within the system. THIS is the great moral crisis of our time - almost every petty concern that would take our attention from it, indirectly and symptomatically stems from it.

Fear, Greed and Hate will not mend our worlds broken "value system", it will merely feed into it. The little people can vote for a reflection of their own angst, or they can vote as Giants do, with their wallets.

Collectively, the middle class of China is doing just that, though perhaps more out of tradition than strategy - and yet that tradition is a tradition of an age old strategy that says "vote for a world where wealth cannot be created and issued by the mere will of men". When our "values" change our energy becomes more positive and is channeled in the right direction.

In the last post I stated that, " ... the pendulum of life swings in reaction to imbalances and injustices among the mighty in wealth and power, regardless of how we give it to them, and in what amount."

Always remember that as wealth disparity continues to widen, so grows the power of "the little people" to enrich the 1%. Though they do not know it, their obedience alone becomes the sole fruit of the banking class. We can play their game or change the game. The choice is ours. A true leader can change the rules of the game by "changing our values".

Little by little, these annals tell the story which the little people may one day come to understand and act upon, to create a world where Courage, Charity and Love rule the day.

Oh that we should live to see such a world regain its rightful place in the collective soul of humanity.


  1. Little people longing for a fully Christian world then, I see.

    1. Not necessarily. A moral world where hard work, great ideas and individual achievement are rewarded (instead of fraud, failure and exploitationism) would be good enough. Most religions (certainly not one I am thinking of) do advocate for social responsibility and morality and I am happy to accommodate any that do (while remaining partial to none).

  2. As Charity and Love are essentially the same, we must still add "common sense" otherwise known as "a brain." That fills it in nicely... with the scare crow, tin man, and the lion.

    1. Indeed this is the case as many these days do not have the common sense to know right from wrong. Beware the logic of the nihilists, as they talk a good game to those with empty heads of tin.

  3. Yes... which is probably how we got to where we are. St. Paul said it true, "if I have not love (charity)... I am NOTHING." And "nothing" is the root meaning of nihilism, is it not?