Thursday, February 16, 2017

Perceptual Balance: Herd Gone MAD

The world is literally losing it's collective mind. And the primary reason for the insanity of the herd is the polarity of propaganda, mixed with a sprinkling of reality. Truly the Lions are embattled now as small dogs go wild and hungry from want of scraps ...

The number of formerly assumed-to-be-rational "little people" who have bought into the complete demonization of Russia is beyond shocking. One might conclude that these people have no conscience whatsoever, and fully embrace the American Exceptionalism Manifest Destiny Doctrine that marks them as hopelessly entrenched into the mindset of US "might-makes-right" hegemony - as an END by ANY means.

And yet these are the very same people who righteously defend the politically correct, progressive party-line of a transgender, multi-ethnic, one-world community Love-In ... showered with all the Freedom and Democracy BULLSHIT which the progressively decadent use as a shield against their obvious duplicity in the position of "for everybody but those evil, pedophile Russians".

The irony of this mass-induced paradox of oxymoronic ideology cannot be more perplexing than anything ever before witnessed, as we scratch our heads in awe. Some of the deluded were supposed intelligent and sensitive people who should be able to think rationally when presented with a choice between reality and fantasy.

And sadly, while the idea of a mass-induced psychosis would be an apt enough explanation for the phenomena, Rocheforque finds it far less likely than the proliferation of sheer and utter ignorance, which is continuously well informed by baseless propaganda, designed to create a race of pompous and useful idiots.

Is it possible that people who eagerly call for the destruction of the Russian people and their "evil" leader have never once actually viewed and listened to a speech given by Vladimir Putin on topics that relate to US - Russia relations? Is it possible that they are completely unaware of the Wall Street-backed financial coup in the privatization and destruction of Russia in the 1990's ... led by the very same people who peddle the lunacy above? Can it be possible that they do not understand that their acquiescence empowered Summers and Soros and the Clintons and others in these, and similar Coups?

Can it be that they applaud the merciless, deadly bombings, drone strikes and chemical assaults upon women, children and whole communities which they blindly do not see in innocent factions that oppose their horrid masters, and which would cause them to spontaneously soil their undergarments if even a fraction of that terror was to come within a thousand miles of their doorsteps?

Can it be possible that they have never seen, read nor heard the truth about the Ukraine and Crimea? It seems so, and yet they take the side of their masters like beaten yet faithful dogs, so thankful for the ASS CRUMBS that fall to the floor. Like poorly fed hounds, they growl and bark at any opponent the master points a finger at. Do they recognize that said opponent is a deliberate distraction from the fact that they are indeed no more than a pack of wild dogs, being treated as such - which is the REAL issue at hand, not the enemy of their masters ...

It is disgusting to watch from the monitors in the library wing of Roacheforque manor. Even the best single malts from the cellars do little to appease the dis-calm.

There are some who take the position that while Trump is far from the ideal leader to correct the failing ways of a dying empire, there can certainly be a balance struck between truth and pure neocolonialist propaganda designed to enrage the debt-slaves of their one-world plantation, which rational thought and consideration can somehow temper.

But Roacheforque sees that this is not so. The perception of the herd cannot be balanced. Clearly they have gone mad, by design, and the designers now must face that outcome. They have created a world unlike any other, and they may well die in piles of shit within it, from the monster they have created.


  1. If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. George Orwell

    The USA is the boot, the globalist have been using to stamp on the world's face for the last 70 years. However, the globalist are fearful the USA boot could eventually wake up and turn on them. Therefore, I suspect they plan on nuking (EMP?) the boot and replacing it with a boot that is not so well armed and dangerous.

    1. Undoubtedly, we have entered an era where "the old guard" is no longer the sole author of foreign Coups.