Thursday, February 23, 2017


One must read and correlate much information these days to separate the wheat from the chaff. One must wade through thickets of contempt from people whose conviction with their chosen "format" is unshakable.

Certain mainstream news formats are very intoxicating. First you are shown the "far away" horrors of a world "you are above". You are then shown the anti-social behavior much closer to home that we can all find mutually disgusting. Then you are given the comfort of a human interest story that we can all feel charitable toward. It is a psychological format that is designed to make you feel good about your place in this world, and (by the way) go out and buy the products you see advertised during the program.This format works best with a pseudo intellectual audience, mostly academic, liberal, progressive leaning. You see it on all the best channels and "news hours".

Then you have the conservative, right wing formats like FOX news, which pander to the "angry white male" audience and the broader demographic that has been coalescing into what is now being called the "alt right". But as each format and its content appeals to each audience type, the power of confirmation bias is extremely effective.

I was talking to an extended family member yesterday about the demonization of Russia and Putin. I was told that I "need to get off that damn computer and read the paper every once in a while and listen to FOX News". I could not even establish the simple and irrefutable fact that Putin is not a "dictator". This erroneous conclusion had been so firmly planted that it could not be shaken, nor argued against. When I tried to reason through the argument with a simple analogy: "Imagine if Russia were to advance upon Alaska and oust Sarah Palin in a hostile military takeover, installing a puppet regime sympathetic to Russia's financial interests, doing so in the name of Washingtonian aggression against a sovereign State." But the analogy fell upon completely deaf ears. "We want Russia to stop bombing the Ukraine" he retorted.

"What the fuck are we doing over there? Who elected us the world's police force and whose ideology were we elected to protect? Do you really believe we are are in the Ukraine and the Middle East and the South China Sea to bring freedom and democracy to a downtrodden people who desperately thirst for Americanism?"

The answer, if the question could have been fathomed, and a response articulated, would have been "Yes".

It is a shame that Capitalism often takes the blame as the underlying cause for this condition of the world today. Capitalism, as correctly defined and practiced, contains an innate "natural selection" mechanism which the human ecosystem no longer contains. We could take a valuable lesson from the natural world outside our artificial one and apply it to our understanding of private capital systems.

When Snyder at Alhambra trots out chart after chart (as does more and more of his contemporaries of late) to espouse the idea that banks are not taking advantage of profit arbitrage opportunities, and this thing is "broken" and that thing is "not working" as it has in the past ... this merely confirms what these annals have posited for years now - that free markets no longer exist. This is why the markets have more or less been abandoned by all but the top-end algo's of the high speed trade game.

But I digress. Exploitationism is a powerful tool of the corporatist global power structure. It has replaced Capitalism as the chosen modus operandi of the international monetary and financial system. Such is the nature of human systems. The strong naturally exploit the weak. And we use propaganda to make them not only like it, but to crave it. Such irony ...

What hope lies in this understanding? Ask yourself what our modern Exploitationists truly hate. What is their kryptonite? What is the substance which, through the ages, has placed the common man on equal footing with their exploitationist masters, epoch after epoch through time?

Then, when you arrive at the correct answer - go get you some.


  1. "Follow the yellow brick road" but beware of the "Poppies" along the way.

  2. Above doesn't sound like an experience of one's that (...)" was an anointed member of the ruling class before committing a "grotesque indiscretion" which nullified his ascension to Heir Apparent in the family's generational wealth dynasty. "(...)
    Or am I mistaken? ;-)

    1. Which accounts for the qualifier "extended". Such dilution of the bloodline was grounds for said nullification ....

  3. Classic Fitts on the financial coup. How does this not make your blood boil?

    There has to be a parallel economy running in a closed circuit to the overt one. Especially when you consider the numbers being siphoned off the national credit line. 500B from NASA in one year? Maybe this why the USA shows very little rare earth metal production. The real productive capacity off the books! But would we not see the impact on Catepillar ( mining equipment) et al? Or is the whole vertical chain of production in the dark? Is there a Black Budget Dow?

  4. I wouldn't say they fear gold. They control gold, after all. They do fear a free gold market.

    Above all, they fear armed revolution. This is another reason why the United States is presently secure. In the United States, the people with the most guns are the people who, even if they don't know it, support the present corporate structure.

    You don't hear about "leftists with guns" in the United States, and that's how they need it to be. In the United States, the rulers have a tactic that never fails, that is infinite in its application: convince the white proletariat that some foreign country or the blacks are out to get them. At the same time, keep immigration into the country to make them even more afraid, showing up to work and paying taxes, and keeping labor costs down.

    It's never going to end as long as their is a nation called the United States. It only ends in civil war and breakup.

  5. The globalist/central bankers fear black market economies because they cannot be completely kept track of, taxed, or controlled. Any attempts to live in self sustaining, cooperative communities is harshly criticized and eventually economically strangled. Therefore "physical" gold MUST NEVER be allowed as a medium of exchange. Physical cash will soon be eliminated along with an old fashioned idea called freedom. It only ends when central banking ends.

    1. The push to eliminate cash is ending action as Bob Hoye puts it. It signals the end of a great experiment in authoritarianism. Let them try to ban cash. Humans are sneaky little animals. It'll be a bull market in black markets.