Sunday, January 8, 2017

For The Little People

Do the people of America hate the people of Russia? Do Russians hate Americans? If so, why?

Let us ask another way. If the little people (the 99%) of each country were to decide by majority vote, would either country really choose to wage war with the other?

I will tell you that I think most Americans who vote YES for war with Russia, do so because it is what they are programmed to believe by information sources they trust. And I will also say that those information sources are owned and influenced by the 1%. As for the Russian "little people", I cannot say whether the same situation holds true. But in both countries there are a few people left who appreciate our past alliances in prior wars, such as the US Civil War and WWII.

Truly, the point here is that a very small minority of individuals (who control senior capital in the system) are able to influence outcomes that affect massive numbers in large populations - with outcomes so devastating as to risk total annihilation of the species. This just happens to be a negative consequence of such disparate wealth imbalance as we see in today's global economy.

Many lessons of history teach that when middle classes were prosperous, and wealth within a sovereign nation state was more equitably balanced, life in general was much more balanced, and happiness and optimism were high. It is not often expressed this way, but the imbalances of today's world show the contrast between those times and now.

Whether or not the ratio of suicidal hawks in positions of power (SHIPOPs) to everyone else is 1 in 99, or some other figure, can be left for statisticians to decide. Nonetheless, I think most rational people will concede that neither the average American nor the average Russian is ready to engage in World War III.

But that can change with enough propaganda and a few big red false flags - especially in times when people are generally unhappy and optimism is low.

We might ask ourselves if the minds where power and wealth are concentrated truly represent the vast numbers of people they would so easily annihilate for their own reasons. And what would those reasons be? Are they honorable reasons?

Oh, we know that honor in this day and age are nothing more than a sign of weakness, are they not? Some antiquated middle class notion for losers? An opportunity to exploit the trust so deviously earned? At least this is our present dogma as we watch the young in "progressive" countries learn to admire the profitability of securities fraud and derivatives rigging.

Such is the way of our "Profit Makes Right" mentality. Men will always worship the false gods of "something from nothing" or "wealth by decree". We give credence to the fiat by choice, and honor it as right and good, even as the weight of its debts crushes us with unending zero growth in prosperity for the masses.

Here again, it could only happen in a global test tube where a national currency becomes an accepted focal point global wealth reserve. As students of history can appreciate, a fiat regime always uses paper as a substitute for the one true focal point wealth reserve it copies, it has simply never been done on so large a global scale before.

It has been done world wide in several past regimes, just not with so large and wide a world population of participants (assisted by the development of technology).

It will happen again when Africa and South America are fully developed with participating populations (engaged in systemic labor and commerce). Perhaps more than 10 billion active participants. I will not live to see this, nor will any of us if we blow it all up first.

Gold brings us back to a more equitable balance of power, based on that universally agreed upon wealth reserve that all central banks have claim upon, when debts must fail to prevent both an unending Depression, and a systemic collapse (in confidence).

Ah yes, CONfidence - that so important asset modifier that depends solely on honor and trust between banks. Alas, here are those antiquated and colloquial terms again. Honor ... and Trust.

How they will return again. Or perhaps we should say. "Oh how their absence will be so sorely missed again!!" Time proves the cycles of folly we are doomed to repeat - with all their modern trappings.


  1. Unfortunately, throughout history psychopaths have always seemed to rise to the top. Psychopaths lack empathy and view people as disposable commodities. If these same psychopaths have access to unlimited amounts of fiat currency AND nuclear weapons, we have a witches brew of negative probabilities.

    1. I would agree and amplify your finding Voice. They even rise to the top in small to medium sized businesses. Alas, values and virtues (or the lack thereof) "trickle down" much more efficiently than wealth. Such is our larger "value system" when we denominate in "value by decree".

  2. What one has to keep in mind is that parasites such as jews, and host populations, always increase as part of the same movement. This includes the sociopathic elements.
    In our world we have an overabundance of everything, including people, and therefore the only logical solution is to end this overabundance.

    We look at systems like Nazis and Communism as evil, and perhaps they were, but are we any different? We who burn through hundreds of millions of years of fossilized carbon in order to drive around, trade meaningless digits, and make a few oligarchs richer than 99.9999999% of all humans who have ever lived?

    Do you see now why I despise fofoa. Are you people not getting it through your head that this whole darn system is coming down, everything is going to collapse. It's just a question of when and how fast.

  3. Anonymous, we have all been educated in a false paradigm of an engineered lack of resources for most of the world and a super abundance for the 00.000001% (a satanic pyramidal hierarchy). The elite want us to believe the problem is too many people at the bottom of the pyramid, while in point of fact the real problem is the ruling satanic elite at the top of the pyramid. By the way, the elite pretend to be Jewish but in reality they are ancient families of Sumerian sorcerers...believe it or not.

  4. Look we all know that Jews are diabolical, degenerate creatures. They are quite possibly the worst misfortune to befall a nation.

    Why deny the truth?

    And of course the Jews control gold, they control the media, pornography, and have heavy influence on the political and legal system.

    Good luck changing anything without addressing the Jewish question.