Friday, December 30, 2016

The K-Wedge

As mentioned in the last post ... strategy with Russia is changing ... though in geopolitics, the surface story is usually one of several layers. This is the case in both "fake" and pseudo-truth forms. Even the gray in between is murky, but the tone of incumbent and incoming imperial agendas add much drama to the play.

Though PCR's motive for Henry's counsel is to divide the military alliance, one must look also at currency alliances in trade deals and equity partnerships between the two, including Iran especially, as well as other EMs useful to the cause of "IMFS multi-polarity".

Then ... one begins to consider, among its many other important qualities, that gold provides a traditional and universal counterweight to debt as a "free market" currency value driver.

Today, the FX market derives currency value from proposed conditions that are anything but "freely" arrived at. This is an important aspect of the FREEGOLD concept, as "free" is equally necessary to "gold".

By now I am sure you have read many treatises of the idea that all markets are manipulated by the banks closest to the makers of our money. Their market "wins" year over year (in actuality) far exceed even the most egregious of house takes in Vegas and Monte Carlo. It should be no surprise to anyone that the issuers of systemic reserve debt-based wealth (and the banks they own) have a clear advantage over those who have to earn or win it, with impeccable timing to boot. And that is a point well made here (hopefully) in many prior posts.

Keep in mind, the issuers I speak of are not necessarily the CBs or Treasuries themselves, but the bondholders of the banks that own the CBs who "influence decisions and shape outcomes". I will borrow the term "inverted totalitarianism" here to coin a well crafted phrase.

Also driven here is the point (made by A) that as thoughts begin to change, they eventually do so in herd-like fashion. And though it was also mentioned clearly enough in these past "thoughts" as to "how" thoughts begin to change, it bears some reflection in terms of recent events to point out the current and most relevant way we can identify these trends.

:Foreign support for the current dollar system was partly baked in by design, and partly by surprise at the depth of entrenchment and entanglement which inures to the benefit of continuation. Yet support can only be tolerated when the empire is at least as magnanimous as its most oft beaten dogs.This is why Putin enjoys such diplomatic applaud and even the admiration of the many little people so affronted by the status quo as well.

In a nutshell, the relationship between the empire and its vassals is changing. There is a bit of a revolt in these alliances among them, China and Russia being a major concern. The Empire may in fact have to resort to, God forbid, diplomacy?!

But if performed in the interests of the self-preservation of the many (military alliance) as opposed to the self preservation of the elites and their banks (monetary alliance) the presence of Kissinger is more easily sold to the masses, for what it's worth (and the insult of diplomatic pageantry more palatable).

As we look at the charts in the link from the prior post, thoughts do appear to be changing in herd-like fashion, as the reason for change becomes more pressing, more apparent, and more universally understood. When the "shorting" of the present system becomes compelling, the dominoes will pick up speed.

Timing is always relative. This we learn from the flower of understanding.

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  1. The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit. Ralph Waldo Emerson