Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A New Year

As the New Year approaches, we discover a perfectly stated synopsis of everything you need to know about why the U.S. of A has done what it has done (and is doing what it continues to do) in order to maintain the dying status quo.

This piece is also a fairly concise view of everything that A, FOA, FOFOA (and "R") have stated, though where the first 3 have left off, the 4th has picked up.

The Euro idea and the ECB's treatment of gold was a step in the right direction for Europe, but the ties to London and the Western, dollar-centered IMFS (NWO) were too deep to truly free the international gold market, or to truly internationalize a currency backed by freely traded gold.

Now you will know why Iran and Russia are the arch nemeses of the dollar system (as if Libya and Iraq weren't obvious enough already). It is becoming ever more apparent to many as more and more "fake news" like the link above comes to light.

For the most part, after reading this, you will understand why Trump was chosen - to re-position - a new strategy to drive a wedge between China and Russia. Engdahl is correct here, except that it is not such a "grand deception" after all. To many it is becoming a foregone conclusion, moreso each day with the accumulation of facts and the dashing of myth and fairy tail spun by the mainstream pulpits of "progressive" propaganda.

These next 4 years will be interesting indeed.

Welcome ... to 2017!

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  1. I am not sure if Trump is driving a wedge between Russia and China, or if simply unwinding the insane, genocidal neo-con/neo-liberal drive toward one world government.

    In addition to that, the Chinese have all but stated they are working toward being the next global hegemon. This would be problematic for the West as it is not populated by Han Chinese, a formidable (if predictable and not exactly imaginative) socio-ethnic-economic bloc.

    At some point all of this near-ancient hidden control and wealth will have to be brought to the surface, accounted for and a good portion appropriated for "back taxes". That money good will have to be used to make our "money good" again.

    Many questions remain, e.g. did they psychopathic LBJ loot Ft. Knox to pay for his insane wars and social experiment? Or did the Army do their job and preserve the inheritance of our great-great-great(x10) grandfathers? The answer matters not for individual rational actors, but will be fascinating to know, nonetheless.